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Josh Towers went for the Jays against Tomo Ohka and had his first struggles in a while. He breezed through four innings but was manhandled in the fifth for five runs. Vinnie Chulk later tossed up a three-run bomb to little-known rookie Tony Blanco, and the Nationals put the same kind of walloping on the Blue Jays that they'd absorbed in the first two games of this series, winning 9-2.
Roy Halladay takes the ball against Tony Armas this afternoon. This is a rematch of last year's July 3 matchup in the Puerto Rican rain, won by Doc 2-0. That in turn was a rematch of a fine 2002 pitching duel here at the Dome, won by Armas 2-1. So if these guys stay true to form, don't expect a lot of offense.

And that was quick!

Lilly! Wells! Hill!

So what did you think?

An early one today, and sadly with no Toronto-area television available. Joe Mays is on the hill for the Twins, against the mighty Gus Chacin for the Jays.

The Twins win 4-0, and the thread is open.

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Dave Bush versus Kyle Lohse, and it turned out to be a pitchers' duel after all, a 3-2 Toronto loss. The Jays had their chances, but couldn't break through against Lohse before the Twins' bullpen put it away. Bush was the hard-luck loser, tossing a complete game. Until we post the Game Report tomorrow morning, you can share your observations about tonight's game right here.
Something really good.
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Doc does it with the ball, O-Dog with the glove and Wells with the bat as the Jays take it 5 - 2.
Not only is Pete Walker's name in that headline, it also describes what Ted Lilly did last night.
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Ted Lilly and Scott Elarton? Maybe not. Ted Lilly and Jake Westbrook, ladies and gents. They crossed me up.

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Dave Bush skips the Jays to go for the sweep in today's early start. And, uh, I've used up all the curling lingo I have.

The thread is now open! The Jays win a bit of an ugly one over KC, 12 to 9.

Who's your game MVP? What was the key play of the game?

Sometimes you just get lucky. Anybody heading to the Rogers Centre tonight gets to see what might just be a gem of a game: Halladay vs Greinke. Greinke, as Magpie has pointed out to us, suffers from an affliction entirely out of his hands: too few runs in support, or the "He Just Doesn't Know How To Win" syndrome.

We here on the Batter's Box Roster would like to experiment with a post-game analysis and discussion article we'd like to call "Instant Replays." This is your first Instant Replay article, so feel free to define it however you like by posting your thoughtful reactions to tonight's game.

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