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I went to my first Jays game of the year last night (I've been out of the country most of the season), and had a great time enjoying what we've been treated to this whole year - home runs and starting pitching. Not to mention tiny crowds!
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As longtime readers may have noticed, I am enamored with batter-pitcher match-ups. I take them seriously, I believe in them absolutely.
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The Toronto Blue Jays were rained out in Detroit Friday night so that game will be made up as part of a doubleheader Sunday with game times of 1:05 and 6:05 in the post meridian.  We look west for our topic of the night where emotions ran a little high in the Mariners dugout during their 2-1 loss to Boston at Safeco Field.

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We'll put it back together, raise up a giant ladder, with love and trust and friends and hammers, this summer. We're gonna lean this ladder up against the water tower, climb to the top and drink and talk, this summer.
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The Jays ran into the good Zack Greinke and lost their series with the Royals.
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Do you know what today is? Besides two days before the always highly-anticipated Pi Approximation Day (22/7)? Well, the trade deadline is coming up soon, but most of the Jays' trade assets are still with the team. Therefore, I declare today Wild Trade Speculation Day!!!!
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The Jays have 35 home games remaining and 35 road games. Their future looks like this:
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Quick now, before first pitch ...

  • Who wins the All-Star Game tonight?
  • What's the final score?
  • Who's the ASG MVP?
  • Tie-breaker: How many base hits do Buck, Bautista and Wells combine for?

Winning entry may or may not receive an award cuttlefish.

It's the All-Star Break, and between now and the end of the month the Jays should be looking to obtain value on the trade market by moving certain players. John Buck is one of those players. But regardless of whether or not AA can find a deal that gives the Jays better value than they can reasonably expect from the draft pick compensation Buck may bring, I think J.P. Arencibia should be brought up as soon as possible.
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Have you guys been watching baseball recently? Personally, Iīve been busy following the craziest tennis match of all-time and, well, this (Go The Netherlands!). But this is a baseballing website, so letīs talk baseball.
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Remember what the dormouse said - it's going to be weird out there tonight. Many of the Blue Jays will be facing the familiar baseball icon Roy Halladay for the very first time. Naturally, they'll do it playing as the home team in the opposition's ballpark, before a large crowd of friendly Philly partisans.
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Jays lose despite another gem from Romero.
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The Jays had a day off on Monday after taking two of three from San Francisco. Next come three home games against the Cardinals in which they'll face three pretty freaking good pitchers: Jamie Garcia tonight, Chris Carpenter on Wednesday, and Adam Wainwright on Thursday. Let's take a Fangraphy look at those pitchers.
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Yup, the expensive guy is down, the kid (OK, not so young but I just turned 41) is up.

Update: Encarnacion has been designated for assignment (could be traded, released, or just assigned to AAA) and Scott Richmond has been reinstated from the 60-day DL and optioned to Dunedin(A).
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The Giants invade Toronto for what figures to be a low-scoring series.
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