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The Yankees just completed a season of dominance in New York, taking the season series from the Mets, 6-0. In that last game, Mariano Rivera trotted out of the bullpen in the eighth inning to nail down his 110th career save of more than three outs -- and, oh by the way, the 500th save of his magnificent, Cooperstown-bound career.

So here's the question ... Trevor Hoffman is still the all-time saves leader. Rich Gossage and Rollie Fingers are already in the Hall for their work in what was a different era for closers. Bruce Sutter recently joined them, perhaps representing the first real one-inning closer, or at least the natural transition from Hoyt Wilhelm and the Goose to Dennis Eckersley and Lee Smith.

But Rivera has done it on the world's biggest stage for his entire career -- none of the others mentioned were one-team guys, much less New York guys. Rivera has done it in the post-season, arguably better than anyone else ever has (with a respectful nod to Luis Gonzalez, natch).

So there's your question ... Mariano Rivera ... the greatest closer (career, not just one season or we'll get lost in the minutiae of really-goods like John Hiller and remember-him?s like Bobby Thigpen)  in major league baseball history?

And if not him, who?

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The All-Star Break appears on the horizon - after the current homestand concludes, the team has one last road trip (to the Bronx, Tampa, and Baltimore.)
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5 starting pitchers DL'd plus our current closer with the $10 million closer now a mop up man?  No problem!
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Yup, still just 1 game out of the playoffs and just 10 games from the mid-season point.
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Here's what I think I saw. The Jays went into a National League and swept the world champs. Vernon Wells had two big hits and a crucial defensive play late in the game.

I believe I'm now required to pee in a cup, right?
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Yesterday Joe Posnanski and Bill James had another of their interesting exchanges over at and this time the subject was the contemporary obsession with keeping pitch counts low.

I have some highlights from the discussion and - to justify my participation - some Data Tables!
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Gonna free fall out into nothing
Gonna leave this world for a while

It was just about this time last season when a three week death spiral cost John Gibbons his job. What's different about this one?
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Has anyone else noticed that Brandon League has been absolutely lights out coming out of the bullpen this season?
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So I'm watching the game and I hear Campbell and Tabler are talking about next month's All Star Game.
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Ricky Romero vs Zack Greinke. Obviously no contest.
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Macier Izturis looked at a called third strike (there being little point in actually swinging at the damn thing) for the final out of the ballgame. It was the 133rd pitch Roy Halladay had thrown in the game, a new career high.

How about that?
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Revvin' up my engine like a 747
Shiny lanky long and lean
What a scene

The Jays rocked the Boston Red Sox again, winning 5-3 Saturday afternoon at the Rogers Centre.

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Hey, I could get up and back, right on track
(Is that gonna get you back?) It's right on track, is that gonna get you back?

Casey Janssen had more close calls than Dr. Richard Kimble but he wiggled his way through seven innings to lead the Jays to a 6-3 win over Boston Friday night at Rogers Centre.

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Games like that make us all crazy.
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Mo' determined to fold the set
I ain't even started yet
So if you ain't ready you better get ready
I know I do it better when I'm being opposed
Stick ya chest out, keep your chin up
'Cause sometimes you gotta get knocked down to get up
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