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We are one
So much time wasted, playing games with love
So many tears I've cried
So much pain inside
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The Jays win a thriller to get within two games of .500, but lose Vernon Wells in the process. D'oh.
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3 shortstops + 2 catchers = 9 runs.  Who knew?
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With Sabathia traded AJ Burnett becomes one of the more attractive pitchers to trade for.
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I wasn't able to follow yesterday's game. My custom in such circumstances is to immediately send Liam a text message as soon as possible to find out what's going on. Here's the exchange:

Me: Jays update?
Liam: Don't ask.
Me: We suck.
Liam: We sure do.
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Bone and steel
Rictus grin

Angels of Anaheim 8, Jays 2. The Angels hang 12 hits on A.J. Burnett to snap his winning streak at two games. No point talking about a game like that. Instead, I have two unrelated findings.
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With the 2008 season seemingly slipping further out of the Jays grasp every day, and in the wake of recent managerial changes, now seems as good a time as any for a review of General Manager J.P. Ricciardi’s record.

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Was that Brandon League I saw ?

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Doc shuts out the Mariners. Jays win 2-0.

Happy Canada Day!
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Gregory: "Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?"
Holmes: "To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time."
Gregory: "The dog did nothing in the night-time."
Holmes: "That was the curious incident."
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The Jays whomped the Reds to take the series as Cito evens his record with the 2008 Jays out at 3-3. Now they just have to keep hitting for the rest of the season.
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After the nice big blowout normal service is sadly resumed as the Jays lose 6-5 to the Reds. Halladay and Harang battled each other to a five-each standstill through 7 last night, with Downs stepping in handily to pick up Doc and get the last out of the 7th. It was nip and tuck from then on until Wolfe was ineffective in the top of the 10th, allowing the Reds to get a one-run lead and the Jays were unable to get it back against Cordero. Same as usual for the year, the Jays had a few chances to get the go-ahead run but couldn't cash anyone in. Only the Jays could have an Inning like the 7th, in 6 pitches they managed to load the bases with no outs and fail to score.
pitch 1 Rios single to centre
pitch 2 Wells single to left
pitch 3 Stairs single to centre
pitch 4 Rolen popup to second
pitch 5 Overbay takes a ball
pitch 6 Overbay bounces one to the pitcher. 1-2-3 DP
Under the Gary Denbo Regime it would have taken them at least, oh, 20 pitches to get all that done.
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Jays host the Reds tonight. A pretty big day for Dunn I'm sure, having to answer a bunch of Ricciardi questions.

The news was good on Shaun Marcum's elbow.

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No game for the home team today. Perhaps we could spend this time profitably by making "We Love Adam Dunn" banners, and bringing them out tomorrow?
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I know you I knew you
I think I can remember your name
Hello I'm sorry I lost myself
I think I thought you were someone else

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