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Only a bullpen hiccup in New Hampshire prevented an organizational sweep on Saturday.

Syracuse 5, Louisville 3

The Sky Chiefs came back from an early 3-0 deficit to defeat the Bats 5-3. Sean Douglass pitched six solid innings, allowing 3 earned runs on 7 hits and 2 walks with 8 strikeouts. Talley Haines and Bob File, with 2 innings of solid relief for the save, closed out the game. Glenn Williams homered and doubled to spark the Sky Chief offence, and Howie Clark and Jeff Guiel made key defensive plays to help Douglass. Russ Adams and Alex Rios went 1-4. Gabe Gross was 1-3 with a walk.

game story

Binghamton 7, New Hampshire 6

The Mets rallied from a 6-2 deficit with 2 runs in the seventh and 3 runs off Fisher Cat closer Adam Peterson in the ninth for a 7-6 victory. The Fisher Cats took an early lead on the strength of homers from Matt Logan, John-Ford Griffin and Aaron Hill. Derek Lee pitched six strong innings for the Fisher Cats, giving up 2 earned runs on 5 hits and 2 walks with 5 strikeouts. Jordan DeJong surrendered the 2 runs in the seventh, before Kevin Frederick bailed him out with 1 and 2/3 innings of fine relief, including 3 strikeouts. Peterson came on in the ninth, but he just did not have his best stuff or control, walking 2 and giving up three line drives, one of which was caught for a sacrifice fly. The Fisher Cats had golden opportunities to score in each of the last three innings but could not bring home runners from third with less than two out. Griffin was 2-3 with a walk and a sacrifice fly. Hill went 1-5. Tyrell Godwin reached base 4 times.

Game story

Dunedin 3, Fort Myers 1

Ron Davenport's 2 run double broke a 1-1 tie in the 7th inning and the D-Jay bullpen held on for the 3-1 victory. Kurt Isenberg pitched 6 effective innings, allowing one earned run on 3 hits and 2 walks, with 3 strikeouts. Tracy Thorpe and Bubie Buzachero each gave up 2 hits and struck out 2 in relief stints. Rodney Medina went 2-4. Jayce Tingler doubled, walked and struck out in 4 plate appearances. Vito Chiaravallotti did not play.


Charleston 7, Lexington 3

The Alley-Cats blasted to a 7-0 lead behind the surprising power of Juan Peralta and the solid pitching of Danny Core, and coasted to a 7-3 win. Peralta doubled, homered and had a sacrifice fly to drive in three and lead the Alley-Cat offence. Core pitched 7 shutout innings, allowing 4 hits and no walks, while striking out three. Joaquin Canizal gave up the three Lexington runs in the eighth, and Brian Reed pitched a perfect ninth with one strikeout. David Smith reached base 4 times in 5 plate appearances. Ryan Roberts had a walk in 5 plate appearances. Christian Snavely walked twice in 4 plate appearances, and Robinson Diaz had 2 hits. The Alley-Cats drew 8 walks in total.


Your three star selection
3rd star-John-ford Griffin, who provided sock for the Fisher Cats in a losing effort.
2nd star-Danny Core with seven shutout innings as the Alley-Cats widened their lead over second place Lexington
1st star-Juan Peralta, the pop in the Alley-Cat lineup last night.
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Coach - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 10:28 AM EDT (#63492) #
Thanks, Mike. Welcome aboard!

It's too bad that Peterson blew the save, but maybe he learned something. If Basso got ejected arguing balls and strikes, I'd guess Adam was getting squeezed and it probably wasn't just that one pitch. Meanwhile, Kevin Frederick continues to impress.

I know it's only 14.2 IP, but so far, Brian Reed looks too good for the SAL. 15 K, just 1 BB, a mere 9 hits and one (unearned) run allowed. Not bad for a 27th-rounder in his first full season as a pro.
Pistol - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 10:48 AM EDT (#63493) #
I was looking back at the previous JP drafts yesterday and I noticed Reed was dominating in the pen in Charleston. There's a lot later round 'hits' in that 2003 draft so far.
Mike Green - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 10:58 AM EDT (#63494) #
The umpire's strike zone did seem to change in the ninth inning. In the top, the 2-2 pitch to Umbria seemed like a strike to everybody, including Umbria, but the umpire.

Peterson was throwing 92 on the gun, rather than the 95+ he sometimes does, so I guess it just wasn't his night.
Coach - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 11:11 AM EDT (#63495) #
We saw Peterson on a cold, windy April night in Erie, in a non-save appearance. He was in the 90-92 range, without a lot of movement, which pitching coach Rick Adair later attributed to the situation and a relative lack of intensity. That certainly wasn't the case last night, trying to preserve the lead in a battle for first place, so it's a bit more of a concern that Adam didn't have his best stuff, but these things happen.
Mike Green - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 11:12 AM EDT (#63496) #
Matchups for today:

Louisville at Syracuse (Josh Towers) 2 p.m
NH (Cam Reimers) at Binghamtom 1:30 p.m.
Fort Myers at Dunedin (Josh Banks) 2 p.m.
Lexington at Charleston (Justin James) 2 p.m.

All games on internet radio- Charleston's and Dunedin's are accessible by the Lexington and Fort Myers broadcasts respectively. Log on to for details.
_Tim - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 11:22 AM EDT (#63497) #
Good update, Mike.

Time for Kevin Frederick to move up and Bob File to move up a level? I wouldn't mind having File replace Adams, although I know logically he's probably not ready and Adams isn't really as bad as he's seemed this week.
_Justin - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 11:24 AM EDT (#63498) #
There are quite a few relievers that appear to be ready to be bumped up a level or two...

The Romero's
Torres name a few.
_greenfrog - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 11:59 AM EDT (#63499) #
A couple of questions about the baby Jays:

- The Romeros (Felix and Davis): how do they rate as prospects? Davis was born March 30, 1983, and has posted great numbers so far in the low minors. Felix was born June 18, 1980 and has put up decent numbers as well. He seems to have taken it to a new level this year (albeit in the Sally League).

- The Charleston rotation--Mastny, Marcum, James, and Core--has put together some very good numbers this year, although they are all around 23, which seems a bit high for low-A ball. Do any of these prospects project as mid-rotation MLB starters? Are there external factors for their strong numbers--such as ballpark effect, weak-hitting league, etc?
_johnnnyS99 - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 12:35 PM EDT (#63500) #
Replace Adams? Do you mean on the roster, or the closers role. File is not coming up very soon IMO. Terry Adams is not going anywhere but mop up duty $$$
Gerry - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 12:36 PM EDT (#63501) #

All those guys have a chance but it is very hard to be confident about guys in A ball. They have all earned the opportunity to move up a level and as they move they will prove they are prospects or fall off the chart. Most of the pitchers you list are missing something, their fastball might be only 88, or they are riding their one great pitch. Coming into this eason all the starters were listed on various prospect reports. All of them have had decent seasons but none have elevated themselves into top ten prospect status.

Marcum would be the most highly rated and probably the first to move up.
_johnnnyS99 - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 12:37 PM EDT (#63502) #
Greenfrog, Im affraid outside of a few comments on Romero in an article from Charleston. There is not alot of infomration on the Romoero's.
_Sneeps - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 03:01 PM EDT (#63503) #
Too bad nobodies paying attention to the games today...

The Chiefs are lead 6-0 in the bottom of the third.
NewHampshire is leading 10-2 after 3.
Dunedin is leading 5-2 after 2.
And Charleston is leading 3-0 after 3.

WOO-HOO! What a day for our minor league teams.
Mike Green - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 03:27 PM EDT (#63504) #
It's now 8-2 for Dunedin, 2 outs in the bottom of the fourth.
I'm going to see how Banks is doing.

Mosely in to pitch for Fort Myers.

Whitaker grounds out to end the inning.
Mike Green - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 03:37 PM EDT (#63505) #
Top of 5:

Banks still pitching. He gave up a 2 run homer in the first, but has been getting stronger.

Molina grounds a single to right. Oeltjyn flies out to Medina in center. Ron Perodin ran the count to 3-2 and fouled off a whole bunch of pitches and hit a ball into right-center, but Jason Waugh made a diving catch. Next batter (unnamed) grounds into a 6-4 fielder's choice.

8-2 D-Jays going to bottom of 5.
Mike Green - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 03:44 PM EDT (#63506) #
Bottom of 5 A+:

Josh Schneider strikes out. Manny Mayorson flies out to center. Jayce Tingler (1-2 with a walk previously) grounds out to first.

8-2 after 5.

On the out-of-town, there are some fine pitching performances from Josh Towers and Justin James, both of whom are hurling shutouts. New Hampshire leads 11-2.
Mike Green - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 03:50 PM EDT (#63507) #
Top of 6 A+:

Doug Deeds flies out to right. Alex Romero loops a single to right. Mike Sandoval strikes out swinging. Kyle Geiger grounds out to Dragecivich at third.

8-2 D-Jays going to bottom of six.
Mike Green - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 03:58 PM EDT (#63508) #
Justin James had a no-hitter through 5, but gave up 2 hits and a run in the sixth. Josh Towers has a 1-hitter for Syracuse through 6.

Bottom of 6 A+:

Jason Miller in to pitch for Fort Myers.

Carlo Cota doubles off the left-fielder's glove. Jason Waugh strikes out swinging. Vito (with a 3 run homer, a single and a K previously) popped out to short. Dragecivich strikes out swinging.

8-2 D-Jays after 6.
Mike Green - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 04:02 PM EDT (#63509) #
Top of 7:

Andy Torres in to pitch for the D-Jays. Kahaulua grounds out to short. Molina flies to center. Oeltjen grounds out to short.

Banks' line: 6IP, 5H, 2ER, 1W, 4K

8-2 D-Jays going to the 7th inning stretch.
Mike Green - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 04:09 PM EDT (#63510) #
Bottom of 7 A+:

First batter (Medina?) strikes out. Whitaker strikes out. Everybody on the bus, y'all. Schneider strikes out.

8-2 D-Jays after 7.
Mike Green - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 04:19 PM EDT (#63511) #
Top of 8:

Perodin triples off the center-field wall. Tamburrino grounds a ball to second baseman Cota who bobbles it, Tamburrino safe on infield single, Perodin scored. Doug Deeds singled to right, Tamburrino to second. Alex Romero grounds out 3-1 to Vito, runners advance. Michael Sandoval grounds out to Dragecivich, Tamburrino scores; Deeds remains at second. Geiger strikes out swinging.

8-4 D-Jays going to the bottom of 8.
Mike Green - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 04:25 PM EDT (#63512) #
Bottom of 8:

Eric Lohse in to pitch for Fort Myers.

Manny Mayorson grounds out to third. Jayce Tingler flies out to center. Carlo Cota (3-3 with a sac fly on the day) strikes out swinging.

8-4 D-Jays going to top 9.
Mike Green - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 04:38 PM EDT (#63513) #
Top of 9:

Nunley in to pitch. Kahaulua pops out to second base. Molina strikes out looking. Oeltjyn flies out to Tingler in left.

8-4 D-Jays final.

Josh Banks did not have his best stuff today, but got out front of the hitters and made the most of what he did have. He's now 6-1 with an ERA just over 2 and ratios to match the ERA. He's ready for AA anytime.

On the out-of-town scoreboard, Syracuse defeated Louisville 7-2, New Hampshire is walloping Binghamton 14-3, and Charleston is laying a beating on Lexington 8-2. I'd say it was a satisfying afternoon in the minors. Now if the big guys can score 6 runs in the ninth, that would be something.
_Tim - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 05:02 PM EDT (#63514) #
What a set of nice results. Maybe it'll help me ignore another day of bad pitching (by Batista this time)by the Jays.

Johnnny - to clarify my earlier point. I think that in the next month of so, File will hopefully be ready to be a good addition to the pen. I do wonder whether Adams deserves to be in the majors right now, but you're quite right that he's not going anywhere because of his salary. File would be more likely to replace Lopez or Nakamura if either of them continue to struggle. Adams might end up being paid quite a bit to mop up.
_johnnnyS99 - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 05:09 PM EDT (#63515) #
They held on to Sturtze all last year, and he did not have the expereince Adams did, and was also getting paid less. Adams could easily bounce out of it, he is just not made for the closers role. Lightenberg, Lopez, even Spier were all struggling as well.
_Fawaz K - Sunday, May 23 2004 @ 05:14 PM EDT (#63516) #
Maybe I'm far too optimistic, but Lopez looked good today and last season he proved that he doesn't choke in the 9th. IF Frasor can keep it up, I'm sure Speier and Ligtenberg will be just fine and even Adams has done enough in his career to deserve a reprieve, this pen could get good real quick.
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