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Sure, the Texas Rangers have a team-record five All-Stars (Alfonso Soriano, Michael Young, Hank Blalock, Kenny Rogers and Francisco Cordero) heading down the highway to Houston next week, but did you realize that another five ex-Rangers (Esteban Loiaza, Alex Rodriguez, Ivan Rodriguez, Danny Kolb and Sammy Sosa) are also headed to the midsummer classic?

Which brings us to this Very Special Afterschool Edition of Baseball's Hall of Names ... what team can boast (or, more appropriately, bemoan) of the best possible roster of players who formerly wore the uniform? The bet here is the Rangers -- wait'll you see the roster -- but speak up in defense of any other team, please.

Just one rule: the players in question must have actually played at least one game with the team.

So yes, Mike Piazza is an ex-Marlin; but no, Jeff Weaver doesn't cut it as an ex-Athletic, even though on paper he belonged to Oakland for about seven seconds. And Mike Young is no ex-Jay; he never made it out of the minors for Toronto.

Of course, traditionally the Rangers' Achilles hell (no, that's not a typo) has been starting pitching, but the Texas Exes' rotation has an awfully nice -- if somewhat elderly -- look to it. That's 200-game winner Kevin Brown fronting a rotation that also could include ageless 20-game winner Jamie Moyer, former 19-game winner Aaron Sele, John Thomson, Wilson Alvarez, Doug Davis and Ismael Valdez. Oh, and a fella by the name of Esteban Loaiza brings two All-Star Game appearances to the party.

The back of the bullpen -- well, what pitching coach wouldn't salivate at the idea of All-Star Danny Kolb and former All-Star Mike Stanton setting up Ugueth Urbina? Just imagine if Robb Nen were healthy enough to play on this team! In Nen's absence, Esteban Yan, Dan Miceli and Danny Patterson, all with experience as closers, are around to handle some of the short-inning work.

In between that rotation and the anchors at the end of the game, a mish-mash of Todd Van Poppel, Jeff Fassero, Al Levine, Darren Oliver, Matt Perisho, Aaron Fultz, Rob Bell and Justin Duchscherer can fill in during those times a Valdez is torched or a Sele feels an elbow twinge.

The pitching staff would look even better if former Ranger farmhands and camp fodder Ryan Dempster, Glendon Rusch, Aaron Harang and Luis Vizcaino, or even unsigned draft choice Barry Zito, were eligible for the roster of the Texas Exes, but rules is rules.

Other former Little Tex farmhands who might punch up this roster under different rules include utilityman Jason Grabowski, outfielder and prototypical scrappy leadoff guy Scott Podsednik, and former All-Star shortstop Rich Aurilia.

If we really stretched the rules, the Rangers of Billy Martin's days of yore produced three pretty good offspring in Sean (Jeff) Burroughs, David (Buddy) Bell and Ben (Tom) Grieve -- while Grieve grew up down the road from old Arlington Stadium, along with guys like Vernon Wells, Torii Hunter, Kerry Wood and Todd Ritchie. But again ... rules is rules.

And something tells me this lineup isn't going to need much help from tweaking any rules.

Let's start behind the dish. Todd Greene, check. Doug Mirabelli, nice player. Einar Diaz, uh-huh. Gregg Zaun, having a great year by his standards. And, oh by the way, arguably the greatest catcher ever to play the game ... Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez. The so-called tools of ignorance are quite a strong point for this team.

Over to first base. David Segui, check. Travis Hafner, nice young player. Carlos Pena, gonna be great. Julio Franco, still going strong at the age of 62. Todd Zeile, handy bat off the bench. And, oh by the way, future Hall of Famer and soon to be the third member of the 3,000-hit, 600-homer club, Rafael Palmeiro. Nice options there.

Now, granted, the rest of the infield might be a bit of a crapshoot -- except there's a guy named Alex Rodriguez more than happy to move back to shortstop where he once again supplants a useful but "face it, he's not A-Rod" Royce Clayton.

Frank Catalanotto will hit, so shut your eyes as he plays second and hopes Pena (or Palmeiro) and Rodriguez can get to a whole lot more than he can. Mike Lamb isn't an ideal everyday third baseman, but supersub Mark McLemore is around to back up both those animals, Cat and Lamb.

Defense in the outfield corners will look a little like the aforementioned defense at second base -- as fielders, these boys sure can hit! That's about a thousand career home runs with Sammy Sosa in right and Juan Gonzalez in left. Chasing down everything in the alleys could fall (literally) to Gabe Kapler, Tom Goodwin, Todd Hollandsworth, Doug Glanville ... who knows?

Carl Everett, Ruben Sierra and Shane Spencer are among the potential big bats off the bench -- sorry, Everett doesn't have the chops to play CF any more -- while Craig Monroe, Marcus Thames, Ruben Mateo, Chris Magruder and Ricky Ledee make up the "hey, weren't these guys supposed to be stars?" contingent of this team.

So here's your starting lineup and 25-man roster:

1. Frank Catalanotto, 2B
2. Pudge Rodriguez, C
3. Alex Rodriguez, SS
4. Sammy Sosa, RF
5. Juan Gonzalez, LF
6. Rafael Palmeiro, DH
7. Carlos Pena, 1B
8. Mike Lamb, 3B
9. Doug Glanville, CF

C Gregg Zaun (nod to Jays fans)
Utility Mark McLemore
IF Royce Clayton
OF Gabe Kapler
PH Ruben Sierra

Rotation: RLRLR
SP Kevin Brown
SP Jamie Moyer
SP Esteban Loiaza
SP Doug Davis
SP John Thomson

CL Ugueth Urbina
RP Danny Kolb
RP Mike Stanton
RP Aaron Fultz
RP Darren Oliver
RP Wilson Alvarez

Top that, Toronto. Match that, Montreal. Hmm, wait a minute -- Montreal. Actually, a rotation starting with Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez fronting a lineup with Vladimir Guerrero in the heart of the order just might match up with the Texas Exes. But would Urbina close for both teams?
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_Moffatt - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 01:00 PM EDT (#32235) #
Man, the Montreal team would be STACKED in pitching. Check this out:

SP Pedro Martinez
SP Randy Johnson
SP Javy Vazquez
SP Bartolo Colon
SP Carl Pavano
SP Ted Lilly

They're lacking in infielders, but I think the Montreal team could take pretty much anyone.
_Spicol - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 01:00 PM EDT (#32236) #
The Montreal Formerspos

SP Randy Johnson
SP Pedro Martinez
SP Javier Vazquez
SP Ted Lilly
SP Carl Pavano

RP Steve Kline
RP Rheal Cormier
RP Jim Brower
RP Miguel Batista
RP Guillermo Mota
CL Ugueth Urbina

1. Marquis Grissom, CF
2. Rondell White, LF
3. Vlad Guerrero, RF
4. Larry Walker, DH
5. Cliff Floyd, 1B
6. Michael Barrett, C
7. Todd Zeile, 3B
8. Geoff Blum, SS
9. Mark Grudzielank, 2B

Moises Alou, OF
Matt Stairs, OF
Milton Bradley, OF

I didn't even have to try hard. This is a very sweet team. All it needs is a backup catcher and a backup infielder.
_Geoff - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 01:07 PM EDT (#32237) #
The former Indians:

C: Sandy Alomar jr.
1B: Jim Thome
2B: Jeff Kent
3B: David Bell
SS: Jolbert Cabrera
LF: Manny Ramirez
CF: Brian Giles
RF: Juan Gonzalez
DH: Richie Sexson

Bench: Einar Diaz, Sean Casey, Roberto Alomar, Milton Bradley, Dave Roberts (apologies to Lofton and Grissom)

SP: Bartolo Colon
SP: Jaret Wright
SP: Ryan Drese
SP: Brian Anderson
SP: Paul Abbott

RP: Danys Baez
RP: Danny Graves
RP: Jose Mesa
RP: Justin Speier
RP: Ricardo Rincon
RP: Alan Embree

Weak Rotation, Horrid Defence, Decent Bullpen but check out the power in the lineup - I wonder if Brian Giles could play 3rd and get Dave Roberts speed in the lineup?
_Moffatt - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 01:08 PM EDT (#32238) #
Mike Mordecai would make an excellent backup IF and could play SS instead of Blum.

I'd have Colon on the staff somewhere. And David Segui on the DL.
Craig B - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 01:23 PM EDT (#32239) #
Ex-Devil Rays. Yes, believe it or not, these are the best active ex-Rays.

C Mike DiFelice
1B Julio Franco
2B Miguel Cairo
SS Chris Gomez
3B Vinny Castilla
OF Kerry Robinson
OF Randy Winn
OF Jose Guillen
DH Ben Grieve

INF Tony Graffanino
OF Quinton McCracken

SP Jason Johnson
SP Wilson Alvarez
SP Cory Lidle
SP Joe Kennedy
SP Paul Wilson

RP Esteban Yan
RP Rick White
RP Jim Mecir
RP Tanyon Sturtze
RP Tom Martin

MGR Ozzie Guillen
_ScottS - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 01:50 PM EDT (#32240) #
They're lacking in infielders, but I think the Montreal team could take pretty much anyone.

Are you kidding? With a front three of Martinez, Johnson and Vazquez,
they barely need infielders.
_Daryn - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:01 PM EDT (#32241) #
Typical Braves Team, Strong on Pitching
Solid but not spectacular at the plate
Good Defence

SP- Maddux,
SP- Glavine
SP- Millwood
SP- Schmidt
SP- Byrd
CL- Borowski
Pen- Hammond, Remlinger, Speier, Embree, Ligtenberg, Alfonseca, (Fox)

C- Lopez, Bako,(Myers)
1B- Klesko, Simon(McGriff)
2B- B. Boone
SS- Jose Hernandez/Rey Sanchez
3B- Castilla
CF- Lofton
RF- Sheffield
LF- Dye
OF- Grissom, Tucker,(Bautista)
_Geoff - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:13 PM EDT (#32242) #
Isn't Paul Byrd still a Brave? - I think Odalis Perez would be a better option anyways
_Fawaz K - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:14 PM EDT (#32243) #
Lou Piniella

SP Randy Johnson
SP Freddy Garcia
SP Aaron Sele
SP Derek Lowe
SP John Halama

RP Armando Benitez
RP Kaz Sasaki (does he count? Isnít he still active in Japan? If not, Jose Mesa)
RP Jeff Nelson
RP Arthur Rhodes
RP Mike Timlin
RP Damaso Marte

DH David Segui
2. Ben Davis
3. Tino Martinez
4. Carlos Guillen
5. Alex Rodriguez
6. Omar Vizquel
7. Ken Griffey Jr.
8. Mike Cameron
9. Jose Cruz Jr.

Robert Machado
Ruben Sierra
Fernando Vina
Mark McLemore
David Bell

A little rushed, but a good team nonetheless. I moved a couple of guys around (Griffey and Guillen).
_Fawaz K - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:15 PM EDT (#32244) #
Mariners, in case it wasn't obvious.
_mistermike - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:20 PM EDT (#32245) #
Good Expos team. Don't forget Larry Walker in the OF, though.
_Rob - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:25 PM EDT (#32246) #
I'm putting together an All Ex-Jays Team, but one question: Do they have to be active players? (Rickey in or Rickey out?)
_Brian W - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:25 PM EDT (#32247) #
Man, missed it by that much.

My picks for the Mariners:

C Ben Davis
1B Tino Martinez
2B David Bell
SS Alex Rodriguez
3B Carlos Guillen
LF Jose Cruz Jr
CF Mike Cameron
RF Ken Griffey Jr
DH David Segui

IF: Omar Vizquel, Mark McLemore, Jose Offerman
OF: Scott Podsednik

SP: Randy Johnson, Freddy Garcia, Derek Lowe, John Halama, Aaron Sele
RP: Armando Benitez, Jose Mesa, Mike Timlin, Jeff Nelson, Arthur Rhodes, Jeff Fassero, Mike Jackson, Kazuhiro Sasaki (*)
_Daryn - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:25 PM EDT (#32248) #
Somebody has to try the Jays

C- Sanitago, Greene, (Borders)
1B- Olerud, McGriff
2B- Kent
3B- Batista
SS- A.Gonz, Isturiz
LF- Stewart
CF- Cruz Jr.
RF- Mondesi
OF- Kielty, Cordova, (Werth)
DH- Fulmer

SP- Clemens
SP- Loiaza
SP- Carpenter
SP- Al Leiter
SP- Escobar (Joey Hamilton... LOL just kidding)

BPen- David Wells, Woody Williams, Politte, Quantril,
I had troubles with the Pen, but I thought Wells might Close..

and I'm still short 1 pitcher
How about Paul Spoljaric (he's playing in the Intercounty league, does he count? LOL)
_Brian W - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:28 PM EDT (#32249) #
The Astros are close, but Bagwell & Biggio are killing me. If anybody can a player for 1B or SS it would be appreciated.

It's a great rotation and solid outfield, but the infield is non-existant.

C Gregg Zaun
2B Mark Loretta
3B Vinny Castilla
LF Luis Gonzalez
CF Steve Finley
RF Bobby Abreu
DH Moises Alou
OF Kenny Lofton
OF Carl Everett

SP Randy Johnson
SP Roger Clemens
SP Curt Schilling
SP Mike Hampton
SP Jose Lima / Shane Reynolds
CL Billy Wagner
RP Tom Gordon
RP Octavio Dotel
RP Pedro Astacio
RP Trever Miller
RP John Halama
_Daryn - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:29 PM EDT (#32250) #
I think you are right, Perez then..

Active, or the Yankees win...
Actually I started with the Yankees.. they are tough..
_Rob - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:33 PM EDT (#32251) #
ACTIVE Ex-Jays, then. I was thinking:

LF Stewart
3B Kent
RF Green
1B Olerud
CF Kielty
C Wilson
2B Alomar
SS Izturis

OF Green
IF ??..Not A-Gone.
C Borders

SP Clemens
SP Wells
SP L-----
SP Escobar
SP Hentgen (*)

And my bullpen is similar to Daryn's.

* According to the rules, he is eligible. "what team can boast of the best possible roster of players who formerly wore the uniform?" And he is active, having previously played at least one game with the Jays.
_Mike Forbes - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:34 PM EDT (#32252) #
For Cleveland I'd Add In Charles Nagy Over Brian Anderson Or Paul Abbott.
_Spicol - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:34 PM EDT (#32253) #
For the Astros, Daryle Ward could play first. Julio Lugo would be a great shortstop.

I don't think Clemens can play though as he's active.
_Rob - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:34 PM EDT (#32254) #
To clarify: The rules don't state anything about players being declared ineligible due to their "second stint" with the same team.
_Spicol - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:35 PM EDT (#32255) #
Is Charles Nagy still playing?
Thomas - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:36 PM EDT (#32256) #
I'll do the Padres.

1. Mark Loretta, 2B
2. Sean Burroughs, 3B
3. Brian Giles, LF
4. Gary Sheffield, RF
5. Steve Finley, CF
6. Phil Nevin, 1B
7. Ramon Hernandez, C
8. Khalil Greene, SS
9. Pitcher

John Flaherty, C
Ryan Klesko, 1B
Bret Boone, 2B
Chris Gomez, IF
Jason Bay, OF
Mark Kotsay, OF

Pitching Staff

1. Kevin Brown
2. Jake Peavy
3. Matt Clement
4. David Wells
5. Oliver Perez

Trevor Hoffman, CL
Tim Worrell, RHSU
Alan Embree, LHSU
Akinori Otsuka, MR
Steve Reed, MR
Adam Eaton, Long Man

Brad Ausmus, C
Fred McGriff, 1B
Robby Alomar, 2B
Rondell White, OF
Woody Williams, SP
Ismael Valdes, SP
Brian Lawrence, SP
Rob Beck, MR
_Fawaz K - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:37 PM EDT (#32257) #
Better find an OF spot for Alou - the Astros don't get a DH, so they?
Clemens is currently an Astro so that won't do.
Thomas - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:38 PM EDT (#32258) #
Whoops....formely wore the roster.....well, there's a good start amongst those players.
_Fawaz K - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:38 PM EDT (#32259) #
A bunch of those guys are still Padres.
_Daryn - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:45 PM EDT (#32260) #
Sneaky Rob, but I'd "GONG" you ..

Brian, you included some current players, and if so, why not Bagwell? His 275/329/444 11HR 40RB isn't a COMPLETE embarassment...

Other than Ward, (who is a sneaky pick)
the only guys that are active in MLB (according to Astros) that ever played 1B for Houston are

J.R Phillips and he has no stats since 1999 but is still "active..
and Al Zinter, 9 AB's this year.
_Daryn - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:47 PM EDT (#32261) #
To Clarify,
Other than Ward, (who is a BRILLIANT but sneaky pick)
_Shrike - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:51 PM EDT (#32262) #
Thanks, but I'll take the 'Spos over the Rangers.

So far, it seems blindingly obvious that their pitching staff is absolutely *loaded* (when you have to choose between Ted Lilly, Miguel Batista and Bartolo Colon as your fifth starter, you've got a deep staff). The left side of the infield is a bit underwhelming, but who cares with that outfield and strikeout staff, headed up by Guerrero and Bradley? The 'Spos even have 3 capable pinch-hitters if they play without a DH (Alou, Stairs, Grissom, who is a fantastic lefty-killer).
_Daryn - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:52 PM EDT (#32263) #
Actually, Ward is having a nice year, and notwithstanding his current thumb ailment, I think I'd still take Bag's this year
_Brian W - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 02:56 PM EDT (#32264) #
The inclusion of Clemens was accidental. I was well aware that Bagwell doesn't qualify. Ward is a nice addition at first.

So, remove Clemens, move Reynolds into the rotation and put Ward and Lugo into the infield spots.

It would be nice to get Alou a full time spot, but I'm not sure which outfielder he would replace.
_Brian W - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 03:02 PM EDT (#32265) #
Baltimore actually turned out better than I expected:

SP Mike Mussina
SP Curt Schilling
SP Kevin Brown
SP Jamie Moyer
SP Jason Johnson

RP David Wells
RP Esteban Yan
RP Josh Towers
RP Mike Timlin
RP Arthur Rhodes
RP Jose Mesa
CL Armando Benitez

C Charles Johnson
1B Rafael Palmeiro
2B Roberto Alomar
SS Deivi Cruz
3B Tony Batista
LF Jeff Conine
CF Steve Finley
RF Jeffrey Hammonds
DH David Segui (second stint with team)

C Gregg Zaun
C Greg Myers
IF Mark McLemore
IF Howie Clark
OF Karim Garcia
_Daryn - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 03:06 PM EDT (#32266) #
Too much time on your hands Brian...

me too...
_Jacko - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 04:12 PM EDT (#32267) #
More Jays Bullpen Candidates:

Carlos Almanzar
Scott Eyre (LOOGY)
Doug Davis (avast ye swabs!)
Trever Miller (LOOGY)
Timlin (setup)

All we really lack is a closer. Koch?

Thomas - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 04:19 PM EDT (#32268) #
New and Improved (well, that's a lie) Padres

C: Greg Myers
1B: Fred McGriff
2B: Bret Boone
SS: Deivi Cruz
3B: Chris Gomez
LF: Jason Bay
CF: Steve Finley
RF: Gary Sheffield (If I really wanted to cheat I could move Sheff to 3rd and put Rondell in here)

C: John Flaherty(Ben Davis is nothing but trouble)
IF: Ricky Guttierez
OF: Ray Lankford
OF: Rondell White
OF: John Vander Wal
UT: Cesar Crespo (If he's good enough for Epstein, he's good enough for me, plus he lets me keep three outfield reserves and the infield situation here isn't pretty)

SP: Kevin Brown
SP: Matt Clement
SP: Oliver Perez
SP: Dustin Hermanson
SP: Woody Williams

CL: Tim Worrell
RHSU: Steve Reed
LHSU: Alan Embree
MR: Jaret Wright
MR: Ron Villone
Long Man: Jason Kershner
_Kenny - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 04:30 PM EDT (#32269) #

C AJ Pierzynski
1B David Ortiz
2B Todd Walker
3B Casey Blake
SS Denny Hocking/Chris Gomez
LF Matt Lawton
CF Bobby Kielty
RF Dustan Mohr

SP Mark Redman
SP Kenny Rogers
SP Matt Kinney
SP Paul Abbott
SP Scott Erickson?

RP Eddie Guardado
RP LaTroy Hawkins
RP Mike Jackson

That's all I can think of for now.
Mike Green - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 05:41 PM EDT (#32270) #
Eric Milton, Greg Myers and David McCarty would be useful additions to the ex-Twins. D'Angelo Jimenez and Mark Kotsay ditto for the ex-Padres.
Mike Green - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 05:55 PM EDT (#32271) #
Oh yeah, Derrek Lee would make a nice starting first baseman for the ex-Padres.
_Mick - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 07:04 PM EDT (#32272) #
I was thinking that the Pirates, with Barry Bonds and Brian Giles in the middle of the order, Aramis Ramirez and Jose Hernandez on the left side of the infield and Jason Schmidt anchoring the rotation might be hot.

But no, the rest of the potential Ex-Buc-Facto roster really kinda blows.
_Paul S - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 08:56 PM EDT (#32273) #
Why would the ex-Mariner teams include D-Lowe but not Tek?

Red Sox

C Scott Hatteberg (should he even count?)
1B Tony Clark and His Oiled Swing
2B Jose Offerman (ugh)
SS Rey Sanchez
3B Shea Hillenbrand
LF Cliff Floyd
CF Carl Everett
RF Troy O' Leary?
DH Matt Stairs

1B/LF Wil Cordero
INF Lou Merloni
C John Flaherty
PH Carlos Baerga

P Roger Clemens
P Jamie Moyer
P Hideo Nomo
P Jeff Suppan
P Tomo Ohka

P Aaron Sele
P Justin Duscherer

P Tom Gordon
P Paul Quantrill
P Rod Beck
P Rheal Cormier
P Kent Mercker (just for another lefty)

P Ugueth Urbina

The Sox had some pretty ghastly infielders in years past.
_Paul S - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 08:57 PM EDT (#32274) #
Aw crap I forgot The Todd. A rare case of him being a defensive upgrade.
_Spicol - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 09:04 PM EDT (#32275) #
I dunno, Mick. The Pirates look better than most.

Kenny Lofton, CF
Jose Guillen, RF
Barry Bonds, LF
Brian Giles, DH
Aramis Ramirez, 3B
Jose Hernandez, SS
Joe Randa, 1B
Pokey Reese, 2B
Tom Prince, C

Moises Alou, OF
Reggie Sanders, OF
Tony Womack, UT
Enrique Wilson, IF
Keith Osik, C

SP Jason Schmidt
SP Esteban Loaiza
SP Jeff Suppan
SP Miguel Batista
SP Jon Lieber

RP Scott Sauerbeck
RP Ricardo Rincon
RP Bronson Arroyo
RP Elmer Dessens
RP Todd VanPoppel
CL Damaso Marte

I couldn't even find room for Matt Stairs or Darrell May.
_Spicol - Wednesday, July 07 2004 @ 09:28 PM EDT (#32276) #
Except for a shaky rotation, the Oakland Ecksay's are excellent.

Ray Durham, 2B
Johnny Damon, CF
Miguel Tejada, SS
Jason Giambi, 1B
Jose Guillen, RF
Mark Bellhorn, 3B
Carlos Pena, DH
Matt Stairs, LF
Ramon Hernandez, C

Ruben Sierra, OF
Ben Grieve, OF
Scott Spiezio, 3B
Brent Mayne, C
Tony Batista, IF

SP Ted Lilly
SP Cory Lidle
SP Kenny Rogers
SP John Halama
SP Steve Sparks

RP Buddy Groom
RP Todd VanPoppell
RP Jay Witasick
RP Tim Worrell
RP Jason Isringhausen
CL Keith Foulke
_Eric - Thursday, July 08 2004 @ 08:37 AM EDT (#32277) #
One more Jays lineup:

C: Mike Matheny
1B: Shawn Green
2B: Jeff Kent
3B: Casey Blake
SS: Cesar Izturis
LF: Shannon Stewart
CF: Jose Cruz Jr.
RF: Bobby Kielty
DH: Brad Fullmer

SP Roger Clemens
SP Esteban Loaiza
SP David Wells
SP Al Leiter
SP Woody Williams

Cl Kelvim Escobar
RP Paul Quantrill
RP Mike Timlin
RP Trever Miller
RP Billy Koch

Manager: Lee Mazzilli
_Eric - Thursday, July 08 2004 @ 08:40 AM EDT (#32278) #
Forgot the bench:

C: Benito Santiago
IF: Tomas Perez
UT: Ryan Freel
OF: Jayson Werth
_Tom - Thursday, July 08 2004 @ 09:04 AM EDT (#32279) #
Re: Pirates Rotation

What, no love for Tim Wakefield?
_Darryl - Thursday, July 08 2004 @ 09:39 AM EDT (#32280) #
What no ex Yankees line up yet :)
Manager Buck Showalter
SP Clemens
SP Pettite
SP Rogers
SP Wells
SP Westbrook

(Hope you can hit lefties)

Swingman Ted Lilly
CL Armando Benitez
Bob Wickman
David Weathers
Joe Borowski
Mike Stanton
Jay Witasick
(took the returnign Wickman over Jeff Nelson, Jim Mecir)

C Todd Greene
1B Tino Martinez
2B Alfonso Soriano
SS D'Angelo Jimenez
3B Mike Lowell
OF Raul Mondesi
OF Rondell White
OF Juan Rivera
DH Nick Johnson

2B/3B Aaron Boone
UI Rey Sanchez
OF Ricky Ledee
C Bobby Estalella

Choose Ledee over Spencer, Garcia
_Harley - Thursday, July 08 2004 @ 04:09 PM EDT (#32281) #
The All-Ex-Royals!

SP:Paul Byrd
SP:Jose Lima
SP:Jeff Suppan
SP:Wes Obermueller
SP:Jeff D'Amico

RP:Curtis Leskanic
RP:Al Levine
RP:Lance Carter
RP:Jason Grimsley
RP:Roberto Hernandez
RP:Tom Gordon

C:Gregg Zaun
1B:Dave McCarty
2B:Jose Offerman
3B:Kit Pellow
SS:Rey Sanchez
OF:Carlos Beltran
OF:Johnny Damon
OF:Raul Ibanez
DH:Jeff Conine

BN:Endy Chavez
BN:Rondell White
BN:Brent Mayne
BN:Jermaine Dye
BN:Tom Goodwin

Manager: Jack McKeon

A pretty good outfield, and not much else...
_Christian - Thursday, July 08 2004 @ 08:21 PM EDT (#32282) #
Here's my Ex-Cub Factor team:

C: Damian Miller
1B: Hee Seop Choi
2B: Mark Bellhorn
3B: Bill Mueller
SS: Jose Vizcaino
LF: Rondell White
CF: Kenny Lofton
RF: Matt Stairs
DH: Fred McGriff

IF: Bobby Hill
IF: Todd Zeile
IF: Rafael Palmeiro
OF: Gary Matthews, Jr.

SP: Jon Lieber
SP: Miguel Batista
SP: Steve Trachsel
SP: Jamie Moyer
SP: Terry Mulholland

RP: Tom Gordon
RP: Tim Worrell
RP: Brooks Kieschnick
RP: Rod Beck
RP: Julian Tavarez
RP: Todd van Poppel
RP: Terry Adams
_Mick - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 01:02 AM EDT (#32283) #
I love Westbrook, but I think Jeff Weaver gets the rotation slot ahead of Jake at the Jake.
_Jeff S - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 01:58 AM EDT (#32284) #
The Brewers! 25 man ex-roster

Starting lineup:

1. Alex Sanchez, CF
2. Ron Belliard, 3B (somebody had to, and it wasn't gonna be Jeff Cirillo)
3. Gary Sheffield, RF
4. Richie Sexson, 1B (or Julio Franco, if you want to put Sexson on the DL)
5. Jeromy Burnitz, LF
6. Jose Valentin, SS
7. Mark Loretta, 2B
8. Mike Matheny, C

The bench:

Eddie Perez, C (or Paul Bako or Henry Blanco if you prefer)
Julio Franco, 1B
Eric Young, IF/OF
Fernando Vina, IF
Marquis Grissom, OF
Matt Stairs, DH

Starting rotation (otherwise known as: "why they haven't had a winning season lately")

1. Hideo Nomo
2. Glendon Rusch
3. Steve Sparks
4. Ron Villone
5. Cal Eldred (I know he's a reliever now, but find me another 5th starter!)

CL: Bob Wickman
Curtis Leskanic
Ray King
Dave Weathers
Chad Fox
Mike Myers

Great topic! Sounds like a baseball sim-project waiting to happen :).
_Jeff S - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 02:18 AM EDT (#32285) #
And...out of curiosity, I had to do the D-Backs.

1. Spivey, 2B
2. Overbay, 1B
3. Jose Guillen, CF
4. Reggie Sanders, RF
5. Tony Batista, 3B
6. Barajas, C
7. Dellucci, Karim Garcia platoon, LF
8. Counsell

C Damian Miller
1B Travis Lee
1B/PH Erubiel Durazo
IF Tony Womack
OF McCracken
PH/DH Jack Cust

SP Schilling
SP Miguel Bautista
SP Jorge Padilla
SP Chris Capuano
SP Jeff Suppan

RP Embree
RP Felix Rodriguez
RP Duaner Sanchez
RP Telemaco
RP Kim
RP Prinz/Bottalico/Mike Myers/Rick Helling/Brian Anderson
_Jeff S - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 02:38 AM EDT (#32286) #
And...making a decent challenge for the top 5, the mets:

1. Mora, SS
2. Lawton, CF
3. Everett, LF
4. Kent, 2B
5. Burnitz, RF
6. Alfonzo, 3B
7. Pratt, C
8. Olerud, 1B

C: Gary Bennett (could also use Mayne...pick your sub-.200 hitter)
1B: Tony Clark
2B: Alomar, Scutaro, Vizcaino
SS: Reys Sanchez & Ordonez
3B: Ventura
OF: Cedeno, Timo Perez, Jay Payton, Preston Wilson (last two challenging for starting spots if they recover from petco & injuries, respectively)

SP: Rogers, Astacio, Estes, Appier, Rusch, Nomo, Paul Wilson, Byrd
CLs: Benitez, Dotel, Isringhausen
RP: Weathers, Rick White, Tom Martin, Remlinger

awful nice team...wouldn't want to be trailing when the 7th inning rolled around...
_Jeff S - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 02:52 AM EDT (#32287) #
obviously I had too much caffiene today:

White Sox -- another pretty solid team:

1. Alomar, 2B
2. Everett, LF
3. C Wilson, 1B
4. Sosa, RF
5. Sierra, DH
6. C Johnson, C
7. Herbert Perry, 3B
8. Cameron, CF
9. Clayton, SS (I wouldn't object to moving a 2B over instead...)

C: Olivo, Pat Borders
1B: Daubach, W Cordero, Julio Franco, Olmedo Saenz
2B: Jimenez, Miles, Durham
3B: Ventura
OF: Lofton (ticked not to be starting), Burks

SP: Colon
SP: D Wells
SP: K Wells
SP: W Alvarez
SP: M Ginter / Josh Fogg

CL: Foulke, Gordon
RP: Koch, Rick White, Scott Sullivan, Biddle, Embree, Eldred, Eyre, Bradford, Sturtze, Roberto Hernandez.
_Jeff S - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 03:08 AM EDT (#32288) #
I humbly submit my nomination for WORST ex-roster: Angels.

(after prolonged internal debate about which slow old infielder will lead off...)

1. McLemore, SS
2. Snow, 1B
3. Edmonds, CF
4. Nevin, LF
5. Fullmer, DH
6. Spezio, 3B
7. Todd Greene, C
8. O Palmeiro, RF
9. Damion Easley, 2B

and look at this bench!
C: Greg Myers, Pat Borders
1B: Wooten
IF: Sojo (he's coaching, but on a team like this, he should considering activating himself), Durrington
OF: uh, Durrington.

SP: Appier, Schoenweis, Valdez, Sparks, May, Brian Anderson
RP: Al Levine, Matt Wise, Hasegawa, Mercker, Grimsley, Callaway.

That's what a team gets for keeping it's people around...a really putrid ex-roster.
_Jeff S - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 03:21 AM EDT (#32289) #
your Ex-Dodgers:

1. Gruzdzielanek, 2B
2. Grissom, CF
3. Sheffield, RF
4. Piazza, C
5. Konerko, 1B
6. Burnitz, LF
7. Zeile, 3B
8. Counsell, SS

on the bench:
C: Melhuse
1B: Ward, McGriff, Karros
util: Jose Vizcaino, Jose Offerman, Jolbert Cabrera, Eric Young
OF: Brian Jordan, Hollandsworth, Goodwin, Mondesi, Cedeno, Garcia...lots of spare parts to choose from

SP: Pedro Martinez
SP: Kevin Brown
SP: Astacio
SP: Valdez
SP: Park

RP: Quantrill, Felix Rodriguez, Herges, Terry Adams, Mulholland, Trever Miller, Guthrie, Eischen
_Jeff S - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 03:36 AM EDT (#32290) #
I'm goin' to bed after this one...the Giants.

1. Lofton, CF
2. Mueller, 3B
3. Kent, 2B
4. Sanders, LF
5. Cruz Jr., RF
6. Aurilia, SS
7. McCarty, 1B
8. Santiago, C

C. pick one: Mirabelli, Mayne, Estalella
util: Eric Young, Rey Sanchez, Ramon Martinez, Jose Vizcaino
SS: Clayton
3B: D. Bell
OF: Goodwin, Vander Wal, Burks, Jacob Cruz

SP: Russ Ortiz
SP: Livan Hernandez
SP: Estes
SP: Ponson
SP: pick one: Wilson Alvarez / Vogelsong / Moss / Ainsworth

CL: Tim Worrell, Nathan, Beck, Foulke
others: pick among (sheesh!) Fultz, Boehringer, Embree, Weber, Linebrink, Tavarez, Roa, Roberto Hernandez, Mulholland, Creek, Burba, Salomon Torres, Remlinger.
_Christian - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 12:40 PM EDT (#32291) #
Hey, this is fun! OK, there are only a few teams left who haven't been done yet, like:

The Reds

C: Benito Santiago
1B: Dmitri Young
2B: Bret Boone
3B: Aaron Boone
SS: Pokey Reese
LF: Reggie Sanders
CF: Mike Cameron
RF: Jose Guillen
DH: Paul Konerko

BN: Todd Walker, D'Angelo Jimenez, Michael Tucker, Juan Encarnacion

SP: David Wells, Elmer Dessens, Rob Bell, Brett Tomko, Denny Neagle

RP: Scott Williamson, Kent Mercker, Jim Brower, Mike Remlinger, Scott Sullivan, Dave Weathers, John Franco
_Brian W - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 01:34 PM EDT (#32292) #
The ex-Tigers are better than most recent Detroit teams:

C Brad Ausmus
1B Phil Nevin
2B Damian Easley
SS Deivi Cruz
3B Joe Randa
LF Luis Gonzalez
CF Roger Cedeno
RF Juan Gonzalez
DH Ruben Sierra

C Paul Bako
1B Tony Clark
SS Chris Gomez
OF Juan Encarnacion
OF Gabe Kapler
OF Karim Garcia
OF Frank Catalanotto

SP Jeff Weaver
SP David Wells
SP Mark Redman
SP Jose Lima
SP Hideo Nomo

CL Francisco Cordero
RP Matt Anderson
RP Todd Jones
RP Tim Worrell
RP Mike Myers
RP Trevor Miller
RP Steve Sparks
_Brian W - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 02:08 PM EDT (#32293) #
The Rockies have the usual good-hitting, but brutal pitching.

C Gregg Zaun
1B Todd Zeile
2B Mark Bellhorn
SS Juan Uribe
3B Vinny Castilla (second stint with team)
LF Todd Hollandsworth
CF Juan Pierre
RF Gabe Kapler

C Sandy Alomar
2B Todd Walker
3B Jose Hernandez
IF Craig Counsell
OF Jay Payton
OF Jack Cust

SP Mike Hampton
SP Darren Oliver
SP John Thomson
SP Scott Elarton
SP Ron Villone

CL Todd Jones
RP Kent Mercker
RP Justin Speier
RP Gabe White
RP Steve Reed (second stint with team)
RP/PH Brooks Kieschnick
_Brian W - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 02:36 PM EDT (#32294) #
The Fire-Sale Marlins are a strong contender for top team. With three of the best catchers in the game, I had to move Piazza to first. The rotation is also pretty well stacked.

C Ivan Rodriguez
1B Mike Piazza
2B Craig Counsell
SS Edgar Renteria
3B Todd Zeile
LF Moises Alou
CF Preston Wilson
RF Gary Sheffield

C Charles Johnson
1B Derek Lee
OF Cliff Floyd
OF Todd Hollandsworth
OF Mark Kotsay
OF Carl Everett

SP Kevin Brown
SP Matt Clement
SP Livan Hernandez
SP Miguel Batista
SP Al Leiter

CL Ugueth Urbina
RP Braden Looper
RP Robb Nen
RP Willie Banks
RP Mike Myers
RP Ryan Dempster
RP Nate Robertson
RP Mark Redman
_Brian W - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 02:38 PM EDT (#32295) #
I think only the Phillies and Cardinals are left to complete the list.
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