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It seemed unneccessary to post a new thread just to update the four remaining matchups in the BBFL Alomar Division, which continue for one more week. Then it occurred to me that Bauxites in other leagues might want to share their pennant race stories. Bear with me through an abbreviated update, then the floor is yours.

Though my Toronto Walrus leads Lars Kvale's AGF 9-3 at the midway point, don't be misled by that score it's a fiercely-contested final that can go either way. I have a "safe" lead in only three categories (AVG, OBP & SLG) but the pitching rate stats and all six counting stats are up for grabs. With two starts remaining, Randy Johnson (all by himself) could swing K/BB, WHIP and the all-important tiebreaker ERA in my opponent's favour. If it had been a one-week match, I would have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat at the last possible moment, as AGF, who "led" 6-6 after Saturday, had a rough Sunday at the plate and another unfortunate start by whoever is inhabiting Mark Mulder's body.

That volatility and the uncertainty of Head-to-Head play is definitely a mixed blessing. If BBFL was a Roto league, I would have opened up a 30 point lead in May and still been leading by at least 20, on cruise control. This is far more stressful; it's comparable to MLB's playoffs, where a tremendous regular season means absolutely nothing in a short series against a hot club.

Mebion Glyndwr leads the Chatsworth Halos 9-2 halfway through the bronze medal match, and Brad just lost Jose Guillen, so he faces an uphill battle. There's a barnburner going on for the Consolation crown, where the Horse Field Hammers cling to a 6-5 lead over Baird Brain, and the Austin Senators have a 7-5 edge over Hannibal's Cannibals in the only other remaining Alomar match.

So what's up in the Barfield Division and Leftovers playoffs? Feel free to brag or moan about what's happening to you in non-BBFL leagues. If you are looking for a new league, want to recruit new owners for 2005, discuss stat services or sims anything fantasy-related go right ahead.
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Pistol - Monday, September 27 2004 @ 08:39 AM EDT (#30927) #
Here's the scores in Barfield at the turn:

Ghost Man On Third 8
Slippery Pete 4

Edmonton Decepticons 11
HOMER JAYS Simpsons 1

Vancouver Cyphers 2
MonkeymenCubed 10

Pistol Nine 6
TMG Eh's 5

GMOT and SP is for the championship. It's close, but it's ugly.
Lucas - Monday, September 27 2004 @ 01:28 PM EDT (#30929) #
Last week, my Senators lost 6-6 on the ERA tiebreaker. So far this week, I'm losing 6-6 on the ERA tiebreaker. Good times.

In my 12-team ESPN league:

-Me, 90.0 points
-Opponent 1, 90.0 points
-Opponent 2, 89.0 points
-Opponent 3, 87.5 points

No offense Brad, but I hope your team of choice doesn't show up tonight. Mine sure didn't yesterday.
_Cristian - Monday, September 27 2004 @ 02:50 PM EDT (#30930) #
Edmonton Decepticons 11
HOMER JAYS Simpsons 1

This score, if it holds up, just adds insult to injury over the Decepticons losing third place and promotion to Alomar to HOMER JAYS Simpsons based solely on Yahoo's screwy tiebreaker system. My team is running on all cylinders right now. I'm even getting pitching victories and saves from unlikely sources. HOMER JAYS isn't doing so well but I'm sticking to the story that it's only because my Decepticons are a much better team...or at least that's how I cry myself to sleep every night.
_Brad - Monday, September 27 2004 @ 04:22 PM EDT (#30931) #
No offense taken, Scott. We all have are alliegences and being passionate about our teams makes it a great game! Both of us have suffered with our teams over the years. A series of good hard fought baseball between the two would be great fun (though a sweep by the SoCal boys would be okay too...)
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.