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It is time for a new Minor League Update thread.

Minor League rosters are expected to be finalized over the weekend, club officials are still making decisions on the last few spots on each team. But as a means of getting there the Jays have made some more player releases.

Before we move on to the releases we should point out that the New Hampshire Fisher Cats have a hitting coach. John Valentin had been appointed hitting coach but resigned at the start of spring training. Gary Cathcart was the manager at Pulaski last year, and was tabbed to head back there this year, before the Jays reassigned him to fill the vacancy. Cathcart was drafted by the Yankees and made it as high as AAA before retiring, he has been in the Blue Jay system since 2003.

The Jays released the following players today:

Seung Jun Song RHP
Andy Torres RHP
Joaquin Canizal RHP
Jonathan Chappell CA
Matthew Dalton RHP
Derry Hammond 1B

As I noted in the Syracuse preview Seung Song was claimed by the Jays in the off-season as pitching insurance. Once a prospect, Song's stock had dropped along with his velocity; the key to his future was regaining that velocity. It looks like the velocity did not come back, added to the fact that the Jays had signed several pitchers in the off-season, and the Jays no longer needed their Song insurance policy.

The release of Andy Torres is a surprise. In 78 innings for Dunedin last year Torres had an ERA of 2.52, and in 20 innings at AA Torres had an ERA of 3.05. Torres' peripheral numbers were good also, his H/IP was 0.85; his WHIP was 1.09; and his K/9 was 8.1. On the other hand Torres is 26 years old, that is very old for Dunedin. Torres was a 35th round pick in 2002.

Joaquin Canizal pitched 80 innings for Charleston in 2004 with a 4.16 ERA. Both Canizal and Torres were long relievers, usually not a position that makes it to the major leagues. Major league relievers were more often converted starters or minor league closers. Canizal is 24 years old and was a 31st round choice in the 2003 draft.

Jon Chappell is a 25 year old Australian. 2004 was his first year playing in the system, he was the backup catcher in Pulaski. Chappell hit well, he had an OPS of .960, but when you are older than some Blue Jays and still in rookie ball, your baseball future is not bright.

Matt Dalton pitched 32 very effective innings for Charleston in 2004. His ERA was 1.69 and he conceded 22 hits in his 32 innings. Dalton also pitched briefly for Auburn. Dalton is 25 years old and was an undrafted free agent, signed in 2003.

Derry Hammond was discussed earlier in the week. The Jays had signed him out of the North East independent league.

Over the winter the Jays signed several free agent pitchers and claimed two more in the minor league rule 5 draft. This created a log jam at AAA and I don;t think we have seen the final impact. Jamie Vermilyea and Jordan DeJong had hoped to jump to AAA in 2005. In Florida they have been playing with the AA Fisher Cats and it looks like they will not be jumping to AAA. Similarly Buzzie Buzachero and Tracey Thorpe hoped to move up to AA, they still might but as JP has noted, the competition is getting tougher and tougher inside the system.

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Gerry - Friday, April 01 2005 @ 10:19 PM EST (#108674) #
Rumour has it that Andy Torres was assigned to Dunedin for another year. Torres was upset by this and requested his release, the Jays complied.

I have received several emails expressing surprise at Matt Dalton's release, I will see if I can get an official comment next week.
cptfat - Friday, April 01 2005 @ 10:36 PM EST (#108676) #
you're right about torres.
kpataky - Friday, April 01 2005 @ 10:38 PM EST (#108677) #
From the Head of Media Relations for the Fisher Cats:

APRIL 1, 2005 (8:34 PM)
John Zahr, Media Relations
Manchester, NH- The Eastern League Champion New Hampshire Fisher Cats, Double-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, have had their 2005 roster set by the parent club in Toronto. The roster includes 25 active players and one player on the disabled list. Of the 26 players, 13 played with the team last season. The roster must be cut to 24 prior to Opening Day on Thursday. The roster currently stands as follows (asterisk indicates player played with the Fisher Cats in 2004):

Christopher Baker*
Joshua Banks*
Shaun Marcum
Vince Perkins
Ismael Ramirez
Stephen Andrade
Edward Buzachero
Jordan De Jong*
Ryan Houston*
John Ogiltree*
James Vermilyea*
Lee Gronkiewicz
Josue Matos

Position Players
Erik Kratz*
Jose Umbria*
Timothy Whittaker*
Vito Chiaravalloti
Brad Hassey*
Robert Cosby*
Carlo Cota
Kevin Barker
Ronald Acuna
Ron Davenport
Maikel Jova*
Miguel Negron

Mike Snyder* - DL
kpataky - Friday, April 01 2005 @ 10:49 PM EST (#108678) #
This in conjunction with the release list leads me to this conclusion about who made the Skychiefs roster:

Francisco Rosario, Dominic Rich, Justin Singleton
Gerry - Friday, April 01 2005 @ 10:52 PM EST (#108679) #
The first five pitchers listed are the starters.

Where is Tablado?
Gerry - Friday, April 01 2005 @ 10:57 PM EST (#108680) #
Kevin Barker is 20 years old, and played for Reading last year. He hit .286 with 18 home runs.
kpataky - Friday, April 01 2005 @ 11:37 PM EST (#108683) #
Good question on Tablado - he is their starting SS. And I thought Acuna would be in AAA. Chris Baker in AA? He ought to love that. Guess its better than a release.
kpataky - Saturday, April 02 2005 @ 07:42 AM EST (#108690) #
Tablado missing from that Press Release must have been an oversight because Kevin Gray has him in New Hamsphire in his article.
kpataky - Saturday, April 02 2005 @ 07:46 AM EST (#108691) #
In Syracuse, 12's comfortable, 15's a crowd
FisherCatsScribe - Saturday, April 02 2005 @ 10:12 AM EST (#108692) #
Yeah, Dick Scott told me Tablado would be reporting to NH with the other guys. I guess his name was ommitted from the list sent to the Fisher Cats office. -- Kevin Gray
kpataky - Saturday, April 02 2005 @ 11:24 AM EST (#108696) #

Kevin Barker: Bats L, Throws L
Position: 1B

2004 Combined Stats (Reading AA/Scranton AAA):
.279 avg., 39 2Bs, 20 HRs, 62 RBI, 103 Ks

kpataky - Saturday, April 02 2005 @ 11:27 AM EST (#108697) #
Gerry, Barker is 30 yrs old, not 20. He was drafted in 1996 and has played in 85 games for the Brewers in his career. He had some truely big years for the Brewers AAA clubs in '98 & '99 amassing 46 HRs and 183 RBIS in those 2 years.
Thomas - Saturday, April 02 2005 @ 11:30 AM EST (#108699) #
From the Syracuse article, in case you didn't both to read it, Mike Smith, the ex-Jay prospect who had a small stint in the majors with 35.1 innings for the 2002 Jays, signed with Philadelphia and was assigned to their Double-A team.

Interestingly, Smith was called up twice by the Jays in 2003 but didn't pitch either time.
Rob - Saturday, April 02 2005 @ 01:20 PM EST (#108708) #
I guess his name was ommitted from the list sent to the Fisher Cats office.

If we add Tablado to the list posted above, the Cats have 26 active players and one on the DL. How many are they allowed to carry? (Usually, I would check to find out the Eastern League roster size, as I've done before, but has taken over that site and it's not very good right now.)

owais - Saturday, April 02 2005 @ 02:19 PM EST (#108718) #
Are there any new players for the Pulaski Rangers?
kpataky - Saturday, April 02 2005 @ 02:25 PM EST (#108719) #
I was under the impression that Double A was allowed 23 but was allowed to expand to 24 on May 1st or something like that. So they are way over. But then again so is Syracuse. And if Miller clears waivers and both he and Glynn opt to not go the free agent route and decide to report to Syracuse then they are way over too.
R Billie - Saturday, April 02 2005 @ 03:15 PM EST (#108723) #
It's unfortunate but some people may have to be cut from AA and AAA even if their performance was decent. At the end of the day these minor league teams are to develop players who have the best chance at making an impact in the majors. The Jays have built up a lot of depth and competition has gotten tighter.

This is part of the reason I think their next two or three drafts they should have a higher risk tolerance. In the international arena as well. They need players who can seperate themselves from this depth.
FisherCatsScribe - Saturday, April 02 2005 @ 03:32 PM EST (#108728) #
Some of the Fisher Cats arriving won't be on the active roster: Tablado, for instance, isn't on the active roster at the moment. Also, Mike Snyder is on the DL....Expect roster changes before the April 7 opener as the team trims the roster to 24....KG
Gerry - Saturday, April 02 2005 @ 08:59 PM EST (#108758) #
kpataky - Saturday, April 02 2005 @ 10:44 PM EST (#108760) #
Why isn't Tablado on the active roster? That doesn't make sense.
kpataky - Sunday, April 03 2005 @ 09:16 AM EDT (#108768) #
Skychiefs Pitching Staff Remains Full
Pistol - Sunday, April 03 2005 @ 09:54 AM EDT (#108769) #
From the above article:

Scott, the Blue Jays' farm director, said he expects McGowan to start pitching in minor-league games soon and if he doesn't have any setbacks, it's likely he'll reach Syracuse this year.
Brian B. - Sunday, April 03 2005 @ 12:00 PM EDT (#108779) #
Something's not quite right - Chris Baker's on the Skychief's *and* the Fisher Cat's roster.
Gerry - Sunday, April 03 2005 @ 12:31 PM EDT (#108781) #
No Dominic Rich on either roster.

If Glynn and Miller report then three pitchers have to be DL'ed, released or dropped down. If they are dropped then there will be a ripple effect at AA and Dunedin.
kpataky - Sunday, April 03 2005 @ 01:27 PM EDT (#108785) #
Where can you see Syracuse's roster? And the fact that Rich isn't on it and Baker is?
Gerry - Sunday, April 03 2005 @ 01:55 PM EDT (#108790) #
The Syracuse newspaper story has a roster listed, although it could be unofficial.
kpataky - Sunday, April 03 2005 @ 02:12 PM EDT (#108796) #
I don't see Baker listed in there as being on the Skychiefs roster. I know he is on his way to New Hampshire now anyway - so that is irrelevant.
Rob - Sunday, April 03 2005 @ 06:46 PM EDT (#108838) #
He's on the second page: "SkyChiefs Roster Pitchers (13): Jason Arnold, Chris Baker, Adrian Burnside..."

13 pitchers, though. Nobody carries 13. It says they are over the limit by one (they have 25, limit is 24) so Baker must be a mistake, if he is indeed going to New Hampshire.

I guess when Q is back, he'll take Andy Dominique's spot...but who will be removed from the roster for John Hattig? Some pitcher?
deserthoosier - Sunday, April 03 2005 @ 10:27 PM EDT (#108860) #
Its sad to see Matt Dalton go, I wish him good luck elsewhere!
kpataky - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 12:48 AM EDT (#108867) #
Just got an email from Reimers. Glynn and Miller both accepted their assignments to Syracuse (cleared waivers) - so Cameron was bumped to AA New Hampshire. What a bummer!
Ryan01 - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 08:04 AM EDT (#108871) #
Thanks Kevin. It will be interesting to see how they handle the roster crunch. Hopefully no one gets stuck in the same situation Scott Cassidy was in last year. The Jays didn't want to release him, but didn't have any room for him. So he just sat around twiddling his thumbs, until Theo Epstein got on the phone and traded for him.
Lugnut Fan - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 08:25 AM EDT (#108872) #
The roster for Lansing has been announced. From what I have read on this blog over the winter, one of the semi-surpises is that Thigpen will be in Lansing to start the season. I know that there was some discussion on him going to Dunedin.

There is a link to the roster at the bottom of the page for the full roster, but I was having trouble with the link this morning. It should be fixed a little later however.
Jonny German - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 09:05 AM EDT (#108873) #
Here's the Lansing roster. This should be a solid team, I'm looking forward to seeing them May 15. Notable promotions from Pulaski include Chi-Hung Cheng and Yuber Rodriguez. Interesting to see that Po-Hsuan Keng is heading straight into full season ball. I'm wondering about the absence of Joey Metropoulos... is he going up to Dunedin? I assume that Purcey & Jackson are.

Chi-Hung Cheng
Daryl Harang
Danny Hill
Casey Janssen
Po-Hsuan Keng
Joey McLaughlin
Juan Perez
Erik Rico
Mark Sopko
Jordy Templet
A.J. Wideman
Kyle Yates

David Corrente
Curtis Thigpen
Joey Wolfe

Jason Armstrong
Chip Cannon
David Hicks
Ryan Klosterman
Juan Peralta
Christian Snavely

Luke Hetherington
Eric Nielsen
Cory Patton
Yuber Rodriguez
Pistol - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 09:15 AM EDT (#108874) #
Adam Lind isn't on the Lansing roster, so it looks like he'd be the 1B for Dunedin. I'd be surprised if Big City was also in Dunedin, which makes his absence from Lansing curious.
Gerry - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 09:32 AM EDT (#108875) #
If I remember correctly I believe Joey injured his foot, somehow, somewhere.
Mike Green - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 09:36 AM EDT (#108876) #
Snavely remaining in low A ball is a bit of a surprise too. I wonder who will be in the Dunedin outfield.
Gerry - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 09:48 AM EDT (#108877) #
Peralta back in A ball again is also a surprise.

I show the Dunedin outfield as Jayce Tingler, David Smith, and Rodney Medina.

A couple of other surprises:

Brian Hall did not make it at second base. I assume Peralta or Klosterman will play second.

Both Kurt Isenberg and Michael MacDonald were not listed on Lansing, which has me assume they made Dunedin. This must mean that Dustin McGowan will start in extended and DJ Hanson also, unles there are injuries that we are not aware of.
Marc Hulet - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 10:15 AM EDT (#108881) #
Peralta had a horrible season last year so I am not surprised he's back in low-A ball. Nick Thomas... where is he? Short season for a third season? And Mangioni? Is Snavely being converted to third? Lansing is lacking a third baseman and Snavely is listed as an infielder this season... I guess Mathews is in the outfield at high-A. Brian Hall is in Dunedin too?
I'm surprised pitchers Tate, Timm, Tressler and Roy aren't in Lansing.
Craig B - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 01:04 PM EDT (#108908) #
Something's not quite right - Chris Baker's on the Skychief's *and* the Fisher Cat's roster.

I expect these are the full rosters for these clubs, which are the equivalent of the 40-man roster at the MLB level. The active roster for each team (23 at both the AA and AAA levels, I believe) will be picked from those.

Jdog - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 02:00 PM EDT (#108916) #
I saw the Lansing roster posted here. I was wondering if the other minor league rosters are posted anywhere, or are they yet to be finalized?
Mike Green - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 02:27 PM EDT (#108924) #

The New Hampshire roster (save for the last 2 cuts) was posted by KPataky above. Here's the latest NH boxscore from Saturday's game. Josh Banks pitched 5 nice shutout innings.

Here's the Syracuse roster. It looks to me as though Rosario, Gaudin, and Downs will be in the rotation, but the other two starters are not clear yet. Once everyone gets healthy, the infield will be Quiroz, Crozier, Alfaro, Hill and Hattig with French, JFG, Mottola and Sanders seeing time in the outfield and at DH.

Marc Hulet - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 02:32 PM EDT (#108926) #
Dunedin is the only team not to announce their roster. I emailed them early this morning and asked them about it but they have not responded. Too bad 'cause I am really curious now...
Lugnut Fan - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 03:03 PM EDT (#108933) #
The FSL is usually very, very slow to post their rosters. I'm speaking from past experience with trying to get the roster from other teams in that league. It is my experience that they don't post until opening day of the minor league season.
Gerry - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 03:15 PM EDT (#108937) #

The Blue Jays emailed me the rosters and I have updated the depth chart here.

Among the surprises:

Listed as being on the DL are:

  • Raul Tablado at AA
  • Julius Matos at AAA
  • Brian Reed at High A
  • Brian Hall at A

Christian Snavely is listed as an infielder

Adam Lind is still listed as an outfielder

Chris Baker is in AAA

Cameron Reimers was bumped down to AA, as Kevin noted

Dominic Rich and Chris Michalak are not listed anywhere.

I have also updated my draft page here.

Ryan01 - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 03:44 PM EDT (#108946) #
Snavely played mostly 2B in college so it looks like they might take another look at him there in Lansing. A little position flexibility only helps his chances of making it to the majors.
Mike Green - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 03:49 PM EDT (#108947) #
Snavely could be tried at second or it could be one of those OF-3B conversions we've been talking about (bearing in mind that Peralta and Klosterman are also on the Lugnut roster). With Snavely's infield background and his adequate arm, that seems possible. I suspect we'll have to see how they line up on opening day.
Gerry - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 03:51 PM EDT (#108949) #

I checked back to my forecasted minor league lineups, link above, looking at placing the top 30 plus players. Other than Dustin McGowan and DJ Hanson who have not recovered from injuries, I had six incorrect out of the top 37 prospects.

I forecast Gabe Gross to be at AAA, but then so did the Jays.
I thought Chacin would be in AAA, the Batista move made his promotion possible.
I placed Rosario at AA, but the Jays bumped him up to AAA.
I had Vermilyea and DeJong moving up to AAA but with all the new pitchers signed by the Jays they have to remain at AA.
Finally I did not have Chi-Hung Chen at Lansing.

I also had a number of misses at the "other player" level but overall I am happy with the forecast.
Stellers Jay - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 07:03 PM EDT (#109117) #
ESPN is reporting that 39 minor league players have been suspended today for violating the leagues substance abuse policy (Steroids). I haven't been able to find a complete list, hopefully no Bluejay farm hands are involved in this.
kpataky - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 07:06 PM EDT (#109119) #
The Fisher Cats roster page indicates there are 26 members on the team. Snyder is listed as being on the DL and Tablado isn't even listed in those 26. So more cuts / "Phantom" DL placings are in order to get down to 23 (so 2 more have to go).
kpataky - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 07:12 PM EDT (#109124) #
Peter Gammons mentioned that 38 Minor Leaguers were suspended today on the 6pm news. Dominic Rich isn't listed on any roster, DL or transaction sheet. I hope he's not meesed up in that.
kpataky - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 07:16 PM EDT (#109128) #
Here is the list.
Rob - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 07:19 PM EDT (#109129) #
Good, no Blue Jays involved. In fact, of the 38 players on that list, I have heard of only one -- Robert Machado.
kpataky - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 07:31 PM EDT (#109134) #
Skychief's roster of 23 plus 3 guys on the DL.
BBFan - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 07:33 PM EDT (#109135) #
Snyder is not a "Phantom" DL. He is due in Florida in a couple of days to rehab from knee surgery performed in December. ACL injury similar to Cosby's. Tablado is a mystery.
Marc Hulet - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 09:46 PM EDT (#109164) #
The Jays could easily field a second Low-A ball club and still have players left over for depth and injury replacement purposes.

I don’t imagine there are a lot of teams around that could afford to leave seven pitchers with sub 3.50 ERAs and six batters with averages above .280 in 2004. But that is exactly what the Jays have. You can’t tell a whole lot by ERAs and batting averages alone, but it is an OK early indicator, especially in the low minors.

Here is a pretty good roster for low-A but they will all be toiling in extended spring training for some time…

Starting Rotation:
RHP - Adrian Martin 3.54 in 56 rookie innings
LHP - Derek Tate 1.10 in 33.6 rookie innings
LHP - Jordan Timm 2.67 in 60.6 rookie innings
RHP - Casey McKenzie 3.78 in 69 short season innings
RHP - Brian Grant 2.94 in 49 rookie innings

RHP - Aaron Tressler 1.48 in 30.3 rookie innings
RHP - Scott Roy 2.70 in 20 short season innings
RHP - Dewon Day 1.50 in 24 short season innings
LHP - Ben Harrison 0.00 in 3.3 rookie innings
LHP - Raymond Sanchez 4.54 in 33.6 rookie innings
RHP - Edward Rodriguez 5.00 in 36 rookie innings
RHP - Kristian Bell 5.85 in 32.3 short season innings
LHP - Matt Foster DID NOT PLAY

C – Brian Bormaster .252 in 143 rookie at-bats
1B – Charles Anderson .311 in 151 rookie at-bats
2B – Jermy Acey .294 in 201 short season at-bats
3B – Anthony Garibaldi .285 in 144 rookie at-bats
SS – Eugenio Velez .292 in 168 rookie at-bats
LF – Jarad Mangioni .262 in 122 short season at-bats
CF – Aaron Mathews .265 in 283 short season at-bats
RF – Nick Thomas .280 in 193 rookie at-bats

C – Joshua Lex .287 in 87 rookie at-bats
IF – Emmanuel Sena .241 in 162 rookie at-bats
IF – Mike Macaluso .219 in 128 rookie at-bats
IF – Greg Powers .233 in 60 rookie at-bats
OF – Jon Ashford .264 in 140 rookie at-bats

Anyone have word on how serious the injuries are for: Brian Hall, Brian Reed, Raul Tablado and Jayson Rodriguez?
Gerry - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 10:00 PM EDT (#109168) #
The players I listed as being on the the DL were at the bottom of the roster list supplied by the Jays. I assumed they were all on the DL, based on my knowing that Hattig, Quiroz and Snyder were injured. The Blue Jays have now told me that I cannot assume they are all injured, so the status of Tablado, Reed, Hall and Rodriguez is unknown at this point, other than they are not on an active roster.

All should be clearer by Thursday.
Gerry - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 10:23 PM EDT (#109173) #
37 of the 38 minor leaguers suspended for illegal drug use attended spring training in Arizona. The results for Florida based teams are not in yet. The testing seems to be picking up four to six players per team so it is a long shot to assume the Jays will have no one test positive.

Remember many players test positive for substances found in food supplements so a positive test does not mean a player knowingly ingested steroids.
cptfat - Monday, April 04 2005 @ 11:35 PM EDT (#109189) #
Reed is fine, Hall had shoulder surgery, Jayson rodriguez is on a throwing program and should be ready in a month. A lot of the guys mentioned weren't even in spring training. Dewon Day had a bad elbow, is showing up for extended. Macaluso chose to finish college. Metropolous broke his leg. MacKenzie had surgery. You're right, we could field an extra low A team.
kpataky - Tuesday, April 05 2005 @ 07:24 AM EDT (#109205) #
So where is Dominic Rich??
SparrowOD - Tuesday, April 05 2005 @ 09:49 AM EDT (#109217) #
Mike MacDonald is slated to be Dunedin's third starter to open the season, following up an excellent spring training. Ironically, he roomed with Dalton for the spring, and was surprised to hear he had been released.
Marc Hulet - Tuesday, April 05 2005 @ 10:38 AM EDT (#109223) #
What kind of surgery did McKenzie have? And Hall... when should they be able to get into games?
Lugnut Fan - Tuesday, April 05 2005 @ 03:33 PM EDT (#109292) #
For anyone interested there is a short preview of the MWL on the minor league baseball website. The link is

There is also a link for a preview of the FSL. The link is
Mark in Texas - Tuesday, April 05 2005 @ 04:37 PM EDT (#109304) #
My wife's cousin is Brian Patrick, and this past weekend, I learned from my father-in-law that Brian has been playing second base in spring training and is slated to play at Dunedin this year. This may be a reason Peralta is back in Low-A. Also, Brian had an at bat in the last box score posted on the Fisher Cats' website. So, we remain hopeful.
Marc Hulet - Tuesday, April 05 2005 @ 09:08 PM EDT (#109437) #
Three Blue Jays were suspended last season near the end of the year for 10 days, allegedly after testing positive for banned substances. They were Joaquin Canizal, Shawn Fagan and Raul Tablado. Both Canizal and Fagan were subsequently let go and now Tablado has disappeared from the rosters. I hope he has not tested positive again... I guess we'll know more if he does not appear for 30 days (penalty for second offense). Maybe Dominic Rich as well?
kpataky - Tuesday, April 05 2005 @ 09:12 PM EDT (#109442) #
I have been informed that Tablado is in New Hampshire. He has made the trip with the rest of the Fisher Cat team, but wasn't added to the roster. Still a mystery there.
Mike Green - Tuesday, April 05 2005 @ 09:44 PM EDT (#109468) #
Marc, as far as I know, this is pure speculation. MLB has released the names of minor league players who tested positive from the Cactus League teams, but not the Grapefruit League teams. Until we know more, please refrain from this kind of speculation.
kpataky - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 06:15 AM EDT (#109552) #
Blue Jays pitcher Justin Miller cleared waivers and agreed to report to Syracuse instead of becoming a free agent. Miller, 27, has a lifetime record of 38-31 and 3.66 in the minor leagues, and 12-9 and 5.77 in the majors. To make room for Miller on their opening-day roster, the SkyChiefs will place pitcher Matt Duff on the disabled list. Duff tossed one inning in Syracuse's exhibition game with Le Moyne College on Tuesday.

Jonny German - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 08:38 AM EDT (#109554) #
Kevin, please credit the source when copying & pasting from other sites.
Marc Hulet - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 09:13 AM EDT (#109560) #
Fair enough. But with everyone wondering what's up with the two missing players, I felt there was some merit to putting it out there, given that Tablado had a suspension last year. It's probably just the jounalist in me. For the record though, I was not accusing anyone.
kpataky - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 09:46 AM EDT (#109561) #
In an exerpt from this article by Matt Michael from the post Sentinel...

"Blue Jays pitcher Justin Miller cleared waivers and agreed to report to Syracuse instead of becoming a free agent. Miller, 27, has a lifetime record of 38-31 and 3.66 in the minor leagues, and 12-9 and 5.77 in the majors. To make room for Miller on their opening-day roster, the SkyChiefs will place pitcher Matt Duff on the disabled list. Duff tossed one inning in Syracuse's exhibition game with Le Moyne College on Tuesday."

kpataky - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 09:48 AM EDT (#109562) #
Post-Standard ( - sorry
Craig B - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 10:06 AM EDT (#109569) #
Would it be generally agreed that if Lilly can't in fact go for his first scheduled start, then Miller would likely be the guy called up from Syracuse?
Gerry - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 10:21 AM EDT (#109573) #
Ryan Glynn would be another option. But the most likely selection would be someone from the 40 man roster, that way you are not at risk to lose a player.
kpataky - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 10:44 AM EDT (#109574) #
This artcle from today indicates Lilly is ready to go and will be activated for his 4/10 start.
PeterG - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 10:52 AM EDT (#109575) #
There are only 38 players on the 40 man at present. If so, there is room for 2 additions.
Mike Green - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 10:59 AM EDT (#109576) #
I inferred from Walker's usage in the spring that he was the backup plan if Lilly wasn't ready to go.
kpataky - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 12:32 PM EDT (#109585) #
Stellers Jay - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 08:36 PM EDT (#109759) #
Former Blue Jay Tom Evans among three Pirate Minor Leaguers suspended for Steroids today.
Mylegacy - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 10:35 PM EDT (#109767) #
Unless I've made a boo-boo, given my computer/internet ability a real possibility, we can hear the Fisher Cats first game of the season tomorrow (April 7th) at 6.35 ET on:

Mylegacy - Wednesday, April 06 2005 @ 10:47 PM EDT (#109768) #
Looking through baseball sites this evening, 7.46 here on the Best Coast... I noticed that has Curtis Thigpen as the 6th best catching prospect in the minors with GQ at number 19. OUT OF 20!
kpataky - Thursday, April 07 2005 @ 06:20 AM EDT (#109776) #

Its finally been mentioned where shortstop Raul Tablado is. This article explains it.

Lugnut Fan - Thursday, April 07 2005 @ 07:47 AM EDT (#109777) #
The Lugnuts start the season tonight in Lansing. First pitch is 6:05 EDT (For those that will either be there in person or listen to the web cast). First pitch temperature should be around 60 degrees, so a very uncommon warm opener this year. Should be a packed house to welcome the Blue Jay prospects to the MWL both tonight and tomorrow (since tomorrow is bobble head and fireworks nights).
Lugnut Fan - Thursday, April 07 2005 @ 08:13 AM EDT (#109778) #
I found this article in the Lansing State Journal regarding the Jays and draft philosphy differences between them and the Cubs. AS I said above, it all starts tonight at the minor league level.

JC - Thursday, April 07 2005 @ 11:53 AM EDT (#109796) #
New Hampshire will still have to cut someone before tonight's game, correct? They are at 25 even with Tablado in limbo. Any ideas? Maybe someone from that 8-man bullpen?

What do you suppose will happen when Gross gets sent to Syracuse on Sunday (as speculated in the newspaper this morning)? Space on that roster is pretty limited as it is. Would they chop someone like Anthony Sanders?

Some tough decisions ahead for the Jays brass. Especially when people start coming off the DL.
Gerry - Thursday, April 07 2005 @ 12:12 PM EDT (#109800) #
Somebody will go on the DL with an "injury".
Marc Hulet - Thursday, April 07 2005 @ 12:56 PM EDT (#109803) #
I would think that Singleton would get sent back to AA when Gross goes to AAA. Singleton hit only .236 with 152 strikeouts in AA last season. The AA team would then probably disable one of their three catchers.
Craig B - Thursday, April 07 2005 @ 05:32 PM EDT (#109873) #
Thanks Kevin. One funny line from the article is Tablado's agent saying "You've seen the guy. He's skinny. He's been skinny his entire life."

I can't believe we've finally arrived at the day when a 200-pound shortstop is considered skinny. Baseball has *changed*.
kpataky - Thursday, April 07 2005 @ 10:30 PM EDT (#109932) #
I don't think Singleton will be going back to AA soon, he had a productive Spring and a great Opening Day today as a starter in center for the Skychiefs.
kpataky - Thursday, April 07 2005 @ 10:39 PM EDT (#109934) #
As Spring Training came to a close, the Jays assigned Jason Alpharo and Bryant Nelson, two free agent signees, to Triple A Syracuse. Dominic Rich, who was a second round draft pick by the Jays in 2000, came up through the Minor Leagues for Toronto and had a very productive year last year for the Eastern League Champion New Hampshire Fisher Cats (AA). At the end of this year's Spring Training, after competing with the Triple A team, Dominic learned his only option was return to Double A New Hampshire, so he asked the Jays for his unconditional release and they granted it to him. We wish him all the best in his persuit of the big leagues.
DJay - Friday, April 08 2005 @ 03:31 AM EDT (#109941) #
Dom would have went back to AA as a everyday player, he didn't want to be just a bench player
Ashley - Saturday, April 09 2005 @ 10:37 AM EDT (#110165) #
Have you gotten a comment from Matt yet? I took pictures of the Pulaski Blue Jays games for The Southwest Times last summer and the summer before that when Matt played for Pulaski. He's a really nice guy and a great pitcher. I was sad to hear that they released him.
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