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-- Dizzy Dean

The Angels beat the Yankees, maintaining their 3.5 game lead on Oakland, who won yet again. The Bombers fall to 2.5 behind the Red Sox, and they'll be trotting out their 13th different starting pitcher this afternoon: Johnson 22, Mussina 22, Pavano 17, Brown 13, Wang 12, Wright 4, Leiter 3, Henn 3, Small 2, Sturtze 1, May 1, Redding 1.

Hideo Nomo, Jobu, the Stottlemyre family... all waiting their turn.

Oakland's opened up 1.5 game lead over the Yankees in the Wild Card chase. The Twins are 2 games back.

In the NL, the Nats keep losing and the Braves keep winning. Atlanta's lead is now up to 4 games in the division, and Washington is also a game behind the Astros in the hunt for the Wild Card.

And in the division it is my sad duty to report on every couple of weeks... it's come to this. The first place Padres have sagged to a game below .500 and are bringing in Chan Ho Park to bail out their rotation.

And when you're trying to make sense of all the trade rumours, here's a pointer from Will Carroll:

"Watch the language teams use closely. One report I read stated that two teams hadn't spoken. E-mail's a pretty cool invention."

I'll be at the ballpark today for Dustin McGowan's debut. And then I'm going to disappear for a few days. I'll be back on Wednesday.

The Saturday sched:

Chicago (Contreras 6-6, 4.36) at Baltimore (Cabrera 8-8, 4.67) 1:15
Los Angeles (Washburn 6-6, 3.28) at New York (Chacon 1-7, 4.09) 1:15
Detroit (Robertson 5-8, 3.52) at Oakland (Zito 9-8, 3.59) 4:05
Cleveland (Sabathia 6-8, 5.24) at Seattle (Franklin 5-11, 4.71) 4:05
Texas (Benoit 2-1, 2.00) at Toronto (McGowan 0-0, 0.00) 4:07
Kansas City (Greinke 3-12, 6.05) at Tampa Bay (Waechter 3-6, 5.30) 6:15
Minnesota (Lohse 7-9, 4.45) at Boston (Arroyo 8-6, 4.26) 7:05

Washington (Patterson 4-2, 2.58) at Florida (Burnett 7-6, 3.48) 1:15
St.Louis (Suppan 9-7, 4.16) at Los Angeles (Lowe 7-10, 3.81) 4:05
Arizona (Gosling 0-2, 4.13) at Chicago (Hill 0-0, 4.22) 4:05
San Francisco (Schmidt 7-5, 4.53) at Milwaukee (Sheets 6-7, 3.45) 7:05
Pittsburgh (Redman 5-10, 3.99) at Atlanta (Davies 4-3, 4.32) 7:05
New York (Glavine 7-8, 4.69) at Houston (Pettitte 8-7, 2.73) 7:05
Philadelphia (Lidle 8-9, 4.63) at Colorado (Cook 0-0, 0.00) 8:05
Cincinnati (Harang 6-9, 3.97) at San Diego (Lawrence 5-10, 4.21) 10:05

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Jobu - Saturday, July 30 2005 @ 12:54 PM EDT (#124251) #
I'm still in Columbus. Margret Stottlemyer took my spot in the Yankee roatation, but I hope to make a bullpen appearance next week.

Imagine an MLB team making the playoffs without an above .500 record. GO NL WEST!!
RhyZa - Saturday, July 30 2005 @ 01:38 PM EDT (#124252) #
"Meanwhile, the Toronto Blue Jays have talked to the Red Sox as well and made an "inquisitive call" about Manny Ramirez, sources said." - - ESPN

danjulien - Saturday, July 30 2005 @ 01:44 PM EDT (#124253) #
Sitting in my apartment last week, I turned to my roommate and asked..."isn't Ramirez the exact type of slugger the Jays need, and how much of his salary would the Red Sox pay?" I had a feeling J.P. might make a call and I'm glad he has but the only thing he may have done is helped the Red Sox bargaining power.

HOWEVER, if we didn't give up too much(say Catalanatto and one of our top 6 prospects) and Boston took on some of the salary...this could be the exact move to put the Jays into a great position to contend this year and for a few years...think about the boost for this year, we could start next week with Manny hitting cleanup and Halladay pitching against the White Sox...
Jobu - Saturday, July 30 2005 @ 02:22 PM EDT (#124255) #
Am I the only one who's a little worried about the idea of Manny in T.O.?

Even with cash from the sox, unless they pay half his contract he'll eat up all our Rogers Bonus. And even if we did get them to pay for half his salary, we'd have to give them even more shiny prospects than it would take just to get him. The redsox get more spending money, and fill in all the positions they need help with A level prospects. It just makes it harder to get past them in the standings. Besides, I dont even think Manny's numbers in the dome are that great. Though that is just a pure "Jobu Memory" notion.
RhyZa - Saturday, July 30 2005 @ 04:24 PM EDT (#124258) #
I agree about most of the other stuff but actually his numbers in the Dome ARE great.
VBF - Saturday, July 30 2005 @ 10:56 PM EDT (#124264) #
That inquisitive call is standard procedure. I'd bet that 25 teams made an inquisitive call about Manny.

I would imagine it would cost about 56 million to keep this same team together for next year. We have a payroll of about 80 million which gives us about 24 million to spend.

Manny Ramirez would take up 20 million of that IIRC, so if that's what you want so be it. We'd only have about 4-5 million to spend on a starter and that would only take us so far. I think with luck, and if our offence maintains its high Run Differential (but don't count on it. Our offence was supposedly a strength going into 2004) then with some luck and Manny, we'd be in or near the playoffs.

But we'd still have to convince him to DH, and we'd still have to trade away someone. It's still a trade.

It's a long and arduous process, with sacrifice.

This Day In Baseball: 30 July 2005 | 6 comments | Create New Account
The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.