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Well, it wasn't supposed to go down that way.
But they burned his brother, you know,
And they left him lying in the driveway.
They let him down with nothin'.
He tried to do his best but he could not.

They are trying to do their best. It's just that... they're not very good. Try not to laugh, these guys are trained professionals:

San Diego	59	61	.492	-	32-27	27-34	509	547	
Arizona	        57	65	.467	3	27-32	30-33	538	639	
LA Dodgers	55	65	.458	4	29-30	26-35	520	584	
San Francisco	53	67	.442	6	25-33	28-34	507	591	
Colorado	45	76	.372	14.5	31-34	14-42	531	676	
Let's update the Progress Chart. Are they still building a ski slope?

Oh dear. Oh dear. The Rockies at least are making some progress, and have slowly improved from Awful to Bad. They soon may be within reach of Mediocrity...

Well, let's make another pretty picture! I've learned a new skill, you see. I want to show off. I'm a kid with a new toy. Let's divide the season into a series of 10 game segments, and see how everybody played.

It's been a while since anybody in this division got hot, don't you think? We have to go back to May, when the Padres were briefly kicking butts and taking names. And that, along with the Dodgers strong getaway, represent the only time teams in this division have actually played well for longer than a week.

Now a confession - I was working on this Update, and I had about half a dozen windows open. And having finished my work, I started closing the windows.

And I closed one too many.

And my Update... POOF! Gone. Vanished into the ether, its electrons scattered.

It's the NL West - these bozos are barely worth five minutes of your attention, never mind a couple of hours of my labour. Bitterness... frustration...

What has been lost? A nostalgic look at all the former Blue Jays now prowling the NL West. I assembled all their numbers and everything. I'm not doing it again.

There's a couple of big hitters, Jeff Kent and Shawn Green. They've both been gone a long, long time. They both make a gazillion dollars.

Woody Williams is in San Diego - like Green, he sports a Toronto World Series ring (maybe Kent does as well).

Woody is the only ex-Jay who is a starting pitcher in the NL West, but there are a number of relievers employed in the division. Scott Eyre of the Giants has been by far the best of them. Giovanni Carrara is still with the Dodgers. Aquilino Lopez was waived by the Rockies, Kerry Ligtenberg was DFA'd by the Diamondbacks. Paul Quantrill, however, has gotten more or less back on the rails in San Diego.

As everyone knows, the Blue Jays lack depth at catcher. Mike Matheny is the Giants starter, of course, making way more money for being older and not-as-good as Gregg Zaun. Todd Greene is still in the league, working in Coors Field. He hasn't changed, by the way. He can still hit, he just has trouble with the throwing and the catching.

Jose Cruz is a Dodger now, having been dumped by the Diamondbacks and the Red Sox in succession. He joins Jayson Werth in the outfield - Werth hasn't played nearly as well this year as he did in 2004, and has had trouble staying healthy.

I haven't heard anyone lamenting the fact that Cesar Izturis is no longer roaming the Rogers Centre infield - doubtless because this would necessarily also involve watching him hit. And that is not nearly as pleasant.

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Mike Green - Friday, August 19 2005 @ 09:37 AM EDT (#126103) #
Bradley's back, Drew's on his way...The Dodgers have had their Season from Hell and survived. It helps to be rich.
Magpie - Friday, August 19 2005 @ 01:30 PM EDT (#126130) #
Mike still thinks the Dodgers have a chance! What a maroon! They're 10 games under .500! They're... FOUR games out???
slitheringslider - Friday, August 19 2005 @ 04:00 PM EDT (#126143) #
This is really kind of sad. There are seventeen teams in the majors that have a record equal or better to the San Diego Padres. and a handful of others if given the opportunity to play NL West opponents, could also put themselves in a stranglehold on the NL West.

But.... life does not work like that, we are now stuck watching 5 teams playing trying their best not to get in the postseason
Mick Doherty - Friday, August 19 2005 @ 05:17 PM EDT (#126149) #
So -- what SHOULD happen. Vote in the new poll related to this topic.
Magpie - Friday, August 19 2005 @ 05:43 PM EDT (#126152) #
Games Remaining:

San Diego
AWAY (20) - Atlanta (3), Milwaukee (4), Los Angeles (3), San Francisco (3), Colorado (4), Arizona (3)
HOME (22) - Houston (3), Colorado (6), Arizona (3), Washington (3), San Francisco (4), Los Angeles (3)

AWAY (15) - San Diego (3), Pittsburgh (3), Colorado (3), Los Angeles (3), San Francisco (3)
HOME (21) - New York (3), Philadelphia (3), San Francisco (3), Milwaukee (3), Colorado (3), Los Angeles (3), San Diego (3)

Something strange there - the D'Backs have played 63 road games and have just 15 remaining.

Los Angeles
AWAY (16) - Chicago (3), Colorado (3), San Francisco (4), Arizona (3), San Diego (3)
HOME (22) - Colorado (6), Houston (3), San Francisco (3), San Diego (3), Pittsburgh (4), Arizona (3)

The Dodgers schedule also looks odd - they've played 61 road games and have just 16 remaining.

The Padres play just 9 games against teams above .500, and 9 games against teams with better records than they have.

The D'Backs only have 6 games left with .500 teams, but 21 games against teams with better records.

The Dodgers have 3 games left against .500 teams, and 18 games against teams with better records.

One of These Teams is Going to the Post-Season... | 5 comments | Create New Account
The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.