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For those who don't remember 2004 (and why should you?) it was the year that saw the introduction of the First Annual Robert Goulet Memorial Trophy. Naturally, it was awarded to Baltimore that year before Toronto took it back with their third-place finish in 2005.

And a Kevin Youkilis-Wily Mo Pena-Eric Hinske outfield would have been quite amusing, but Trot Nixon took RF while Hinske played first base in the bottom of the first for the first time ever in Toronto.

Executive Summary: The Hansackage stopped in the fourth when L'Overbay and Troy Glaus went back-to-back, and A.J. Burnett took it from there. Justin Speier introduced uncertainty and Joycian rage, but Vernon Wells pulled a triple out of thin air as part of a two-run insurance eighth and Robert Victor was there for the spoils.

Star of the Game: AJB with seven strong against a Manny-less Sox lineup. Ramirez made a cameo appearance in the eighth, but obviously didn't provide a turning point for this game.

For the Red Sox: Mike Lowell. Just because. I imagine Alex Obal would have named Mark Loretta, but since I'm pretty sure none of the Sox are Waterloo graduates, I can go with Lowell.

Defensive Play of the Game: The aforemadefunof Youkilis with a running catch in the first inning, taking a hit away from L'Overbay. He did hit his 20th HR in the fourth, though, which established a new career high.

Frankie Chat? From what I saw, Frank Catalanotto wasn't talking it up with his former teammate after his single. Neither was Russ Adams, whatever that means.

Travis Snider Is Huge: I think he's bigger than Rance and Jamie put together. There's no way he's a year younger than me. Have we seen a birth certificate? (If you missed it, he was on TV in the fourth inning, as part of the Webster Award ceremonies.) He bought a condo in Washington where I think he said his mother and girlfriend live with him. If that's true, I smell a sitcom.

Elsewhere: Minnesota probably did something in their race with Detroit for the AL Central title, but it's hard to get excited over this when the loser will get the Wild Card spot anyway. I'm not saying go back to "win your division or else", but is it really a race when both can win?

The Mets, who really have no reason to show up for the next two weeks, beat the Nationals into oblivion as someone named Mike O'Connor started, but did not come close to finishing, for Washington. And Nick Johnson got hurt on a nasty collision. At least Alfonso Soriano recently joined the 40-40 (and a third 40, doubles) club, but he apparently regretted it.

San Diego was a half game up on the Dodgers for the Avoid The Mets In The First Round Race going into last night. The Padres won behind a great performance from Jake Peavy and LA lost, so it's now 1.5 games for San Diego.
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VBF - Sunday, September 24 2006 @ 09:26 AM EDT (#155901) #

Travis Snider Is Huge:

Width wise perhaps, but the dude was noticeably short in BP. I guess he's only 18 so he could grow an inch. He signed my ball for me and then I realized that I was asking someone younger  than me for an autograph. How depressing...

Sitting behind first base, I couldn't see the absence of Frankie chat, but there was definitely some Gregg Zaun trash talkin' when Ortiz came up to bat the third time. Ortiz had a flushed face and mouthed "What the f--- you talkin about, shut the f--- up".

Reason #4579 to like Gregg Zaun.

VBF - Sunday, September 24 2006 @ 09:33 AM EDT (#155902) #

PS: if someone hits a homerun halfway up on the jumbotron on the left, how far is that homerun? Apparently it happened in batting practice by a Red Sock.

Willy Mo ringed one off the Video Board. To hit it, you need to get some serious velocity plus significant height. The ball actually found its way near the stage lighting above the Jumbotron (which if you've been there is ridiculously tall and unheard of that a ball could ever hit it) and it hit the Video Board on its way down.

Stretched out along the foul line, a fan on Blue Jay Way would have had a souvenir. The only other time someone has accomplished this feat of hitting the Video Board was Barry Bonds in 2001 who rang a few off it in BP.

Pistol - Sunday, September 24 2006 @ 09:39 AM EDT (#155903) #
Snider also took BP so apparently the wrist is fine.

There was an article about a month ago about Snider.  He bought the condo for his mother who has had medical problems in the past and still is on a list for a liver transplant.

I just went back and listened to the interview Rob mentioned.  For being 18 Snider handles himself pretty well.  I'd barely be able to say more than 2 words to any question if I were in that spot.
zeppelinkm - Sunday, September 24 2006 @ 11:45 AM EDT (#155905) #
I missed the first few innings of the game, but I am surprised there was no noticable chatter between the Cat and Hinske if Cat was indeed on first base.

During an interview with Hinske right after he was traded, the interviewer asked him who his best friend in all of baseball was, and it was, of course, The Cat. So it is surprising to me that they weren't exchanging words (in a friendly manner) at first base.

As well, whatever Zaun said to Ortiz worked!

Thomas - Sunday, September 24 2006 @ 12:52 PM EDT (#155907) #
This was linked over at Primer, but here's a really interesting article about how the Mets and Yankees were shopping for Triple-A affiliates and how Syracuse was unavailable because they re-upped with the Blue Jays. It's worth the time to check it out.
Jordan - Sunday, September 24 2006 @ 02:05 PM EDT (#155908) #
The Orioles have left Ottawa for Norfolk; it appears that the Phillies AAA club will relocate from Scranton to Ottawa for a lame-duck 2007 season, then the whole kit and kaboodle will move to Allentown for 2008. And that will be that for minor-league baseball in Ottawa.
kinguy - Sunday, September 24 2006 @ 05:25 PM EDT (#155913) #
It's not just the newspapers taking shots at the Toronto-Syracuse connection.  There are also a lot of fans posting in Syracuse on-line forums who have absolutely no use for the Blue Jays and are slamming the Board of Directors for re-upping with the Blue Jays early and not waiting until teams declared their intentions to shop around.

I've read that Columbus only wanted a two-year affiliation deal because both Cleveland's and Cincinnati's deals with Buffalo and Louisville respectively expire in 2008 and they want an in-state affiliation.  With a new stadium coming in 2008 or 2009, they think they'll have a good shot at luring the Indians, which would free up Buffalo.  Wouldn't mind seeing the Jays hook up with the Bisons then.
VBF - Sunday, September 24 2006 @ 07:14 PM EDT (#155915) #

And a Kevin Youkilis-Wily Mo Pena-Eric Hinske outfield would have been quite amusing

Let's save the lives of the fans that woudl die of laughter. The Youkilis-Kapler-Pena Gong Show was hilarious enough.

Craig B - Sunday, September 24 2006 @ 07:19 PM EDT (#155916) #
Kapler's worse than Hinske, though.  Hinske's not the savviest outfielder going (give him time) but Kapler's like Lurch.
Craig B - Sunday, September 24 2006 @ 10:38 PM EDT (#155929) #
I'll tell you what, today proved one thing... the Blue Jays can CRUSH the pitching in the International League.  Pawtucket should be proud of how their guys battled today.

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