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Fine. I admit it. I'm a bit excited about this series. Maybe it's tonight's pitching matchup, or maybe it's tomorrow's, which is pretty intriguing itself. Maybe it's the presence of Brett Gardner and Jose Molina in the Yanks' regular lineup, or maybe it's just Adam Lind walkoff fever. Whatever it is, there should be a decent atmosphere in the Dome this weekend.

Tonight, it's Joba Chamberlain taking on the Doc. This time, Joba won't have to contend with the 62-pitch leash that limited him to 2.1 innings in his debut as a starter, the last time he took on the Doc. This is Joba's eighth start of the year. He's basically the same guy he was in the bullpen, maybe minus a couple of mph on the gun. He's running deep counts, just like he did as a reliever; throw away his first two pitch-count-shortened starts and he's still only averaging 5.7 innings. Joba has a 2.57 ERA as a starter, but he's been much less dominant since being stretched out: his WHIP is up from 1.14 to 1.49, and his K/BB is down from 30:11 to 37:21. It should go without saying that I'd like to see every lefty position player on the roster in tonight's lineup. Joba's bag of tricks is the same thing it was last year: hard fastball, hard slider, change and curve, except he's breaking out those last two a bit more often. Should be fun. It'll be interesting to see how the new aggressive approach fares in a game where patience is clearly more of a virtue than it usually is.

The surprisingly competent Darrell Rasner goes tomorrow. Rasner was given a spot in the Yankees rotation on May 4 and he hasn't let go of it. He's a 27-year-old righty of the cutter/changeup variety with an 80-point backwards OPS split this year. He throws in the mid-high-80s, and his other pitch is a slow curve. He's struggled of late, averaging 4.25 runs allowed over 5 innings in his last four starts, but until Wang or Hughes returns it's going to be tough for the Yanks to find someone to replace him. John McDonald owns a triple off Rasner.

Sunday, it's Andy Pettitte, who's a hair behind Mike Mussina in the Yankees' best starter race in the first half. Pettitte is his usual self this year, and his cutter is going to present a nasty matchup for a team that's had major problems with lefty pitchers. The Jays' most accomplished Pettitte bashers are... Shannon Stewart and Vernon Wells. John McDonald is 5-10 with a walk; Lyle Overbay is 1-18 with 5 strikeouts and 0 walks against the cutter-throwing lefty. I think he really hates those guys.

Injuries! Hideki Matsui has an inflamed left knee. He won't be back until at least after the all-star break. Johnny Damon sustained a shoulder injury when he crashed into the Yankee Stadium fence. He's on the DL and won't play this weekend. Jorge Posada's shoulder problems persist, so Jose Molina has caught four games in a row while Posada DHs, not that Molina is really taking a lineup spot from anyone substantially more qualified, especially when you factor in his defense. And Brian Bruney is on the 60-day DL, currently rehabbing a foot injury he picked up while covering first base.

With Matsui and Damon out, the Yanks' lineup looks a bit weird. It's not often you get to face these guys and have the luxury of two auto-outs in the lineup, and that's not even counting Robinson Cano's usual first-half swoon. Of course that didn't stop the Yankees from pitching the Rays to death in a two-game sweep earlier this week, but it does make the Jay pitchers' task a little bit easier.

Here are the replacements:

Brett Gardner, a 24-year-old speedster who bats left, has been starting in left field most of the time. "He creates havoc," says Joe Girardi. Gardner was a third-round pick of the Yankees in 2004, a few years after walking onto College of Charleston's baseball team. He's hitting .143/.194/.143 in 33 PA, but that includes a walkoff single against Jonathan Papelbon, so the True Yankee factor is strong in this one. He's 4-for-4 stealing bases in the majors after piling up 34 thefts in AAA. He'll probably start the first two games of the series and bat leadoff.

Justin Christian is a 28-year-old career minor leaguer who bats right and is likely to platoon with Gardner until one of the regular outfielders returns. Christian is a speedster, too - 20/23 stealing bases at Scranton. Also like Gardner, Christian has struggled early, going 3/18 in his first 20 PA, but he's only struck out once. He won't get cheated. Christian was obtained by the Yanks as an undrafted free agent in 2004.

While Jose Molina does an uncanny Jose Molina impression with the bat and glove (24/49 throwing out basestealers), Jorge Posada is wondering when he's going to get his defensive job back. It goes without saying that if Joe Girardi decides to catch Posada anytime this weekend, his arm should be tested often.

Mariano Rivera is in the midst of his best season since at least 2005 and maybe ever. His K/BB ratio is 12.50 for the first time ever, and 28.6% of his flyballs are staying in the infield, which is ridiculous. Rivera has blown zero saves this year. He is simply a mensch.

Hard-throwing, straight-throwing Professor Kyle Farnsworth seems to have claimed the role of full-time setup guy, and he's even pitching OK in it after a terrible 2007, save for his traditional home run issues. The much less erratic and vastly superior Jose Veras and Edwar Ramirez languish in middle relief. Ramirez, the changeup artist, is a huge flyball pitcher and probably not the greatest guy to have on the mound in Yankee Stadium with a one-run lead, but he's tremendous at making batters swing and miss, and he's really no more of a homer threat than Farnsworth, who's allowed a 1.000 OPS vs lefties this year. Veras, for his part, has been a major revelation in his first real shot at pitching in the bigs. He throws mid-90s hard and has a fairly hard curveball - think Manny Delcarmen - to go with a show splitter. So even with Joba out, the Yanks do have a reasonably strong setup corps, but its weakest link (in my view) is the one that gets to pitch the 8th inning with a lead all the time, so this could be tougher.

Everyone loves the Giambi stache. It's even made him sort of popular again, as people notice that he can sort of hit again.

Alex Rodriguez
, private citizen, took a personal detour between games Wednesday and Thursday. He didn't travel with the team to Pittsburgh and arrived himself. "He had to take care of something," according to Girardi. This is news!

The Credit Section: All offensive stats, pitches per PA for pitchers and league average stats are from the Hardball Times. Pitchers' stats and leverage indices are from Fangraphs. Minor-league stats are from Minor League Splits and First Inning. K% and BB% are strikeouts and walks as a percentage of plate appearances; GB% + LD% + FB% = 100.

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Mike Green - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 02:51 PM EDT (#188757) #
Kevin Mench is hitting .375 in his career against Pettitte, for what it's worth. 

I am hoping that Eckstein gets the start tonight.  He and Inglett at the top of the order should be able to run up some counts against Joba. 

Great Scout as usual, Alex.

John Northey - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 03:25 PM EDT (#188761) #
Interesting to note that, with an 8 man pen now, all but one has pitched the last 3 games, all but 2 in the past 2 games.

So we have Wolfe with minor league rest, Frasor with 2 days rest, Carlson, Downs & Ryan on 1 days rest and Camp/Tallet/League needing a day off. 

Probably smart usage of the pen by Cito in the respect that Halladay will probably give all but one or two a day off today.  If tight tonight I expect Ryan will get the 9th with Frasor or Wolfe given a shot in the 8th if needed against a right hander and Carlson or Downs given one or two guys.  Litsch will probably be needing some help tomorrow with the whole gang needed on Sunday. 

Lets hope Halladay has it tonight as a short game by him and we might see a 9 man pen tomorrow :P
John Northey - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 03:39 PM EDT (#188762) #
Looking closer at Joba...

Last 2 starts (Texas and Boston)
10 IP 9 H 5 R 5 ER 8 BB 11 SO 1 HR 4.50 ERA

3 starts before that vs the NL (Pit, SD, Hou)
18.1 IP 16 H 2 R 2 ER 8 BB 18 SO 0 HR  0.98 ERA

2 starts before that vs KC and Toronto
6 2/3 IP 6 H 5 R 3 ER 5 BB 8 SO 1 HR 4.05 ERA

Hmm, I think I see a trend here.  The NL sucks, the AL doesn't.  Against the NL he K's over 2 per walk while allowing just 1 run per 9 IP.  Against the AL he walks 7 per 9 IP and allows a run every other inning.  Lets hope that trend continues tonight.  It appears picking your pitch and not trying to crank it out is the key vs Joba.

Mick Doherty - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 05:50 PM EDT (#188768) #

Rivera ... is simply a mensch.

Hm. If Rivera is a Men(s)ch, is Mench a Riv(i)era?

Posada has been seeing some time at 1B, too. Defensively, he's ugly over there.

Thomas - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 06:18 PM EDT (#188770) #
Brad Wilkerson in CF? This could be....interesting.
scottt - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 07:12 PM EDT (#188772) #
Where did Rios go?
westcoast dude - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 07:48 PM EDT (#188773) #
Inglett in RF works for me. Maybe Rios is the secret weapon for games two and three. Put in the lite lineup with Doc on the mound, and everybody plays on the team.
Anders - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 07:56 PM EDT (#188774) #
Rios is in Puerto Rico with his girlfriend, as he is expecting the birth of his (first?) child, per Sportsnet.
dogbus - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 08:21 PM EDT (#188775) #
My wife always wanted to be the one to give birth to Rios' first child.  She will be disappointed

Brian Tallet is not longer pitching this Sunday as A.J Brunett will get a chance to make up for his horrible outing against Baltimore and showcase his talent to the many scouts that are sure to be in attendance.

Sheldon - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 08:54 PM EDT (#188776) #
Yeah Rios is out for the entire series.

Knowing the Jay's luck Burnett's arm will explode this Sunday in front of all the scouts.
scottt - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 09:12 PM EDT (#188777) #
Good timing from Rios.

I have seen far worse than Inglett in right field. Nice catch there.

I don't see how there's anything left to scout on Burnett.

westcoast dude - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 09:12 PM EDT (#188778) #
Lyle Overbay cranks a double, now 3 for 4: maybe he's our three hole guy.
Jimbag - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 10:32 PM EDT (#188779) #
Well, 4 in a row - who's ready to start looking at potential playoff matches? Sorry, I'm always slow to get up on the team when they string together a couple of wins or dump on them when they lose a few - but at the very least you have to admit the past 4 games have had some pretty intense entertainment value. 2 walkoff wins vs. the O's with a tense finish in game 2, and now Halladay with a CG 2-hit shutout gem of a game vs. the Evil Empire.

It's good to see the team play some good ball this week. I have no illusions or delusions left about post-season play, but I've been happy to see them perform so well since they got back home.

And congratulations to Alex and his girlfriend on the birth of their first child. This week has been a feel-good story all around. I now relinquish the floor to anyone with negative thoughts.....

Glevin - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 10:42 PM EDT (#188781) #
Roy Halladay is just such a pleasure to watch. Get the ball, throw it, and get a grounder. Next...
CeeBee - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 11:28 PM EDT (#188783) #

If we could just clone the Doc and maybe have a rotation of doc and the four interns.... well, it was a thought anyway.

But he sure does make a case for being the best starter in baseball, doesn't he.

The_Game - Friday, July 11 2008 @ 11:58 PM EDT (#188784) #
"Anybody else not appreciate that the jays went out of their way to start halladay and burnett against us ? Haaladay was supposed to start last game vs the o's and now burnett on short rest. And its not as if they have anything to play for, they just want to screw the yanks. They would never do this to boston."
- A whiney Yankees fan from NYY Fans
China fan - Saturday, July 12 2008 @ 01:26 AM EDT (#188785) #
There's some good news, finally, on the injury front, according to Jordan Bastian.  Aaron Hill has started to field ground balls and hit off a tee in Dunedin.  The Jays wouldn't let him do that if he was still feeling any headaches or dizziness, so he has a chance to be back with the team in the next few weeks, I would imagine.   Meanwhile, from the same article, we learn that Jeremy Accardo is scheduled to throw around 30 pitches off a mound on Saturday, and Shaun Marcum has begun pitching off a mound and is on pace to come off the DL shortly after the All-Star break.
John Northey - Saturday, July 12 2008 @ 07:41 AM EDT (#188786) #
Lets hope Eckstein is traded before Hill comes back.  I'd hate to see Inglett sent back down again but with 12 pitchers and Scutaro & McDonald signed for 2009 who else would you send down?  I guess Wilkerson could be released instead (Mench is gone as soon as Wells is back I'd assume).

As to Accardo, who do you pull from the pen?  I guess Camp or Wolfe, although Frasor has probably been the weakest of the group (17 walks in 26 1/3 IP).  As, if healthy in body and mind, Accardo is the 2nd or 3rd best reliever we got (Ryan & Downs being #1/2).  Again, hopefully a trade makes this choice easier.

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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.