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Sunday saw a split on the farm. Jeremy Gabryszwsli continued his good start to 2016 to keep New Hampshire's hot streak going. Several Lansing hitters, including Max Pentecost, had good days as they edged out a 7-6 win. Drew Hutchison pitched well for Buffalo but his own error cost them the game. Conner Greene was on the mound for Dunedin, he gave up some soft runs but it was the bullpen that lost the game. Devon Travis played again and had a hit.

Buffalo 1 Norfolk 2

Drew Hutchison threw this game away. He did load the bases in the second inning, got an out, and then threw the ball away on a force attempt allowing both runs to score. Other than that he was good. Hutchison went six innings, giving up five hits and a walk with 8 K's. Hutch threw 96 pitches. It would be nice if Hutch could go seven, 96 pitches in six innings is OK but if he wants to beat down the major league door, 96 in seven would be better. Ryan Tepera worked two innings and didn't issue a walk!

The Bisons had seven hits, Junior Lake had two of them including a solo home run.

Buffalo won 1-0 on Saturday even though they had just three hits. Chris Leroux pitched five strong. Of note Bo Schulz pitched a clean inning. The Bisons lost on Friday, Roberto Hernandez took the loss, Dalton Pompey had two hits.

New Hampshire 4 Hartford 2

New Hampshire have been on a roll lately and this win takes them over .500. Jeremy Gabryszwski was excellent yet again with two runs on four hits over 6 innings. Gabby has a 3.11 ERA and a 1.24 WHIP. Daniel Schlereth, Jason Berken and Chris Smith finished out although Smith loaded the bases with one out in the ninth before escaping.

The Fisher Cats got the scoring started in the fifth, Roemen Fields singled in Christian Lopes, who had been hit by a pitch. NH added two in the sixth, Wilkin Castillo and Lopes doubled, Ian Parmley singled in the second run. In the ninth a Fields sac fly scored Parmley for the insurance run. Castillo and Parmley each had two hits.

NH swept a doubleheader on Saturday, one game being Friday's rain-out. They won the first game 4-2 with Rowdy Tellez driving in all four runs. Tellez drove in the only run in the second game. Luis Santos pitched a gem.

Brevard County 5 Dunedin 4

Dunedin scored three runs in the fourth inning and, with Conner Greene pitching a shutout, things looked good for the Jays. But Greene will regret his pitching. In the fifth he walked the lead off hitter and balked him to second. He scored on a single. In the sixth Greene hit a batter then walked another. A single made it a 5-3 game. Alonzo Gonzalez then surrendered the lead with three runs in the seventh. The Jays scored a run in the ninth but left Emilio Guerrero at second.

Dunedin got their three runs in the fourth when Jason Leblebijian and LB Dantzler singled. One run scored on a ground out, one when Mike Reeves singled and one on a Devon Travis sac fly. Travis went 1-3 before leaving after four at-bats. Dantzler was the only Jay with two hits. Greene's line was 5.2 4 2 2 2. He hasn't yet racked up the strikeouts. Anthony Alford was 0-4 with 3 K's. His knee must be affecting his swing.

Brevard County won easily on Saturday, Aaron Loup came into a tied game and gave up four runs. Ryan McBroom hit a two run home run. The jays also lost on Friday, Kyle Westwood was bad, again, and Ryan McBroom homered, again.

South Bend 6 Lansing 7

Lansing led 4-0, then trailed 6-4, before coming back with a run in the seventh to win. The winning run came through a Lane Thomas double and a Justin Atkinson single. Several hitters had good days. Thomas, Josh Almonte, Juan Kelly and Max Pentecost had two hits.

Both starters had bad days. Ryan Cook, and Ryan Kellogg from Whitby Ontario, each gave up six runs in four plus innings. The bullpen held the game for the Lugnuts. Dan Lietz and Josh DeGraaf pitched well.

Lansing lost big on Saturday, Sean Reid-Foley gave up nine hits in less than four innings. Lansing also lost big on Friday, 15-2. Ryan Borucki made his first start after being sent down and pitched well. It was the bullpen that blew up including Gustavo Pierre. Infielder Aaron Attaway had to close it out. Max Pentecost had two more hits.

3 Stars

3rd star: Lane Thomas

2nd star: Roemen Fields

1st star: Jeremy Gabryszwski


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uglyone - Monday, May 16 2016 @ 10:27 AM EDT (#323146) #
where have Greene's strikeouts gone?

i can only hope that they are forcing him to work on his weaker pitches so far.
ramone - Monday, May 16 2016 @ 11:07 AM EDT (#323151) #
I've listened to parts of his last two starts, I feel like he's mostly just throwing fastballs, could be wrong.
uglyone - Monday, May 16 2016 @ 02:01 PM EDT (#323163) #
Hutch's season doesn't quite look dominant yet, but it's crept up into the "very good" category:

Hutch (25): 38.1ip, 27.7k%/8.8bb%, .305babip, 3.05era, 3.15fip
uglyone - Monday, May 16 2016 @ 02:35 PM EDT (#323166) #

SS R.Urena (20, A+): 141pa, 5.7bb%/16.3k%, .317babip/.277avg, .146iso/5.3spd, 125wrc+
SP F.Rios (21, A+): 5.1ip, 22.2k%/7.4bb%, .500babip, 6.75era, 2.68fip
SP F.Rios (21, A): 30.0ip, 35.8k%, 6.7bb%, .313babip, 1.20era, 1.65fip


1B R.Tellez (21, AA): 140pa, 17.9bb%/20.0k%, .198babip/.198avg, .216iso/1.0spd, 116wrc+
C M.Pentecost (23, A): 17pa, 5.9bb%/11.8k%, .538babip/.500avg, .188iso/0.3spd, 266wrc+
SP D.Hutch (25, AAA): 38.1ip, 27.7k%/8.8bb%, .305babip, 3.05era, 3.15fip
SP S.R-Foley (20, A): 25.1ip, 25.0k%/13.9bb%, .333babip, 3.20era, 3.16fip
SP S.Dawson (22, AA): 25.0ip, 19.6k%, 12.8bb%, .324babip, 2.52era, 3.59fip
RP A.Perdomo (22, A): 73.1ip, 37.5k%, 12.5bb%, .216babip, 1.98era, 2.56fip
RP C.Girodo (25, AAA): 8.2ip, 22.9k%, 5.7bb%, .320babip, 1.04era, 2.02fip


UT A.Burns (25, AAA): 119pa, 8.4bb%/15.1k%, .281babip/.250avg, .139iso/3.1spd, 105wrc+
C D.Jansen (21, A+): 66pa, 19.7bb%/19.7k%, .282babip/.212avg, .019iso/5.2spd, 103wrc+
1B J.Kelly (21, A): 128pa, 7.0bb%/21.1k%, .341babip/.278avg, .200iso/6.8spd, 140wrc+
RP J.Harris (22, A): 18.2ip, 15.2k%/12.7bb%, .196babip, 1.45era, 4.32fip
CF D.Pompey (23, AAA): 84pa, 8.3bb%/20.2k%, .322babip/.260avg, .091iso/3.5spd, 98wrc+


C A.Jimenez (26, AAA): 68pa, 7.4bb%/19.1k%, .196babip/.169avg, .119iso/4.4spd, 63wrc+
SP C.Greene (21, A+): 43.0ip, 11.4k%/10.3bb%, .271babip, 3.14era, 4.64fip


CF A.Alford (21, A+): 55pa, 10.9bb%/50.9k%, .250babip/.106avg, .000iso/6.0spd, 9wrc+
Drew Hutchison and Conner Greene Were Good, Just Not Good Enough | 4 comments | Create New Account
The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.