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The affiliates were 3-5 on the night. Casey Lawrence was very good and Anthony Alford is returning to his all-action play.

SCRANTON/WB 8 Buffalo 1

Andy Burns homered and Wilkin Castillo doubled, beyond that not much happened for the Bisons at the plate. Yankee farmhand Phil Coke pitched six shutout innings.

NEW HAMPSHIRE 4 Binghamton 2

Casey Lawrence was superb over seven innings. He allowed just one run on three hits. Christian Lopes and Jason Leblebijian had two doubles apiece.

DUNEDIN 8 Clearwater 4

Anthony Alford was all over the score sheet tonight. He doubled, walked, struck out, was thrown out stealing a bag, and threw a runner out at home. Richard Urena had three hits and the D-Jays got homers from Emilio Guerrero, Ryan McBroom, and Dickie Joe Thon. Justin Shafer went seven innings and worked around eleven hits, allowing just three earned. Colton Turner struck out five in two innings of relief.

Lansing 6 GREAT LAKES 7

Lansing put up four in the ninth, but fell short by a run to the Dodgers’ affiliate. John La Prise had three hits, Juan Kelly had two, and Ryan Hissey had two. Tayler Saucedo was touched for six earned in four innings of work.

Vancouver 3 TRI-CITY 4

Patrick Murphy pitched pretty well in five innings of work. He held the Dust Devils to one run on three hits, three walks, and five strike outs. The Canadians had three hits in total on the night. The advanced college bat in J.B. Woodman is hitting .125.

KINGSPORT 6 Bluefield 2

Jose Espada allowed three runs in four and a third. He struck out six and walked one. Vladdy Jr. went 0’fer.


A soon to be 21-year-old had three hits (Norberto Obeso). That’s about it from this game.


Three Stars

3. Patrick Murphy

2. Richard Urena

1. Casey Lawrence

Box Scores

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bpoz - Friday, July 01 2016 @ 09:55 AM EDT (#325586) #
I want to see more of our recent draft choices playing. Pitchers TJ Zeuch, Z Jacjson and T Hosterman.
PeterG - Friday, July 01 2016 @ 11:20 AM EDT (#325590) #
They may not pitch much this summer if at all.
Mike Green - Saturday, July 02 2016 @ 10:15 PM EDT (#325694) #
Rowdy Tellez is en fuego. He is now hitting .285 with excellent W/K and IsoP.
dan gordon - Saturday, July 02 2016 @ 11:37 PM EDT (#325695) #
Tellez has been hitting extremely well for quite a while. Starting May 10, to the present, he has 161 AB's and has produced a BA of .366, an OBP of .446, a SLG of .627 and an OPS of 1.073. I'd like to see him in Buffalo in place of Kotchman, but the organization may want to see him keep it up for a while longer. He does have large platoon splits, and they may want to see him work on his hitting vs lefties.
scottt - Sunday, July 03 2016 @ 10:09 AM EDT (#325701) #
Most players have platoon splits and for a left handed batter it's not that important.
It's not like he's ready to hit cleanup in Toronto.

cybercavalier - Sunday, July 03 2016 @ 11:44 AM EDT (#325715) #
If the Bisons need outfielders after Goins coming back and a OF going to T.O., signing a free agent OF shall not be a problem.

1) John Northey - Tuesday, June 28 2016 @ 10:22 PM EDT (#325443) # While it'd be fun to get [Jesse Barfield' s kid Jeremy in the system], his lifetime AAA numbers (PCL) are just 228/293/367 over 266 PA. Sure, sign him as I don't see a problem anytime they sign a minor leaguer but don't expect him to ever contribute to the ML team.
2) Chris Dickerson, Brad Glenn, Sean Ochinko of last season Bisons are still free agents per google.

dan gordon - Sunday, July 03 2016 @ 03:20 PM EDT (#325721) #
The average righty lefty split for a big leaguer is about 30 points in batting average. Tellez' so far this year is 82 points, and when you compare OPS, it's 312 points, so Tellez has been extreme this year.
Mike Green - Sunday, July 03 2016 @ 05:02 PM EDT (#325724) #
The average platoon split is significantly higher for LHHs than for RHHs.  Still, Tellez has some work to do.  He's had 1/3 of his PAs against LHPs, which tells you that he has absolutely destroyed RH pitching. 

Tellez needs to be a middle of the order type bat because of his position and other skills.  It will be important for him to hit left-handers serviceably well to minimize the use of LOOGY strategies on him late in games. 

Mike Green - Sunday, July 03 2016 @ 09:08 PM EDT (#325736) #
Sean Reid-Foley continued his demolition of the FSL today with a 1 hitter over 7.1 innings and 0/9 W/K.  The control has appeared all of a sudden.  He's a great prospect at this point. 
dan gordon - Sunday, July 03 2016 @ 10:54 PM EDT (#325739) #
Mike, I refer you to the 1988 Baseball Abstract (Bill James). He did a large study of platoon differentials involving players in the 1984-1986 seasons. He did not find the difference between lefties and righties that you mention. The platoon splits for right handed batters were almost identical to the platoon splits for left handed batters. If you want the exact numbers: RHB hit .281 vs lefties and .258 vs righties, a difference of 23 points. LHB hit .292 vs righties and .266 vs lefties, a difference of 26 points.

James looked at various groupings to see if there were types of hitters who had larger platoon splits. He did not find any groups that had larger splits except players who drew a lot of walks and players who do not strike out much.

I always found his Abstract to be full of these kinds of revelations that pointed out where conventional baseball "wisdom" was incorrect.
dan gordon - Sunday, July 03 2016 @ 11:02 PM EDT (#325740) #
Danny Barnes had another scoreless appearance for Buffalo today, with 2 more K's, although he did give up 2 hits.

Reid-Foley has put together a K/BB ratio of 58/9 over his last 8 starts (4 Lansing, 4 Dunedin). He's really dominating.
Mike Green - Monday, July 04 2016 @ 07:15 AM EDT (#325745) #
I am pretty sure that the authors of The Book studied a larger sample than James had, and found am increased LHH platoon split- if memory serves, it was .025 WOBA for LHHs and .008 wOBA for RHHs. I will check later.
Mike Green - Monday, July 04 2016 @ 08:40 AM EDT (#325748) #
I don't have The Book handy, but I checked the last 3 years AL league splits for OPS on BBReference.  The results are:

Year  RHB v. RHP RHB v. LHP  RHB adv LHB v RHP LHB v LHP LHB adv
2015 .721 .737 .016 .755 .677 .078
2014 .697 .714 .017 .739 .648 .091
2013 .705 .744 .039 .742 .674 .068
dan gordon - Monday, July 04 2016 @ 04:29 PM EDT (#325769) #
That's quite a difference from the James study. One of the reasons may be in who is included. James only counted players who had at least 400 plate appearances against lefties and 400 against righties over the 3 year period. I assume the table you show includes all batters. It would be interesting to see the more recent numbers using James' criteria.
Mike Green - Monday, July 04 2016 @ 05:13 PM EDT (#325770) #
I checked the 10 best LH hitters and RH hitters (by WAR- I probably should have used wOBA) over 2013-15.  The left-hand hitters were Carpenter, Harper, Heyward, Votto, Chris Davis, Kyle Seager, Cano, Rizzo and Alex Gordon.  The RH hitters were Trout, Donaldson, McCutchen, Goldschmidt, Cabrera, Beltre, Posey, Machado and Bautista.  I looked at career splits to get a good long look at things.  The LH hitters had an average of a 34 point wOBA platoon advantage; the RH hitters had a 29 point wOBA advantage.  Only Votto hit LHPs well (wOBA over .350), whereas Trout, Donaldson, McCutchen, Goldschmidt, Cabrera, , Posey and Bautista all hit RH pitchers well. 

When I flip the sort to using wOBA instead of WAR, I replace Heyward, Gordon and Seager with Ortiz, Freeman and CarGo.  None of the latter 3 have hit LHPs well and have large platoon advantages of .076, .048 and .072.  If you use their numbers, you end up with the LH hitters having a 42 point wOBA platoon advantage. 

For a player of Tellez' type, the goal is probably something like .325 wOBA vs. LHP and .390 wOBA vs. RHP.  He's not likely to be as effective as Matt Carpenter or Joey Votto against LHPs. 

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