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Both Buffalo and New Hampshire swept both sides of doubleheaders. Buffalo's was not a full double header, they had to finish their Tuesday game, and then play Wednesdays game. And all were wins without much to note. Dunedin lost via the walk off home run. Lansing lost easy, as did Vancouver. Bluefield won and are in the playoffs!


Buffalo had to finish yesterdays game which was tied 1-1 in the ninth when the rains came. Then they had to play the regularly scheduled game. The first game only lasted six minutes before Jonathan Davis singled in the runner who had been on base since Tuesday night. The Bisons also won game two by a 7-3 score. Matt Tracy pitched just four innings with nine base runners so that was enough. Four relievers pitched the last five innings, all shutout innings.

Vlad Jr. didn't contribute much, he walked and scored a run. Tim Lopes drove in three runs. Jonathan Davis followed his hit and RBI in game one with two hits and two RBI in game two. Lourdes Gurriel and Darnell Sweeney also had two hits each.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire played a doubleheader. Tyler Saucedo started game one, went 5.2 innings and got the win. The Fisher Cats won 4-2. Travis Bergen got the last four outs, three via the strikeout. Harold Ramirez had two hits and two RBI. Cavan Biggio drove in the first run with a single. Max Pentecost hit his eighth home run, one of two hits in the game.

New Hampshire won game two 6-4. Josh De Graaf pitched four innings and only conceded two runs despite eight base runners. Francisco Rios came out of the bullpen and threw two shutout innings. Harold Ramirez had two more hits and an RBI. Santiago Espinal had two hits and two RBI. Andrew Guillotte also had two hits.


Dunedin lost 5-4 to a walk off home run off new Jay Bryan Baker. The Jays outhit the Phillies 12-7. The Jays trailed 4-3 with two out in the ninth. Nash Knight singled and Josh Palacios doubled. Palacios was 3-5 on the night. Palacios is having a U shaped season, a strong April, poor middle months and a strong August. Riley Adams also had three hits and he is hitting over .300 in August. Adams also leads the league by a wide margin in throwing out base runners. Brock Lundquist has cooled off some after his torrid start in Dunedin but he got back on track with two hits.

Maverik Buffo went five innings with two runs allowed.


Lansing lost 8-5. Jesus Navarro picked up two hits. Ryan Noda just had one but it was his 17th home run. The offense was evenly split with five hitters scoring one run each and five driving in one run each.

Kyle Weatherly gave up six runs in just over three innings.


Vancouver were hammered 15-6. four pitchers have up multiple runs including starter Nick Allgayer who gave up four runs in less than two innings. One pitcher threw two shutout innings, and that was Joey Pulido. Pulido has a zero ERA through 19.2 innings for Vancouver.

The C's had six hits, Griffin Conine had half of them. He went 3-5 with a double and 3 RBI.


Bluefield played a rare day game and won 7-5. As usual Cal Stevenson was the spark plug at the top of the order. He was 2-5 with two RBI. His OPS remains over 1000. Patrick Morris also had a good game, he drove in three runs off of two hits.

Nathanael Perez started and pitched four innings giving up four runs. The win went to Cre Finfrock who pitched two perfect innings Nicholas Medina picked up the save. In 21.2 innings in Bluefield Medina has allowed 10 hits while striking out 27. Medina is 18 years old from Venezuela.

GCL Jays

The GCL Jays were rained out.

DSL Jays

The DSL Jays won 5-2. Alberto Rodriguez, Jhon Solarte and Pedro Ventura each picked up two hits. Lazaro Estrada , the Jays best pitcher, went five innings with two runs conceded. He had eight K's. The DSL season ends on Saturday.

3 Stars

3rd star: Josh Palacios

2nd star: Jonathan Davis

1st star: Harold Ramirez


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PeterG - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 10:31 AM EDT (#364112) #
It's time to start taking notice of undersized reliever Joey Pulido who has not allowed an earned run in 19.2 relief innings. He has a WHIP of 0.81, 17 K's, 5 BB. He was drafted in 2018, 32nd round from U Houston.
Gerry - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 10:51 AM EDT (#364116) #
Three Bluefield Jays made the Appy league all-star team. Cal Stevenson, Alejandro Kirk and Sean Rackowski are the three Jays.
85bluejay - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 11:51 AM EDT (#364122) #
As I mentioned last week,Lefty Jose Fernandez is making a strong bid for a Sept. audition - last 11gms 14IP 3H 4BB 17K 0 runs - really improved his walk rate & GO:AO since going to Buffalo - wonder if it's a coaching thing - Both Fernandez & Bergen deserve Sept. auditions as potential LHR in the pen as both need to be considered for 40 man protection.
uglyone - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 12:12 PM EDT (#364128) #
Stat of the Day

2B/OF 5'9"/180 M.Betts (19, A-): 292pa, 11.0b%/10.3k%, .298bip/.267avg, .040iso, 103wrc+
2B/OF 5'10"/160 O.Lopez (19, A-): 164pa, 11.0b%/10.4k%, .347bip/.324avg, .141iso, 142wrc+
2B/OF 5'9"/180 M.Betts (20, A): 340pa, 17.1b%/11.8k%, .322bip/.296avg, .181iso, 160wrc+
bpoz - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 12:16 PM EDT (#364129) #
Nice to have you back UO.
Mylegacy - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 02:10 PM EDT (#364137) #
UO - that is one sweet comparison!
I'll take me a Blue Jay Betts any time!

Gotta be at least a few keepers from: Gurriel, Travis, Urena, Hernandez, Vlad, Bo, Jansen, Smith, Groshans, Biggio, Martinez, Hiraldo and Lopez (and more than a few others).
Gerry - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 04:16 PM EDT (#364141) #
Six Fisher Cats made the end of season all-star team. Vlad, Bo, Cavan Biggio, Harold Ramirez, Jonathan Davis and Jordan Romano were honoured.
dan gordon - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 05:26 PM EDT (#364144) #
I saw Pulido's stats a few days ago. He's pitched for 3 different teams this year, and has tossed 31 2/3 innings, allowing 19 hits and 9 walks, with 28 K's. His ERA is 1.14 and his WHIP is 0.88. Very nice numbers, but he's playing against guys much younger than he is, so you would expect him to overmatch a lot of them. Pulido turns 23 next month, and he's pitching in the lowest levels of the farm system. Let's see how he does when he gets to a more age appropriate level next year.

Fernandez has been a sort of half decent reliever throughout the Jays' farm system for many years now, producing ERA's in the range of 3.31 to 5.54 from 2014 to 2018 as he moved from Vancouver to New Hampshire, and he was hit very hard after being promoted to Buffalo in late June. In his first 8 games, he pitched 12 1/3 innings, and gave up 18 hits, 4 walks, and 8 earned runs for an ERA of 5.84. Probably to be expected from a guy who was not all that great in AA/A+/A ball. Something happened after that 8th Buffalo appearance, however, and he's been amazing in his 11 appearances since then, throwing 14 innings, and allowing only 3 hits, no runs, with a 17:0 K:BB ratio. It would be interesting to know if there was indeed some kind of change to his technique that has resulted in the dramatic turnaround, because these last 11 games are totally out of character for him. Let's hope it's not some kind of small sample size fluke.
Parker - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 05:45 PM EDT (#364146) #
Welcome back, ugly!

Very interesting comparison between Lopez and Betts. I'm looking forward to seeing what Lopez can do at Lansing next year.
PeterG - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 05:54 PM EDT (#364147) #
Pulido is at an appropriate age and experience level in Vancouver. That is where most college players start, even some 1st round picks. His innings prior to being promoted to Vancouver may be suspect but not the numbers he has put up there. The Jays appear to have underestimated him initially. Let's not make the same mistake. At this point, he seems legit until we see evidemce that he isn't.
Waveburner - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 06:02 PM EDT (#364148) #
I don't see a college reliever in short season posting less than a K/IP as worth watching. Reliever-only prospects need to be crazy dominant at the lower levels to be intriguing IMO.

I mean what is different between what Pulido is doing this year and what Marcus Reyes did in short season last year?

If he had these same stats in Dunedin I would be intrigued, but only mildly so.
PeterG - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 06:25 PM EDT (#364149) #
LOL....The numbers for Reyes at Vancouver last season are nowhere close to as impressive as those of Pulido and over only 5 innings whereas Pulido has given up zero earned runs through 19.2 innings.

In addition, Reyes had a whip of 1.60 in those 5 innings while Pulido is .81 through 19.2. There is no comparison here whatsoever.
prospect - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 06:52 PM EDT (#364150) #
I can name probably at least 100 prospects more interesting than Pulido in our system right now. A lot of these college relievers flame out, especially the ones who are not even in full season ball. Minor league relief pitchers are generally not considered prospects because they have very limited ceilings and they have to be dominant in every stop in the minor leagues or show elite stuff to be considered a prospect.
PeterG - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 07:12 PM EDT (#364152) #
Teams, especially the Jays, are now specializing relievers early as opposed to culling them from a group of failed starters. Pulido may not amount to anything but his stats do suggest that he does bear watching. To say that there are over 100 more interesting prospects is just plain foolish.
prospect - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 07:46 PM EDT (#364155) #
What's foolish is the overvaluing of these minor league reliever who had just about a half-season worth of innings. As mentioned before, Pulido is a soon to be 23 year old who is playing in a league where the average age of players is around 21 years old (according to BBref). He is expected to put up very good numbers at this level, no surprise there. And please, the Jays have had relievers in the short season ball before, this is nothing new. They are not specializing Pulido because they think he will be a dominant reliever, it is because they think he can't be a starter. In that sense, any promising SP in the system is definitely ahead of him as a prospect.
Glevin - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 07:59 PM EDT (#364157) #
I donít even get excited by relievers having success in AAA. Anyway, scouting matters a ton for pitchers because you can do extremely well in the minors with stuff that wonít play in the majors. Look at Carlos Ramirez. Incredible numbers. Great relief prospect in AAA. Just doesnt have good enough stuff or control to be a middle reliever in the majors right now. He was a much better prospect than Pulido is. From what I saw on a quick lookup on Pulido, heís small and doesnít throw vey hard. Looks like a 30 FV prospect to me.
uglyone - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 08:17 PM EDT (#364158) #
stats matter, just not for late-20s minor league relievers.

age matters.
PeterG - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 09:02 PM EDT (#364161) #
Pulido was a reliever in college so he seems more suited to that role. Some of what you say is true but some of it isn't. I merely pointed out initially that his stats seemed interesting and am surprised at anyone taking issue. I have made my point. The stats are there for anyone to see and to draw his or her own conclusions.
scottt - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 09:25 PM EDT (#364167) #
That's 6 Fisher Cats out of 14 Eastern League All-Stars.

The paragraph they put out on Ramirez was quite short.
They pick only 3 pitchers, a right handed starter, a lefty starter and a reliever.
They select a Utility player and a DH.

scottt - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 09:27 PM EDT (#364168) #
How hard does he throw?
ayjackson - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 09:30 PM EDT (#364170) #
The outfield in Dunedin has been yielding hot bats since the allstar break. Palacios, Lundquist and Orozco will be an interesting follow in NH next year.
Waveburner - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 09:44 PM EDT (#364172) #
I was just expressing my opinion as well. I do find it curious why you would only quote the Vancouver stats when Reyes only threw 5 innings there. Over the same 3 levels Reyes had a better K/BB rate as a lefty, a much better stat to use than ERA and WHIP.

I see very little separating them. But my main point is just that college relievers especially (due to age) in short season need to have high K rates to be interesting.
greenfrog - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 09:59 PM EDT (#364174) #
Noda 2/4, HR (18), 2B (23), OPS around 900 for Lansing

Orozco hitting .405 over his last 10 games, 4:5 BB:K, 845 OPS in the second half

Murphy stays hot for Dunedin: 5 3 0 0 2 5
PeterG - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 10:07 PM EDT (#364175) #
Waveburner, what separates them is than Vancouver as SS A is a higher level than rookie Bluefield so that I think the stats at Vancouver are far more relevant, especially as age is a consideration. Reyes put up lesser numbers at a lower level. I am not suggesting for a moment that Pulido is the 2nd coming or anywhere close, just that he has interesting stats, that's all...... and I think it's worth the odd glance to see if he keeps it up.
jerjapan - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 10:36 PM EDT (#364178) #
There are plenty of fun, eye-popping stats for the late round college relievers, every year.   There are fun, eye-popping stats for the IFA starters at 17 and 18 years old as well - a lot of guys with low pedigrees dominate because they are playing against lesser talent.  As we all know, it's a seriously SSS, so I'm not particularly interested - beyond, say the top 50-60 guys in the org - until I see a minor league reliever impress for several years - like Danny Barnes.  So I guess Pulido's ceiling right now is about Danny Barnes.  That's a nice asset for a draft pick from the 30s, but his floor is much lower than, say, Dusty Isaacs, so we need a lot more info before calling him a top 100 guy, as low a bar as that is. 

Honestly, I believe I could list 100 Jays' prospects more interesting than Pulido in about 15 minutes.  that says a lot about my need for a life, but I'm not lying when I say that.
hypobole - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 10:41 PM EDT (#364179) #
Wow, Joey Pulido getting more posts than Vlad jr today. His moment in the sun. :)
ayjackson - Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 11:47 PM EDT (#364185) #
Palacios' August OPS is .980. Let's see if they can carry the momentum into the upper minors.
John Northey - Friday, August 24 2018 @ 12:32 AM EDT (#364186) #
Relievers in low A ball are rarely anything special.  However, if I ran a team and I saw a guy tearing it up down there even if overage, I'd be promoting him as fast as possible and see if he is the exception or just another guy having fun killing kids.  Hrm...that comes out bad doesn't it?  Ah well, bottom line is you need to find out if these guys who put up crazy numbers can do it at higher levels ala Barnes and others.

Interesting stats are K/9 for minor league relievers.  Tiny Tim Collins had eye popping ones which is how he got to the majors.
K/9 for relievers 10+ IP only...
RHP... 74 with 10+ IP for the Jays so far this year, 90 who have faced at least one batter.
Murray, Joey: 13.29 in SS, age 21.  4.2 BB/9 2.08 ERA 21 2/3 IP.
Brito, Jose: 12.50 in rookie ball age 18, but a scary 9.5 BB/9 in 18 IP leading to a 5.00 ERA.  Add in 11 wild pitches, but no HBP amazingly.
Watts, Justin: 12.13 in SS ball age 24 (!) 3.0 BB/9 3.03 ERA in 29 2/3 IP.
McClelland, Jackson: 11.8 in A+/AA age 23 3.6 BB/9 3.86 ERA in 39 2/3 IP

So none are real prospects but McClelland might be.  I'd try to push each if possible outside of Brito who might be a real prospect if he can figure out where the strike zone is.

LHP...17 with 10+ IP, 22 with at least 1 batter faced.
Bergen, Travis: 11.98 K/9, 2.4 BB/9 0.84 ERA age 24 in A+/AA 53 1/3 IP.  4th year in the system, 82 IP 25 BB 111 SO 1.98 ERA - should be considered for a September call-up, serious shot at team in 2019.
Reyes, Christian: 11.94 K/9  8.8 BB/9, 4.15 ERA age 18 in rookie 17 1/3 IP.  8 wild pitches, 2 HBP.  Yikes.

Again, some interesting ones.  Seems to me the Jays are very conservative with these guys until they get to A+ then speed happens. 
dan gordon - Friday, August 24 2018 @ 12:57 AM EDT (#364187) #
The king of the multi-hit game, Gurriel, had another one today, and has 3 in his last 4 games for Buffalo. Let's hope he gets another 3 in a row when he's activated to set the all time mlb record.

Yes, Murphy looks great. His ERA is 1.99 for his last 10 games.
Shoeless Joe - Friday, August 24 2018 @ 06:20 AM EDT (#364192) #
Murphy is a guy I would push aggressively. He has had so many previous injuries that I would be worried about him getting injured again, and I would like to catch lightning in a bottle.
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