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Here are your highlights from opening day in the minor leagues. The affiliates split, 2-2. In three of the parks the weather was cold so pitchers can get a mulligan. Some of the lower level hitters might ask for a mulligan too, they might never have experienced cold like that.

Looking Good

In Buffalo's win, Jacob Waguespack, the forgotten starter, pitched six shutout innings with no walks and eight K's. Cavan Biggio had three hits, including a home run. Anthony Alford had two hits.

There was not much positive to report in New Hampshire's loss, Taylor Saucedo pitched three shutout innings. Kevin Smith had the only extra base hit, a double.

Dunedin won 11-2, they had 14 hits and every starter had a hit. Cal Stevenson had three hits, a home run, and a walk. That's a good start for a player who skipped Lansing. Riley Adams homered. Chavez Young, Christian Williams and Ryan Noda had two hits each. Nate Pearson went five innings, one walk, six K's. Vlad Jr. played some of the game, left after his fourth at-bat, and had one hit.

Josh Winkowski pitched five shutout innings with three walks and seven K's. He did require 87 pitches so he wasn't completely efficient. Jordan Groshans had the only extra base hit, a double.

Slow Starters

Bo Bichette was 0-3 and hit into a double play. He did draw a walk. Corey Copping didn't pitch all that well in AA last season and he gave up two runs in one inning in this game.

Patrick Murphy just pitched four innings, three hits, three walks, three runs, five K's. Santiago Espinal made two errors, the team made four.

The hitters struck out 14 times. Only Groshans did not K. The bullpen gave up all three runs in the 3-0 loss, two of the runs were unearned with a Groshans error.

Three Stars

Third Star - Jacob Waguespack

Second Star - Cavan Biggio

First Star - Cal Stevenson


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dan gordon - Friday, April 05 2019 @ 12:37 AM EDT (#372064) #
Stevenson is amazing. He's skipped two levels, Vancouver and Lansing, and goes out and has a 3 for 4 game, plus a walk, including a HR in his 1st game in Dunedin. My optimism about his future has grown exponentially since he was drafted.

Nice to see Biggio HR in his 1st AAA game.

Danny Barnes had a very good appearance - 2 clean innings with a couple of K's.

Graham Spraker doesn't get mentioned often, but he's pitched well since being drafted in 2017, and had a very good 1st game in Dunedin, with 3 shutout innings, 2 hits, no walks, 3 K's
Kelekin - Friday, April 05 2019 @ 12:38 AM EDT (#372065) #
A really solid first night. There is so much to look forward to, especially on the hitting side. This is a very, very exciting roster in Dunedin. I really hope Stevenson keeps hitting, we could use the corner outfielder.

Good to see Pearson finally back. I think the biggest dearth in our farm system is top tier starters at the high levels. Would be great to see him keep rolling through.
ayjackson - Friday, April 05 2019 @ 07:41 AM EDT (#372071) #
Is it too early to call up Biggio and Alford? How about Sunday?

MILB Update is going to csrry this site for a while.
Mike Green - Friday, April 05 2019 @ 09:13 AM EDT (#372072) #
Groshans was 1-3 with a walk, and played shortstop.

I was following Stevenson's PA that ended in a walk in the fifth inning (he had homered in the 3rd).  At that point, Dunedin led 3-1, the starter was on and had thrown 72 pitches. One out and nobody on.  Stevenson took the first two pitches for strikes, took two pitches for balls (one not close), fouled off a couple and then two more for balls.  The starter had then thrown 80 pitches and was gone immediately afterwards.  It was a classic leadoff hitter PA. 
Mike Green - Friday, April 05 2019 @ 09:31 AM EDT (#372074) #
Clearwater's starter, Spencer Howard, is not chopped liver, by the way.  He was a second round pick in 2017 by the Phillies, and last year in the Sally League, struck out 147 and walked 40 in 112 innings en route to a 3.98 ERA.  Last night, he walked one and struck out 7.  When not facing Stevenson, he had a good game.
uglyone - Friday, April 05 2019 @ 09:45 AM EDT (#372075) #
nice to see from pearson and winckowski - 2 guys a bit old for their levels who i really hope dominate right off the bat and get promoted in short order.
cybercavalier - Friday, April 05 2019 @ 03:23 PM EDT (#372098) #
We know Patterson and Burns at Buffalo can play 1B.  How about Dante Bichette Jr. ?
hypobole - Friday, April 05 2019 @ 03:29 PM EDT (#372099) #
Why would we want DB jr.?
mathesond - Friday, April 05 2019 @ 03:42 PM EDT (#372101) #
"Why would we want DB jr.?"

Are you kidding? Have you even seen his last name?
hypobole - Friday, April 05 2019 @ 09:57 PM EDT (#372113) #
No Vlad tonight. Precautionary, I hope.
ramone - Friday, April 05 2019 @ 10:13 PM EDT (#372116) #
Groshans looks extremely hitterish watching him on these first two games.
ramone - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 02:26 PM EDT (#372127) #
2 run HR for Alford so far in the Bisons games, but SRF was hit around hard and had no control and is out of the game after 3 and a third.
Spifficus - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 02:41 PM EDT (#372129) #
I bit the bullet and picked up this year, and checked out a bit of a Lansing game... Groshans is all leg; spindly, long leg. The bat sure does look good, though. Also, Kirk looks like a long lost Molina Brother.
Kelekin - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 02:58 PM EDT (#372130) #
Is it just me or is really glitchy? I seem to be getting older looped audio occasionally playing over top of the current audio. It's really annoying.
Spifficus - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 03:01 PM EDT (#372131) #
I'm getting the same thing on the Buffalo feed (I can't recall the previous games). It left me hunting around other tabs I have open (I'm a tab pack-rat) to see if it was coming from something else. Nope, as soon as I muted the video, the extra background feed stopped.
Spifficus - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 03:05 PM EDT (#372132) #
I will say, though, the video quality of the Buffalo and NH feeds are a lot better than I remember the last time I tried. the opposition feed for the Lansing game was more like what I remember.
Kelekin - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 03:12 PM EDT (#372133) #
Yeah, it's been a few years since I've tried this and I'm glad to see better video quality. I think calling it "HD" like the announcers did is a bit of a stretch, but players aren't fully pixelated anymore so that's pretty cool. But wow is the audio playback all over the place here.

Gerry - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 04:11 PM EDT (#372136) #
Juan De Paula,acquired in the Pillar trade, starts for Lansing tonight.
Shoeless Joe - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 04:53 PM EDT (#372139) #
Juan De Paula is now ranked 30th in the Jays system by Prospect Pipeline after McKinney becomes our first prospect in 2019 to graduate. Jansen is only 30 ABs away and Tellez is 40 ABs away from following suit.
Mylegacy - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 05:42 PM EDT (#372141) #
Spifficus up above you say: "Also, Kirk looks like a long lost Molina Brother."

Be still my heart! If only the Molina's would adopt him.

The Jay's with another Molina. My last (and most important) Bucket Wish will have been granted.

My existence from here on would all become gravy!
Mylegacy - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 06:42 PM EDT (#372143) #
My existence here on EARTH...etc...etc...
hypobole - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 07:02 PM EDT (#372144) #
My existence here on EARTH.

Do you exist anywhere else?
mathesond - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 07:15 PM EDT (#372146) #
"Do you exist anywhere else?"

Speaking from personal experience, that could depend on the kind of mushrooms you consume...
Kelekin - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 07:57 PM EDT (#372147) #
Yes, one might be having a nice Shiitake Saturday.

Also having a nice Saturday...Zach Logue has 5 perfect innings so far.
hypobole - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 08:20 PM EDT (#372148) #
Here's a scouting report for Mylegacy I happened on. It's at from 2080 posted last September.

"I saw Kirk play five games in July and August for Bluefield.

Kirk is listed at 5-foot-9 and 220 pounds, but hes easily a good 15 pounds heavier than that. He moves well behind the plate despite this, a surprising athlete for a hefty body type. Kirk is an above-average receiver with quiet actions, soft hands, and advanced blocking ability. He throws well, recording numerous sub-1.90 pop times with a quick release. At the plate, his swing is aggressive but controlled and Kirk showed the best eye I saw this summer in the Appy League. As the power numbers would indicate, Kirk can really turn on a fastball with above-average raw power to the pull side. He has average hit/power upside."
Mylegacy - Saturday, April 06 2019 @ 08:55 PM EDT (#372150) #

1) Thank you for sharing Kirk's glowing, but slightly portly, report.

2) Unless, as your blogging name implies, you've merely set me up to now have my love of Molina Jr. refuted one fact by one fact...sigh...

3) As to my location(s) of existence - regardless of their cosmic, intergalactic, inter-time/space location they always seem to end up being between a rock and a hard place. Sigh...

4) Hum... to soothe my troubled brow - time for a single malt...
dan gordon - Sunday, April 07 2019 @ 01:13 AM EDT (#372152) #
Nice 2nd game in AAA for the returned Jordan Romano, with 3 hitless innings in today's game. Danny Barnes had a 4 out save with no baserunners allowed - looks like he's the closer. Three walks and a triple for Biggio, and a long HR for Alford.

Logue ended up with 6 innings of 2 hit ball, 1 unearned run, 5 K's and no walks.
bpoz - Sunday, April 07 2019 @ 12:45 PM EDT (#372162) #
All our games start about 1 pm today.
Mike Green - Sunday, April 07 2019 @ 04:04 PM EDT (#372182) #
Guerrero Jr. had the day off again today.  If he isn't on the move up, it would suggest that they're going to rehab him slowly.
PeterG - Sunday, April 07 2019 @ 04:17 PM EDT (#372183) #
He has not hit in either ST or rehab.
bpoz - Sunday, April 07 2019 @ 05:28 PM EDT (#372184) #
How are you guys approaching the minor league season? Logue was good and Y Diaz maybe better. This is AA ball.In 2020 or 2021 these 2 may be up.
dan gordon - Sunday, April 07 2019 @ 08:05 PM EDT (#372186) #
Interesting start for Buchholz in Buffalo today. He pitched 5 innings, and gave up only 4 hits, walked none, and struck out 5, but all 4 hits he gave up were HR's. Bichette has started very slowly. He was 0 for 5 today, and is hitting .133 with an OPS of .435. Biggio was 1 for 2 with 2 more walks, and has an OPS of 1.814. Very small sample sizes of course.

Great first start for Yennsy Diaz in NH - 6 shutout innings, 1 hit, no walks, 5 K's.

Nice game for Sean Wymer in Lansing, 6 innings of 7-hit ball, 1 walk, 4 K's, 1 run. Hagen Danner had his 2nd HR, matching his total in each of his 1st 2 seasons, and Otto Lopez his 1st HR, while playing SS, He was at 2B his 1st 2 games.
Mike Green - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 08:45 AM EDT (#372192) #
Biggio has walked 5 times and struck out only once so far.  If you wanted to wager at the beginning of 2018 that Biggio would be the first of the three sons to make it to the Show, you would have received very long odds.  Now it looks like it could easily happen. 
Gerry - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 09:09 AM EDT (#372193) #
Hagen Danner has in interesting stat line, in his early season small sample. He is 2-10, batting .200. But he has walked twice so his OBP is .333 and both hits were home runs so his slugging is .800. His OPS is 1133 off a .200 batting average.
Gerry - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 09:14 AM EDT (#372194) #
In other small sample sizes, the org leaders in OPS are Biggio, Vinny Capra, Riley Adams, Jordan Groshans, Otto Lopez and Danner.

Capra is a 2018 draftee who made it to Lansing at the end of last season. I don't know why he is in New Hampshire but so far, so good.

There are several hitters without a hit yet this season, the most notable is Brock Lundquist.

On the pitching side, Danny Barnes has faced ten hitters and has a WHIP of zero.
uglyone - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 09:17 AM EDT (#372195) #
if biggio shows last year wasn't a fluke (especially the LH-power-in-NH part), then he rockets up prospect ratings.
Gerry - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 09:19 AM EDT (#372197) #
Lansing's starter today is Cobi Johnson, son of former major and minor league coach Dane Johnson. Cobi pitched very well in 2018 for Vancouver and made the all-star team, but he pitched as a reliever.

The Jays now deciding to make him a starter suggests they were impressed by him and believe he is one of their higher potential pitchers.
bpoz - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 09:31 AM EDT (#372198) #
Biggio at this pace could lose his prospect status by the end of the year if he is called up. He needs to be protected and will be against the rule 5.

Bichette & Vlad don't need to be protected, so they will have to earn an early promotion.

whiterasta80 - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 02:54 PM EDT (#372209) #
They may "earn" that early promotion by virtue of being able to hit above the Mendoza line.
Mike Green - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 03:11 PM EDT (#372210) #
Bill James used to say that a prospect would earn his way into the major leagues by being clearly better than the incumbent.  For the Blue Jays in 2019, that's a pretty low bar at a few positions. 
Mike Green - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 03:12 PM EDT (#372211) #
David Paulino gets the start tonight for Buffalo.
bpoz - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 03:39 PM EDT (#372215) #
It is way too early for this but the Jays have been disappointing to me so far. So I am updating my prospect list for something to do. B McKinney, D Jansen and R Tellez are approaching the 150 AB limit. I hope they all get up to 500 ABs in the Majors this year.

J Groshans is now in my top 5.
Nigel - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 03:45 PM EDT (#372216) #
Hmmmm, LH batter, high BB%, can play 2B (at what level, I know there is some debate) - I don't think they Jays could possibly squeeze Biggio on to the 25 man roster. Redundancies abound!
dan gordon - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 04:58 PM EDT (#372217) #
I would guess that Capra is in NH because they needed a 3rd middle infielder, and they don't want to move one of the real prospects to a level higher than they belong. Capra had OPS numbers of .715 in Vancouver, and .675 in Lansing last year, and clearly wouldn't be in line to be moved to NH.

Johnson's numbers last year were terrific. ERA 1.73, WHIP 0.96, 35 K's vs only 8 walks in 26 innings. Good news if they think he can be a starter - he used to start in college before his TJ surgery in 2017, but was used as a reliver when he returned. Second season after TJ often sees pitchers take a good jump ahead. He's a little old at 23, but his development was delayed a bit by the TJ. He's also a pretty good hitter, and did some DH'ing in college.
Kelekin - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 07:05 PM EDT (#372220) #
Capra got the call to AA when Orozco was traded. Nice to see with Johnson. Lansing was short a 5th starter on the roster (Pardinho injury), so if the result is him getting a shot, good luck to him.
hypobole - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 07:15 PM EDT (#372221) #
Cobi done - 5 shutout innings. 2 H, 0 BB, 5 K.
Kelekin - Monday, April 08 2019 @ 07:59 PM EDT (#372223) #
Only 48 pitches, which certainly makes me question if they are actually making him a starter or he is an expected stopgap.
dan gordon - Tuesday, April 09 2019 @ 01:04 AM EDT (#372230) #
They may well have had a 5 inning limit on Johnson. 1st start of the season in A ball, a pitcher who recently had TJ surgery. Great to see such a good performance. They may have found a late round sleeper due to the 2017 surgery and the resultant limited work in 2018, all in relief. 6'9" Fitz Stadler finished up with 4 innings almost as good as Johnson's. Otto Lopez and Jordan Groshans have had great starts - both are hitting over .400 with OPS numbers over 1.000.

David Paulino threw 54 pitches in his AAA start today, mostly with good results. 11 outs, 2 hits, 1 walk, 3 K's, 1 run. Bichette had another 0 for 5 and is hitting .100.

The Fisher Cats took a page out of the Blue Jays' book, registering only 1 hit, with 12 K's. Kevin Smith was 0 for 3 and is hitting .200. Joshua Palacios is the only guy on the team off to a good start, hitting .316 with a .984 OPS. Andrew Sopko had a good 1st start in the Jays' organization, 5 IP, 3 H. 1 BB, 4 K, 1 ER.

Vlad jr. had a hit for Dunedin, Cal Stevenson was 0 for 5, putting his average at .188, and Turner Larkins pitched very well, 5 IP, 2 H, 0 BB, 3 K, 0 ER.

whiterasta80 - Tuesday, April 09 2019 @ 11:07 AM EDT (#372245) #
Bichette admitted to pressing a little bit at the start of 2018. Wouldn't surprise me if he's doing the same now.

Either that or its an excuse and he just doesn't like the cold weather.
uglyone - Tuesday, April 09 2019 @ 11:44 AM EDT (#372249) #
I'm going to dismiss all the cold starts and praise all the hot starts...

...especially for my boy OTTO LOPEZ!

how this guy missed most TOP-30 lists is beyond me. he's already a top-20 prospect, and could be top-10 with a year similar to last year.
Shoeless Joe - Tuesday, April 09 2019 @ 12:00 PM EDT (#372250) #
I agree Ugly, Otto Lopez has the Mookie Betts starter pack.
Mike Green - Tuesday, April 09 2019 @ 12:10 PM EDT (#372253) #
Otto Lopez compared with a young Mookie Betts?  As a hitter, it's a valid comparison.  As a fielder and baserunner, I don't think so. 
85bluejay - Tuesday, April 09 2019 @ 12:19 PM EDT (#372254) #
I think Otto Lopez has quite a few fans on this site & we were surprised that he wasn't on the top 30 list - Betts really took off in his age 20 season, here's hoping the same for Lopez.
hypobole - Tuesday, April 09 2019 @ 12:37 PM EDT (#372255) #
SSS, but Bichette's BB and K rates are as good as or better than at any level.

.118 BABIP though might possibly improve. :)
uglyone - Tuesday, April 09 2019 @ 02:33 PM EDT (#372258) #
you're not joking - bb% and k% is literally the only thing to care about in this tiny a sample. and even that barely.
uglyone - Tuesday, April 09 2019 @ 02:35 PM EDT (#372259) #
mikey, let's be fair, mookie isn't good thanks to baserunning.

as for fielding, who knows? mookie was an iffy fielding 2B at the same point, too.
Mike Green - Tuesday, April 09 2019 @ 02:50 PM EDT (#372261) #
Mikey?  When you're my age, you welcome the comparison with an 8 year old boy and a glass of milk.

I've seen Otto Lopez and Mookie Betts in right field.  Trust me, there's a big difference.  Over Betts' career to date, his fielding and baserunning have delivered about half his value.  Still, if Lopez can hit like Betts and field like Teoscar or like Billy McKinney, he'll have a good career. 
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