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Congratulations to Trevor Hoffman, who nailed down his 500th career save yesterday, the first player to ever reach that milestone. (Is it a "milestone" if nobody has ever been there before?)

We recognized Hoffman here on Da Box when he set the all-time record of 479 last season; now the question is, who else will get to 500? And when? Mo Rivera has 419, but seems to have stepped off a cliff this year and may not have 81 more left in him ... is he "next"? If not, who is?

Curtis Thigpen was called up to replace Lyle Overbay today, with John Thomson moving to the 60 day DL to clear space on the 40 man roster. Thigpen will likely see work initially against left-handed pitching. He has hit well against lefties each of the last 3 years, posting .283/.352/.523, .394/.491/.659 and .320/.394/.459 lines in 2007, 2006 and 2005 respectively.

Thigpen was the Jays' 2nd round draft choice in 2004.  Welcome to the Show.
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I'm here in the press box, and they just made the following announcement:

Toronto Blue Jays have placed Roy Halladay on the 15 day Disabled List. He is having surgery for acute appendicitis. It is estimated he will be out for 4-6 weeks.

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Might as well give this nugget a thread of its own ...

B.J. Ryan Has Tommy John Surgery

So ... erm, uhm, let's change the subject ... what's up in your life?


Rotation got problems? Easy solution: sign a Hall of Famer!

Roger Clemens, owner of 348 career wins, has decided to return to the American League and to Bronx pinstripes, after three years (and a 38-18 record) with his "hometown" Houston Astros.

Clemens announced he has agreed to a minor league contract with the Yankees and most likely will join the Bombers after several minor league starts help him get into game shape.

Your thoughts, Bauxites?
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I just flipped on the TV to catch the start of the Mavericks' final game of the NBA season and noticed that the scoreline next to the Rangers in their ninth inning read 0 0 2 ... hmmm.

So I watched. And about 14 seconds later, master surgeon Mark Buehrle had the first no-hitter of the 2007 season in his dossier. Congratulations to the big White Sox lefty who recently told Sports Illustrated he was searching to regain his confidence.

Think that might be "mission accomplished"?

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It's official ... B.J. Ryan is on the 15-Day DL. Jason Frasor will close, for now. Jamie Vermilyea is back in the bigs.

So. wise old Bauxites ... what does this mean for Toronto '07?

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Jeff Blair reports that Reed Johnson has been placed on the DL due to his back injury.  Adam Lind will be recalled and will be here tomorrow.  Thanks to ramone for the tip.
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The long awaited trade with the Phillies was Rosario for cash?  Apparently, $100,000 was the price.

I thought there would be several teams that could use Rosario, even for a long shot prospect in A ball, but I apparently thought wrong.

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