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You'll find all of the wins up top in a 3-2 night for the U.S. affiliates.  The Dominican Jays were 1-0.

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Two of the affiliates had the night off, and two took the night off. Also: an in-depth look at the Dunedin roster.
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What a difference a day makes for Adam Loewen.
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Adam Loewen single-handedly beat up on Erie Saturday.  Loewen was 5-5 with three doubles and a home run leading New Hampshire to an 11-5 win.  Lansing had a come from behind victory with Brad Glenn hitting a home run and stealing home.  Two pitchers coming off injuries started those games, Bobby Bell and Egan Smith.

Las Vegas were blown out 10-1 although JP Arencibia hit his 13th home run.

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Las Vegas were losing to Colorado Springs but they scored three runs off Huston Street and four off Juan Rincon to get the win.  New Hampshire had excellent pitching by Ronald Uviedo, BJ LaMura and Tim Collins to shut out Erie.  An Eric Thames home run in the first was all the scoring they needed.  Ryan Tepera pitched seven innings and didn't give up an earned run as Lansing won.  Dunedin are in their all star break.

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The farm went 4-1 and Lance Broadway and Kyle Drabek's 3/1 GB/FB ratio were the worst of the 4 starters.
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There was one victory in three games on the farm, as Las Vegas had the day off. Dunedin won a one-run game, while Lansing lost in extra innings on an error. Meanwhile, New Hampshire was shut out by an unlikely source.
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See what happens when the parent club loses 9-0?  It made me forget today was my day for the MLU!  My apologies for the lateness and I will be into the whole brevity thing as a result!  It was a 1-3 night for the North American affiliates and a .500 night in the Dominican.
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A strong start by Henderson Alvarez and some listless D-Jays bats were some notable events on a 3-1 Sunday.
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New Hampshire had a big come from behind win against league leading Altoona with Adam Loewen and Shawn Bowman leading the hitters.  Kyle Drabek had an odd start with lots of walks and strikeouts.  Dunedin won in extra innings while Lansing lost a rain shortened affair.  Las Vegas lost as Tacoma hit a grand slam off Brad Mills.

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It's an abbreviated "I was at the Jays game last night" version of the minor league update.  Dunedin were the only winners Friday paced by a 15 hit attack.  Lansing also had 15 hits but came out on the losing end.  Las Vegas and New Hampshire scored just one run each.
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Marc Rzepczynski made his best rehab start of the year last night, and two of the affiliates won last night. I won't tell you which ones though! Unless, you know, you read the article where we list the scores and describe what happened in the games.
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Lansing defeated Cedar Rapids by a couple of runs and Dunedinís ninth-inning comeback fell a run short. However, the real action on the evening came in Pennsylvania, where Zach Stewart faced off against Phillipe Aumont and 20 runs were scored in the game.
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The teams that mustered more than four runs were winners Tuesday night.  One of them came close to nailing an impersonation of the big league club's come from ahead loss.

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I would adapt a few more lines of the song to be baseball-themed, but that would be the lamest thing I've ever done.
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