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The good: John Parrish whose six shutout innings lead the Chiefs to an easy win.  JP Arencibia who stayed red-hot with three hits.  And Marc Rzepczynski and Edgar Estanga who combined on a shutout.

The bad: Gustavo Chacin who gave up six runs in 3.2 innings putting Dunedin in a hole they couldn't get out of.

The ugly: Ricky Romero, eight hits and six runs allowed in three innings, as well as Jamie Vermilyea who followed Romero by giving up eight runs in 2.2 innings, ruining a 16 hit outburst by the offense.

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Four games played and the affiliates scored a total of six runs. Enough said...
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Three wins!  Syracuse and Dunedin had easy wins, the Chiefs rode good pitching and lots of hitting to victory, while Dunedin used three two-run home runs and a great start by Robert Ray.  New Hampshire had to go elevn innings to win, Lansing lost as Randy Boone finally struggled.  It was another day, another shortstop for the Chiefs as Danny Sandoval joined the team and immediately contributed.
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For New Hampshire - it's alright, they're doing fine as they contributed two wins to a 3-1 record for the affiliates last night.  Dunedin went deep four times as they reached double digits and Lansing is tied for first in their division and they didn't have to do a thing to earn it as they had the night off.  As for Syracuse, they got a taste of their own medicine.

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Travis Snider continues to warm up to AA pitching.  The affiliates went 2-1 on the day.
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The affiliates went 2-2 on Sunday but Catcher J.P. Arencibia was again the story.

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A quirky day on the farm as the Chiefs and the Fisher Cats were both done in by nearly identical innings, while the D-Jays had a thing for the number '2'.  All in all, the affiliates combined to go 3-2 on Saturday.

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A 15-hit night by Syracuse in Virginia was the highlight of the evening in the minor leagues. However, it was not the only thing to write about as the affiliates picked up three wins and Dunedin only scored one less run than the SkyChiefs. The Lugnuts couldn’t compare to either of those performances, but still scored in the first four innings of their game to deliver an early blow their opponents and never looked back.
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The left side of the infield helped Syracuse lose the only game of the night for the Jays' affiliates.
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The 2007 draft class was on display last night - some good, some bad, and some ugly.
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The first lefty had a great time, the second one had a blast, the third one fell in love and now he hopes it lasts.  The fourth lefty? Well anyway, it was a 2-for-4 night for the affiliates with three of the games decided in extra innings.  

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David Eckstein makes a rehab start in Dunedin and the D-Jays go crazy with the bats.
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Rain wreaked havoc on the minor leagues on Sunday suspending games for the Chiefs and Fisher Cats.  The other two affiliates combined to split a pair.
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Jesus Gonzalez had a big day as Dunedin won.  Syracuse and Lansing had come from behind wins and in the process took advantage of errors by their opponents.  New Hampshire took the lone loss.
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Syracuse had a come-from-behind win as Bill Murphy pitched well.  AJ Wideman looked good through six innings but picked up the loss in the seventh.  Travis Snider had two more hits as he gets back on track.  Dunedin lost when the bullpen couldn't hold back the Tigers.  Lansing split a double-header.  Randy Boone and Eric Eiland stayed hot.

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