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Today's Minor League Update, like a great piece of conceptual art, will be a continuous work in progress. Check it out and see how far I've gotten!

The minor league affiliates destroyed everything in their path, winning six out of six and suffering one rainout.
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Only one win as the Jays affiliates struggled to score runs. Auburn was rained out and Charleston had the night off.
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4 wins and 1 loss for the Blue Jay farm, with New Hampshire taking the night off.
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While everyone was obsessing over the big boys, the junior teams must have been distracted too. Only Pulaski won, and that in extra innings. Francisco Rosario had another disappointing start.
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A couple of eighth inning rallies to break 3-3 ties and a Pulaski whitewash were the highlights of a 3-2 Saturday night for the farm affiliates.
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Gustavo Chacin was outstanding again, a Jason Arnold sighting, and two home runs for Brian Hall

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Two wins at the top of the system, and Pulaski piled it on in the Appy League. The Jays affiliates were 3-3 on the night.
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4 wins, a doubleheader and 3 grand slams are featured in today’s update.
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For us Ontarians, today is a Tuesday that feels like a Monday; for the Blue Jay farm, yesterday was a Monday that was a Twosday.
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Syracuse score an improbable win, Josh Banks was a welcoming host, and Auburn and Pulaski had five hits between them.

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July ended with a Syracuse win and an Auburn loss. Youneverknow, but I do know that the affiliates continued their fine overall play with a 5-2 record on Saturday.
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But for the struggling Skychiefs and a Pulaski rainout, it would have been another clean sweep for the Jays' farm system. Also struggling is my computer, which wouldn't access several sites this morning, including and the New-Hampshire Union-Leader. Accordingly, if I've missed any highlights, stories or other aspects of last night's minor-league action, please add them to the thread.
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A losing night overall down on the farm. Adam Peterson blew up good, again.
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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains. Three wins, three losses, and two rainouts for the minor league affiliates last night.

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It was a dark and stormy night. Most of the Blue Jays minor league teams had weather issues as they managed a 2-2 split with 3 rainouts and 1 rain shortened game.
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