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The Toronto Blue Jays have rounded out its minor league managing and coaching staffs for the 2017 season. The most notable move sees Blue Jays legend Devon White (or Whyte) becoming the new hitting coach of the Buffalo Bisons.

Devon White will be in charge of the Blue Jays Triple-A hitters in 2017.
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A few things of note in the Blue Jays minor league system. The Bluefield Blue Jays will continue to play ball at Bowen Field in 2017 and 2018 after the club agreed to a two-year extension of its Player Development Contract with Toronto. Bluefield joins Buffalo, New Hampshire, Lansing and Vancouver in having their stays extended for the next two seasons.

The Bluefield Blue Jays have been affiliated with Toronto since the 2011 campaign.
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The final reveal! We have a top 10 list that looks a lot like last year's edition. Eight players return along with two new draftees. Max Pentecost and D.J. Davis hightail it out of the top 10.

We hope you enjoyed this year's list. A big thank you goes out to #2JBrumfield, sam and Thomas for helping select the top 30 and preparing the player stats and descriptions.

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Day two of prospecting takes us to the numbers 11 through 20 prospects.
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The new administration is very protective of prospects and draft picks. One piece of evidence supporting this assertion is that all thirty of last year's Batter's Box top 30 prospects are still with the organization. Those 30 prospects have been bolstered with the 2016 draft class plus two prospects who came over in the Liriano trade.

The expectation of the top 30 prospects for any team is that one third will improve, one third will regress and one third will stay as they were. Thirteen of last year's top 30 prospects did not make it onto this year's list. Some of them have indeed regressed but the addition of this year's draftees, and the traded players, has raised the level of the top 30. A player who might have made the list last year, and who has maintained his performance level, might not make the list this year. In other words, this is a deeper system than 2015's. Baseball America has suggested that the Blue Jays now have a top 10 system, as compared to a bottom 10 system last year. On some top 30 lists the players in the 21 -30 range are barely prospects. This year's Blue Jay bottom third prospects includes some very good players. A strong top 30 needs star power at the top and depth at the bottom and this year's list has both.

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BA has published their top ten prospects for 2016. It is interesting to note that all ten of last years top ten are still with the system, none were traded this year. That is not surprising after last years clear-out sale.
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The Dunedin Blue Jays saw their season come to a heartbreaking end Thursday night.
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After playing 13 innings on Tuesday the Jays and Yankees played another 15 innings on Wednesday. Ultimately the Jays won to setup the winner take all game on Thursday.
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The Dunedin Blue Jays are one loss away from the end of their season.
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The affiliates won one out of four to close out the regular season.
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The Blue Jays will have just one team in the playoffs this season. That team is the Dunedin Jays who will face off against the Tampa Yankees on Tuesday. All other teams have been eliminated and as a result Sundays games were pretty insipid. With the season end upon us some teams are just going through the motions and all the affiliates lost.
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This is your delayed MLU. There were three rain-outs last night and three wins.
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Lansing won to keep their playoffs hope alive, they are 1.5 games back but there is hope. Dunedin lead by two games and are being helped by lots of rain in Florida, they were rained out today and could be rained out tomorrow too. Bluefield lost and are eliminated from the post-season. The GCL Jays had their final game of the season rained out. Buffalo keep losing, New Hampshire keep winning and Vancouver turned things around with a nice win.
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It was a horrendous night on the farm as the affiliates were 0-for-6. The good news was Dunedin's game was suspended due to rain and Lansing had the night off. The GCL Blue Jays' playoff hopes have been dashed and Bluefield's took a big hit.
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The affiliates won four out of seven Monday night with Lansing's bats providing the highlights along with solid starting performances in Buffalo and Dunedin. The GCL Blue Jays welcomed a big bat back to their lineup. On the negative side was an extra-innings loss, a one-run setback in regulation and a blowout loss north of the border.
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