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Roy Halladay recently thanked Jays fans for their support by taking out a full page ad in the Toronto Sun.  As a result, the roster here at Batter's Box has decided to take things a step further.  After returning all our empty beer bottles and cans, the change we found in our couches and the millions our very own Mick Doherty raised by panhandling outside the Ballpark in Arlington (kidding Mick!  I joke because I love!)  -- the roster wanted to thank "Bauxite Nation" for talking baseball here in 2009.  We look forward to more snappy banter and wide ranging discourse and pontification on the events and issues affecting our beloved Toronto Blue Jays, its minor league affiliates and everything else pertaining to the world's greatest game in 2010.


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We're gonna make it all the way to the light
But I know I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight

The Jays final walk off victory of 2009 is the focus of this holiday edition of the POTD.

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Happy Ho Ho, Bauxite Nation!!  Today, it's a look back at arguably the greatest pitcher in Jays history and a few tales in this picture purrfect episode of the POTD!

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He's on his way to Seattle and he gets the spotlight in the latest episode of the December Double POTD!

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I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word

This song got a fair bit of airplay at the Rogers Centre from April to late July.  The player who used this song before stepping into the batter's box  is the subject of our December Double POTD +1.


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This recently traded pitcher gets the December Double POTD!
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.......out standing in his own field.  We'll give our very own Mick Doherty a couple of seconds to process that one or it will go over his head for extra bases.  :D  Anyways, the winner of the 2009 Edgar Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter award is in the spotlight of yet another December Double POTD
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The December Double POTD shines the spotlight on the man who wore two different numbers with the Jays in 2009.

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One of the Jays who was offered arbitration over the weekend is the focus of today's December Double POTD Plus One!

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It's the December Double POTD plus one today and it features a well-travelled, aspiring broadcaster in a plate appearance to forget.

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