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To celebrate my arrival as an official member of the Roster (huzzah!), I think it's time to play a little game I like to call "Draft and Follow".  There are prizes to be won... yes, prizes.
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It's been said that baseball is a game of numbers, which is pretty silly when you actually think about it.
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B.J. and the B.J.s drop the Os.

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Two months in the books, a third of the season. Let's check in on the Blue Jays rotation.
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I was thinking about Josh Towers the other day, and I was wondering: how much of his decline was due to loss of command, and how much of it was due to being forced to perform in situations not suited to his skills?

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This thread contains all things related to the Toronto Bauxite Baseball League.

UPDATE: May 31 from Jobu: "Ladies and Gentleman, the wait is finally over! The votes have been tabulated, a field has been chosen and most importantly, a shiny new website has been created to detail the registration process for everyone. So read on TBBL players, and get ready to play ball!"
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Bored with Sudoku?  Crosswords too easy?  Then, how about a baseball puzzle over lunch.
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I went to yesterday's game, and I took notes. Here they are.
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Damn, but that Carl Crawford can play ball..
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Here's an interesting thought experiment ...

What ballplayer has been traded the most times for the most All-Star or All-Star caliber players? We're not necesarily talking about individual lopsided deals here, or even blockbusters; just guys who have been dealt a number of times for a number of recognizable names. No doubt the gentle readers of Batter's Box will have a number of nominees, but let's start with the guy who prompted the idea for me while hitting against the Braves on TBS (Mike Cameron) and the daddy of baseball's current headliner, the most vagabond of all All-Stars ever (Bobby Bonds).

Oh, and a couple of, not "rules," really, but for the purposes of this thread, "parameters" ...

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Welcome to another view of the Blue Jays at the quarter pole. This article is remarkably analysis-free.

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Ted Lilly reminds us that hes got a rep for being inconsistent. After opening the season with a brief and ineffective outing, Ted reeled off 6 consecutive starts where he gave his team a good chance to win. Recognizing that it was bound to come to an end, John Gibbons employed the quick hook and Lilly was gone after 4 1/3 with 3 runs in.
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Two games in the division last night as Boston beat up on the Orioles and the Yankees couldn't get to Kevin Millwood dropping one to Texas. Leaving the Jays 1.5 games back from Boston, half a game back from New York and four ahead of Baltimore.
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I have never had two more different experiences as a spectator than a pair that I had this year. Both involved Theo, my son. One was fantastic, and the other was a nightmarish train-wreck.
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Double, double, single, walk, grand slam and I figured it was all over. How wrong I was.

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