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The road trip continues, as the Jays meet Cleveland for the first time this season.
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I'm back!
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It's an AL East opponent. Gulp.
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Well, they say this place is evil
That ain't why I stay
'Cause I found something
That will never be nothing
And I found it in L.A.

Carry on without me.
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Well I just got into town
about an hour ago
Took a look around
See which way the wind blows

Time for us to leave the scenic northwest and head south to those Hollywood hills.
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It's so relieving 
To know that you're leaving 
As soon as you get paid

Everyone ready to stay up late?
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If the Mets did not exist, the Padres would surely be regarded as the most disappointing group of under-achievers in all of the game.
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Old friends come back to visit...
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Every time I see your face
It reminds me of the places
We used to go.

Happy 83rd, Sir Richard!
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Don't make this any harder
Everybody's waiting

Road trip! And then the All-Star Break.
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Always an angel, never a god

The season is half over, and the Red Sox finally make their first visit to Toronto.
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One of the game's most storied and historic franchises is coming to town, for just the fifth time in  their 141 year history.
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The Oaklnd A's have seen better days.
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Another playoff team? Why not!
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It's another first place team. Of course it is.
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