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Bauxites in multiple threads this week have begun to wonder en masse -- hey, the Blue Jays have honored Cito this week. Where's the Batter's Box "Gone but not Forgotten" thread?

Well, you asked, we answer ... it's right here. Cito isnt actually gone yet, of course, as there's another game to play this season, as the Jays -- who fell to the Twins in the ninth today -- search for their 85th win of 2010 to close out the season.

So step up and say "thanks" to the man who led the Jays to the only two non-US-based World Championships in MLB history in his first go-round, and who, here in take two, look to crack that 85-win barrier for only the fourth time since the 1994 strike season.

13 seasons, nearly 900 wins, five division titles, two league champtionships, two titles. Not bad at all, Clarence. Thanks!

Bobby Thomson, who hit major league baseball's most famous home run almost 60 years ago, has passed away at the age of 86. They called it The Miracle at Coogan's Bluff.

It's unlikely there are many Bauxites old enough to remember the moment -- if you're out there, do share! -- but I do have a bit of a family legacy story. My mother, a young Dodgers fan, was listening to the famed radio call and after The Magic happened, ran upstairs crying in disbelief ... passing her younger brother, my Uncle Bill, on the way as he charged downstairs laughing in disbelief. Little Billy? A Giants fan ...

 Late edit: Seriously, click through and read Dewey's comment/story. It's worth your time!

When George Steinbrenner bought the New York Yankees in 1973 -- what seems an impossibly long, yet oh-so-short time ago (The Boss was always about internal contradictions), he pledged in one of his first statements to the media, "I won't be active in the day-to-day operation of the Yankees. I'll stick to building ships."

Yankee fans everywhere -- and truthfully, this should also be true for all baseball fans -- are grateful that King George was, well, a bit off the mark on that.projection. One of the most pwerful and inflential team owners ever in any professional sport, Steinbrenner actually did step away from active control of the Yankees eventually -- after 35 years of Reggie, Billy, Rickey, Gator, Goose, Stick, and three straight titles to close out the 20th century. Steinbrenner, who turned 80 on July 4, passed away this morning.

George Steinbrenner was a great baseball man -- in the sense of the word "great" that means "huge, massive influence." He should be -- and will be, someday soon -- inducted into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Ironically -- no, appropriately -- that's in New York.

Former major league pitcher Jose Lima has died at the age of 37.  His wife says he died of a heart attack.
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Ernie Harwell has lost his battle with cancer at the age of 92. 
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In honor of the great, great Randy Johnson, who announced his retirement today after 22 seasons, 303 wins and an astounding, only-Nolan-can-relate 4,875 strikeouts (including nine league strikeout titles) and five Cy Young Awards (including one unanimously) ... well, let's ask this question: is he the greatest left-handed starting pitcher in the history of the great game?

From a career perspective, there are only a few other serious candidates ... Left Grove, of course. Warren Spahn. Maybe Steve Carlton and Sandy Koufax. Carl Hubbell and Eddie Plank are one tiny notch down the ladder. A distant shout-out to Whitey Ford. Does anyone else even merit consideration?

Personally ...


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Yes, it really happened. ESPN has the story here: Phillies obtain Halladay, send Lee to Seattle.

Now is not the time to re-hash or analyze -- there are multiple threads already in place for that.

No, this is the time to speak from the heart, as a fan ... what is your favorite Roy "Doc" Halladay memory from his 12 years, six All-Star appearances, 148 wins and five top-five Cy Young voting finishes in Toronto? Forget about Roy the Phil (that's even a little hard to imagine right now, isn't it?) ... what are your memories of Roy the Jay?

As several Bauxites have noted in the Scutaro thread, Texas Ranger Web stalwart Jamey Newberg has just confirmed:

Texas has claimed veteran utility infielder Joe Inglett, age 31, off  waivers from Toronto. His addition brings the club's 40-man roster total to 38 players.

Well, there won't be much time at short for the ex-Jay, not with Elvis Andrus pickin' and grinnin' ... but what kind of role do you see for Inglett in North Texas? And share your memories of Mighty Joe right here on Batter's Box ....

(Yes, yes, inaccurate graphic and all that, but we don't have a logo for "Not yet gone, not yet forgotten" ...)

MLB's current (and historically, perhaps least-beloved) commissioner Bud Selig reaffirmed recently that he'll step down as MLB Commissioner when his contract expires in 2012.

So three questions, posed here without any contextualizing comments, as tempting as those might be:

1. Good news or bad news?
2. Who's the next commissioner? Who SHOULD be?
3. What are your personal memories -- good and bad -- of This Bud's For Baseball?

It's been a tough day for baseball fans of a certain age. We've lost a voice and now we've lost a ... well, a personality.

As noted here on Da Box earlier, legendary Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas passed away early yesterday; later in the day, we learned that 1976 A.L. Rookie of the Year Mark "The Bird" Fidrych was found dead under a pickup truck at his home, in what is being reported as an apparent farming accident.

Bear with me here ...
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I'm not a Phillies fan. Most of you probably aren't either. But this, sadly, is big news ...

Longtime Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas has died at the age of 73. Kalas, who had also filled a voiceover role for NFL Films since 1975, was taken to a hospital after passing out in the broadcast booth before Monday's Philadelphia game against the Washington Nationals. Read more here.

Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and two others were killed in a three vehicle accident in Anaheim overnight Thursday.  The tragedy comes after he pitched six shutout innings Wednesday night against Oakland.  Adenhart was 22.

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Gregg Zaun just signed with the Baltimore Orioles.  A 1 year with an option deal ($1.5 year one, $2 million year 2, $500k buyout for year 2).
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Todd Barton Givin Jones came up to the Houston Astros in 1993 at the age of 25, posting a win and two saves in 37.1 innings of 124 ERA+ baseball.

Would anybody have guessed at the time that Jones would still be around 15 seasons later, having amassed 58 wins and 319 saves in 982 appearances (all but one of those in relief)?

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Faithful Bauxite AWeb writes in another thread, "Will there be a 'gone but not forgotten' thread for Stairs? I'll miss the big-little guy, taking a big swing, chugging around the bases and the outfield, and seemingly doing it without complaint."

So here you go. Share your lasting impressions of the man here -- favorite memories, if-onlies, whatever. And remember, as it says on the tombstone of W.C. Fields, "All in all, I'd rather be in Philadelphia."