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The Jays bring back all the coaches for 2 more years and the White Sox force a one game playoff with the Twins to be played at 7:30 tonight in Chicago.
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There are supposed to be eight teams still standing. There's nine for the moment. The White Sox have a makeup game later today with the mighty ("they could score 1000 runs!") Detroit Tigers, favoured by many pundits to win The Whole Darn Thing. If the Sox win that, the Twins come to Chicago on Tuesday to play a tiebreaker to settle the AL Central title. But the Tigers will be motivated today - after all, if they win they will catch up to the Kansas City Royals and finish tied for fourth.

Anyway - can I actually cheer for any of these outfits?
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The season comes to a close with Litsch vs Baltimore. A win today and they reach Cito's stated goal of 10 games over 500.
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So fourth place it is.
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Six games to go.  Two games back of the Yankees with a 3 game set starting today.

Catch the third place fever!

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The Yankees played their final game at the old Stadium last night, because the Yankees won't be in the World Series this year.
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Via the Jays website their winners are...
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I miss Roy Orbison.
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The Jays return to their winning ways. If you tuned in late the 6-4 score looks much like last night, with the key difference being that the good guys one. Far from it, my friend. Both starters were very good, only to see their bullpens implode behind them. Fortunately the Jays imploded the least. Can you say another ten straight? Also, this game featured one of the worst strike zones I think I have ever seen.
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The streak is over, but the Jays did not go gentle into that good night.
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Yup, the Jays are hot and could be viewed as in the race for the first time since the 90's in mid-September.
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Iíll let J.P. keep his job if the Jays beat Garza Ö fair enough? (sly wink)
 - John Brattain, 1:03 PM Sunday

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So that was a pretty good game. The Jays win 9-0, Jesse Litsch gets the CG shutout, Travis Snider went 3-3 with a walk and a home run (and no strikeouts...well, yeah) and the Jays helped to severely cripple the playoff chances of another team.
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The Jays bullpen tried to give this one away, but the Twins defence wouldn't hear of it.

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Less than a month to go. What can we look forward to in the next (30 - 2) days?
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