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Well, the Jays have lost five straight and thirteen out of seventeen. It's a pretty depressing time to be a Jays fan.
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Milwaukee decided to use pitching and base running along with the long ball to beat the Jays last night, leaving Greg Zaun a deeply deeply unhappy man.

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The Hardball Times' John Brattain is ready for the Ricciardi era to end.

He's obviously not the first one to suggest this, but he just jumped to the other side of the fence now.

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A team that never strikes out, a team that always makes contact, a team that lays down lots of bunts and steals lots of bases and executes many a hit-and-run. I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers people SCREAMING for this to happen back in 04/05. Here you are, boneheads. Enjoy.
- King Ryan, 11 June 2008
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The return of Ted the Tease! And GGZ!
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More like This Day in Half-Baseball. Um, I mean This Half-Day in Baseball. Hey, some of us need our beauty rest, ok? (and evidently some of us haven't woken up from it yet)
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Bases loaded with none out in the 10th. The pessimist in me expected a 1-2-3 double play, but the Mariners had to 'settle' for the 3-2-3 double play.

Gregg Zaun will be back off the DL on Wednesday. But Barajas has been hot and the Jays haven't missed him at all. I suspect they'll settle into a 50/50 role over time, but for now the Jays should ride Barajas while he's going good.

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It was once a widely held axiom that if you could play .500 ball on the road and kick butt at home, you'd keep playing ball in October.
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So I gotta be a winner
Fingernails and a cigarette's a lousy dinner
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You remember that Simpsons scene when Homer, Bart and Lisa are celebrating in the car after Church, "Its the best time of the week - the longest possible time to more Church!".  That's always how I feel when a Yankee series ends, the Jays don't see them again now until the last series before the All Star Break. 
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After an off day it's a good time to look at the draft.
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Hey, maybe that's why teams bring in their closer in the ninth with a three run lead.
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Doc was dominant again last night, out lasting Rich Harden and going 8 Innings while giving up just one run.  A lil bit of offense from Stewart and Rios was all that was needed to wrap up a 2-1 win and move within 4 games of Tampa bat and 2.5 of Boston.
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15 days and 11 stadia later, I'm on my way home to sunny Ontario. What may await me in the world of baseball upon my return?
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Jays win 7-2 to complete a 4 game sweep of the Royals.

Off to the west coast, beginning with the A's. So is the hot streak a result of a bad team or the sign of good things to come?

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