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Ken Rosenthal reports that, "an agreement between the Jays and Wells is close, according to major-league sources".

The details mentioned in the article include:
  • 7 years, $126 million, beginning in 2008
  • No trade clause
  • Opt out after year 3 or 4 of the contract

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JustinD - Friday, December 15 2006 @ 09:09 AM EST (#160972) #
Another thing in the article he mentioned that I thought was interesting was the assumption that Alex Rios will now be traded for pitching. I dont know, but for some reason I think Rios has more upside than Wells. I think we will really regret trading Rios and keeping Wells.
The_Game - Friday, December 15 2006 @ 09:27 AM EST (#160975) #

That was just speculation. It doesn't mean we chose Vernon over Rios.

Pistol - Friday, December 15 2006 @ 10:17 AM EST (#160987) #
The first two players are worth $9-10 million/year as CFs

The third player plays LF, but can play CF a bit.  He'll be considerably cheaper the next two years.

2004 162 678 0.326 0.374 0.407 0.781
2005 162 656 0.276 0.326 0.354 0.680
2006 162 699 0.292 0.330 0.388 0.718
2004 87 280 0.275 0.350 0.461 0.811
2005 131 475 0.255 0.320 0.436 0.756
2006 147 620 0.313 0.371 0.495 0.866
2004 141 537 0.270 0.320 0.380 0.700
2005 142 398 0.269 0.332 0.412 0.744
2006 134 461 0.319 0.390 0.479 0.869

1.  Juan Pierre
2.  Gary Matthews
3.  Reed Johnson

I realize they're unadjusted and not completely comparable, but Reed Johnson should have some good trade value right now.  And adding some adjustment, Johnson was a 5.5 WARP1 last year while Pierre was 3.8 and Matthews was 5.2.

I would consider trading Johnson well before I'd consider trading Rios.
Chuck - Friday, December 15 2006 @ 10:32 AM EST (#160990) #

It's funny. I'm of the mind that I'd really like to see Johnson come close to replicating last year's performance before I truly believe that he has turned a corner. As such, I have no trouble projecting my skepticism onto others and therefore question his trade value. On the other hand, an even older Gary Matthews has proven that one good year may well be enough to erase the memory of a ho-hum career.

Matthews does have a highlight reel-induced rep that undoubtedly helped his cause on th FA market, while Johnson's season was carried out in quiet, workmanlike fashion with precious little fanfare.

I wonder what Johnson's trade value would be. Given an option, I'd rather have Johnson in 2007 than Matthews. I wonder if even one GM feels that way.

Wildrose - Friday, December 15 2006 @ 10:42 AM EST (#160991) #
More on Wells from ESPN.
Mike Green - Friday, December 15 2006 @ 10:50 AM EST (#160993) #
Bodog likes the Blue Jays quite a bit in 2007.  They're at 15-1 to win the World Series. I like the D'Backs at 60-1 and the D-Rays at 100-1, but Captain Mor(t)ality warns you that betting is not good for you and may in fact lead to your demise...
Malcolm Little - Friday, December 15 2006 @ 11:07 AM EST (#160997) #

I was one of the only posters I remember from last year who didn't want to trade Rios away because he was and is one of the team's only high upside youngsters (All-Star potential).

Of course, had I been on Battersbox years ago, I would have posted the same thing about A-Gone.

Of all of the OFs the Jays could offer for pitching, Reed Johnson is the best bet. He's the perfect 4th OF, and he's earned a look-see to see if he's more, but he's not going to make an all-star team (Matthews, DeRosa, and Patterson v.2006 type surprises aside).

Realistically, we all know the Jays need pitching. Halladay, Chacin, and Burnett are locked in. There are several candidates for 5th starter/injury replacement starter.

Possibly, one low-commitment FA could do it. Two more pitchers would be preferable (with the 2nd starter capable guy in the pen or someone good enough to make Chacin a reliever), but with any luck at all with youngsters, one starter should suprise in a good way this year.

Zambrano would be good, but he might be hurt going into the year. That doesn't mean I wouldn't want him; it just means we'd need someone else anyways.

JP strikes me as someone capable of duplicating last year's Molina on a starter who waits too long in this market. Mulder strikes me as someone who could find himself without a job late into the off-season; he's not going to come that close to his old salary, and his performance really doesn't justify a raise. He might have a hard time accepting that. Come January, he might accept $6 or 7 with incentives and a very attractive player option for 2008.

Is Reed Johnson someone who could get a Heilman type in return? A good arm in the pen who can line up for starts if and when the injury bug strikes? This might be wishcasting entirely on my part though.

Heilman and Mulder would be a boon.

Pistol - Friday, December 15 2006 @ 11:48 AM EST (#161002) #
Blair weights in.  Sounds like the ball is in Ted's court now. 

GrrBear - Friday, December 15 2006 @ 11:50 AM EST (#161003) #
Reed Johnson (or as my wife calls him, CrotchBat) is probably never going to have as much perceived value as he does right now.  It's unlikely that he's going to get any better, and if guys like Juan Pierre and Gary Matthews Jr. are worth 8-10 million a year, what's Reed worth?  He's the best logical choice for trade bait - the problem with the Mets is that they already have plenty of outfielders.  I'd be more interested to find out if the White Sox would be willing to part with Brandon McCarthy.  The Sox could use a decent outfielder with proven ability (how long are they going to wait for Brian Anderson to fulfill his potential?), and they just got Gavin Floyd and Gio Gonzalez, so they have a surplus of pitching.  I'd rather keep Rios because he's a better player than Reed and may still have some room left in that ceiling of his.  Kenny Williams may prefer to give up Mark Buehrle, who had an off-year, or Javy Vasquez, who is as inconsistent as Ted Lilly, but McCarthy looks a lot more promising, and if he isn't even guaranteed a rotation spot, he may be under-valued by his own team.
Jordan - Friday, December 15 2006 @ 11:55 AM EST (#161004) #

The deal is expected to include full no-trade protection .


and an opt-out clause.

This seems to be the new big thing -- it's a security blanket for players (and more likely, their agents) that they won't lock themselves out of a booming market down the road. JD Drew got one and took full advantage. Frankly, I'm not really worried that Burnett (and Wells, if this comes to fruition) opt out down the road, because this team as currently constituted figures to be a serious contender just in 2007-09 only, and that's assuming they can find some pitching.

Sources say that if Wells signs his extension the team will try to package one of two outfielders (Reed Johnson or Alex Rios) and a pitching prospect for an established, middle of the rotation starter. [From Blair]

The preferred trade candidate from Toronto's position should be Johnson, who had a career year in 2006 -- if the Jays could pick up a reliable pitcher for him now, they shouldn't hesitate. Of course, other teams know that too, and Rios would likely bring much more at this stage. But five-tool players earning close to the major-league minimum are not assets you give away easily. I imagine Dustin McGowan's days in the organization are now drawing to a close, and that Adam Lind won't be a Skychief this year.

Anyway, no-trade aside, I'd be happy if this deal were signed -- the Jays are a better team with Wells than without him, and the trade market for him clearly hasn't given the front office much satisfaction that they can improve the team by dealing him. I doubt this contract will hamstring the Jays financially -- as has been said before, $18M to Wells is a better investment than $20M to Lilly and Meche. As a major-leaguer, Wells does look to have turned a corner -- I don't think we'll see 2004-05 again (though it would be nice to have a World Baseball Classic every spring to get him warmed up earlier). And from a fan's perspective, it's nice to think that Wells could be a career Blue Jay.

Ron - Friday, December 15 2006 @ 01:45 PM EST (#161011) #
I can't help but think this contract will hurt the Jays payroll flexability going foward. Of course this contract isn't that big of a deal if Uncle Ted continues to raise the payroll by around 20 million each off-season. But if he decides to hold the line at lets say 100 million and Wells version 04/05 shows up, this deal is going to look really foolish. I'm not a big fan of the number of years, annual salary, and the opt out clause for Wells. While Wells is a good player, he's not a great player. I wouldn't put Wells in the same class as a Ortiz, Manny, A-Rod, Hafner, etc....

It's obvious teams are swimming in cash, but how high can inflation go? Is there a chance a player like Wells gets 25 million a season 2 years from now? Will Andruw Jones get 10 years/210 million next off-season?

Oh by the way what happened to winning on a 50 million dollar payroll? :)

Flex - Friday, December 15 2006 @ 01:46 PM EST (#161012) #
  Update in the Star with quotes from Wells.
Mike Green - Friday, December 15 2006 @ 03:58 PM EST (#161029) #
Here's the link for the Donnelly-Seibel deal.
Gwyn - Saturday, December 16 2006 @ 09:03 AM EST (#161067) #
<i>Does anyone know what the payroll would be as it stands including the new contract to Wells?  2007 and 2008.  Thanks..</i>
I've updated the salary spreadsheet to reflect all the winter signings (although I've probably missed some), it's here.
Gwyn - Saturday, December 16 2006 @ 09:09 AM EST (#161068) #
Now the Jays have teh best two players from that draft!

The 16th pick says hello!
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