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The middle of spring training is here and the Jays finally have all of their players in camp. Vernon Wells is back from the WBC and in the lineup, and Gustavo Chacin is scheduled to pitch today.
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Now that Doc has signed an extension the next player in line is Vernon Wells.
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Sickness continues to infest the NFH homestead, and as a result I got to watch almost all of two baseball games!

Random thoughts to follow...
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We've written nothing - buggerall - not a sausage - about the Blue Jays lately.

Are any of you wondering why?

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Sports Illustrated is running an excerpt from a new book that details Barry Bonds' steroid use. This is, in many ways, an old story. Bonds' role in the BALCO saga has been discussed on several occasions over the last two years in the media and in Batter's Box. At least two books about steroids were authored last year by Will Carroll and Howard Bryant. But because Bonds is a star the story never ends. If you want to wade into the debate one more time please do so in this thread.
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There was an upset in the first competitive WBC game this morning as South Korea beat Japan 3-2 on a 2-run 8th inning homer by Lee Seung-Yeop. Chan Ho Park, who has looked relatively impressive in the tournament, retired Ichiro Suzuki for the final out as he picked up the save. There was a defensive gem as South Korean right fielder Lee Jin-Young made a diving catch with the bases loaded and 2 outs in the fourth. That play kept South Korea in the game.
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The Blue Jays play their first spring training game today against the Tampa Bay Rays, have they dropped the Devil yet? It has been five months since the Jays played a serious game, by opening day it will be six.
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Has everyone forgotten my challenge to Aaron? I sure hope so because 2005 wasn't pretty for me, and 2006 looks worse.
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Notes from Nowhere View Printable Version MVP
Assume that you have an expansion team and can select any player in professional baseball and have them on your team for the remainder of their career. Who do you want?
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Pitchers, catchers, and just about everyone else are in Dunedin.

So what's new?
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Then there won't be chocolates or cards or any of those other pre-fab presents for Bauxites this February 14. Nope. It will be a book. There are so many good choices.
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In case you missed it in yesterday's transactions file:

Baltimore signed pitcher John Halama to a minor league contract.

Halama is much beloved here on Da Box (go ahead, do a search for his name) and the O's embracing their Inner Halama can only mean bad news for the rest of the AL East.

What else is going on today, now that, you know, the Orioles have sewn up the title?

Recently, one Bauxite mused ...

...the last "notes from nowhere" thread is now almost as ancient as my memory of R. Sierra ever playing for the Jays.

Fine. Here it is. Now ... what's going on? Terry Mulholland is going to camp with the Dodgers, you say? Seventy-eight-year-old Terry Mulholland? That'd be right up there with the Jays extending an invite to 1920's RHRP Howard "Mul" Holland ... 'cept of course, he died 37 years ago, taking 123 fewer wins (and 141 fewer losses) than Terry, so far anyway, into eternity with him.

So seriously ... what are you hearing this fine Groundhog Day?

The latest player to sign a minor league contract with the Jays is pitcher James Baldwin.
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The new administration in Tampa completed their first significant trade sending relievers Danys Baez and Lance Carter to the Dodgers for former top prospect Edwin Jackson and lefty prospect Chuck Tiffany.
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