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Okay, I should start by admitting that this piece has absolutely zero research support; everything here is strictly from memory. That's an invitation for you all to interject, disagree, expand -- whatever feels right.

Basically, I started wondering about a question and figured to myself, "Self, this would be a great arguing point for Da Box." So here we go. The question? What team has had the most consistent greatness at a single position in baseball history?

Some examples ...

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The Blue Jays have added right-handed pitcher Reidier Gonzalez to their 40-man roster.  That means the 24 year-old Cuban is protected from being selected by another club in the Rule 5 draft on December 10th.

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As a "reward" for loyal fans and season ticket holders for a 75 win campaign, the Blue Jays organization is considering jacking up the price of single game tickets for next season according to the Globe & Mail.  In addition, the team is cutting back benefits for season ticket holders such as free plane trips to Dunedin next spring.  What's next?  Inviting dead players to try out before crossing them off the list?

[More] (294 words), via Jeff Blair of the Globe & Mail, says the Blue Jays have interest in Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips.  The same story also mentions the Red Sox are interested in Jays shortstop Marco Scutaro according to's Peter Gammons.
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The wrist surgery for Vernon Wells went "well" (get it?) according to's Jordan Bastian.  The 30 year-old center fielder is expected to be ready for the start of spring training next year.

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The Jays have added first baseman/DH Brian Dopirak to the 40-man roster and also acquired utility man Mike McCoy off the waiver wire from the Colorado Rockies.

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Evil Empire manager Joe Girardi is looking to change his uniform number from 27 to 28.  My suggestion to him is to 86 this idea.

In all fairness, Girardi did bail someone out of a jam recently.

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Great idea in the other thread ... what would a team's "mixtape" look like, the one capturing everything from that team's current philosophy to its historical legacy? Or, as Matthew E. put it, how a team "really feel[s] about baseball."

Let's see, for the Yankees (per this thread's headline) you might start with ABBA's Money, Money, Money but also must needs include Queen's We Are the Champions. The Mets' mixtape would surely include Bryan Adams' Summer of '69 ... what else, and for who else?

Two rules/challenges:
1. Keep it clean!
2. Sarcasm is welcome, but don't cross the line into snottiness! Genuine cleverness is best, of course ...


A tip of the retro Blue Jays cap to Bauxite brent for pointing out that the Jays are taking a gander at lefty John Halama down in the Dominican.  Should the Jays sign the 37 year-old hurler, it would continue a trend by GM Alex Anthopoulos of acquiring players whose last name begins with "H".  Halama would join fellow southpaw Sean Henn and second baseman Jarrett Hoffpauir in the "H" gang.  Again, more hard-hitting analysis from Batter's Box.  Subscribe now!

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The second waiver claim of the Alex Anthopoulos era is second baseman Jarrett Hoffpauir from the St. Louis Cardinals.  To make room on the 40-man roster, the Jays have designated left-handed reliever Bill Murphy for assignment.
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Veteran and stalwart Bauxite Mike D. writes,

OK, now things have reached rock bottom.  I think the organization has finally exhausted all conceivable ways to spark embarrassing headlines.  I can't think of any other on- or off-field aspect of the franchise which has been left unscathed by controversy or disappointment.

Ooh, I love a challenge! So let's have a little fun with that. What's the next embarrassing headline to "scathe" the Jays' it's-nearly-offseason?

Jays Mascot caught in Love Nest with San Diego Chicken
or maybe ....
Cito demands clubhouse beer not be Canadian "swill"

What avenue can we go down next? It's a creative writing workshop. Bauxites ... whatchagot?


So it's been four days since a new feature appeared here on Da Box ... that can mean only one thing -- it must be time for ... um ... that is, it's certainly good to welcome back ... er ...

Yeah, I got nothin'. The Jays, long ago mathematically eliminated, are entrenched in fourth place, actually closer to fifth than third; only the AL Central looks like it might have a mildly interesting finish in store, and even then, probably not.

So ... Open Forum! What's on your mind? How can the Jays be playing meaningful baseball a year from today? Or are you already locked in on the Leafs' power play situation or the Argonauts', um, whatever it is they do? Are you "following" any of the remaining teams, with a rooting interest either way?

And really, it's been a while ... how are you?

Stalwart Bauxite AWeb posted this in another thread just a while ago:

" ... even a declined Scutaro is one of the top 10-15 SS in the majors, unles his defense evaporates. Not exactly a great position in MLB right now."

Maybe we were all spoiled by the Jeter/A-Rod/Nomar "trinity" a few years ago, following on the heels of a Larkin/Ripken era launch that really started us down the road to higher shortstop-as-productive-hitter expectations. But is it true that short is a weak position in the major leagues right now? Let's see ...

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The Toronto Blue Jays will begin the 2010 campaign in the Lone Star State.
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This is Officially Not a Trivia Contest (though it's certainly trivial so maybe close to that!)

I'm not very good with math -- I ignore it more than 60 percent, or almost half the time! So I'm not sure what made me think of this, but I found myself wondering ...

What is the maximum number of hits a pitcher can allow in one inning without giving up a run? I'm sure there must be a "right" answer to this; it's not an "infinity" question like it would be if we added the word "unearned" to the question. So here we go -- check my work, grade my effort, let me know if there is another answer, and post your own favorite "thought experiment" question here.

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