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You can not sweep the series when you lose the first game, and you can not win the first game if you do not hit. And when you do not hit, there will be Frustration. And Irritation.
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Is this TDIB? Is it a report on the Jays and A's? You're asking me?

The real big news yesterday comes from the Bronx...
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Blowing smoke out the ears
As I head for the hole
Without a ten-foot pole
I donít like the feeling of being out of control
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A maddening ex-Jay defeats a maddening current Jay, Dave Bush has it going on, a couple of statistical notes on Your Fighting Jays, and much more! Okay, that's about it. But read anyway!
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The Fighting Jays win a wild and crazy one at Fenway as B.J Ryan outduels Papelbon in the ninth.
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The Blue Jays canít deliver the big blow and end up blown out by the Baltimores.

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The Orioles bulpen, the gift that keeps on giving.
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Yesterday's game never happened.
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I was thinking, as I often do this time of year, of the late, great T. S. Eliot.
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The Jays cube the Orioles 8-2 and move to 11-8, one back of the Red Sox.

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So, what's going on ?
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Pistol Pete...Burning Bush...St. Paul stadium talk...and a bizarre play from Friday in Oakland.
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Not quite so good as the day before. The Jays lose 3-1 to a dominant Mike Mussina and the Yankees.
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The Yankees strike early, but the Jays hit back harder and go on to a 10 Ė 5 win.
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I don't like Mondays, I want to shoot the whole day down
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