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Justin Verlander threw a no-hitter against the Blue Jays this afternoon. He was perfect aside from a well-earned walk by JP Arencibia in the 8th inning on a 12-pitch walk. Arencibia was erased on a double-play by Encarnacion. Verlander only struck four batters all game, but he punctuated the performance by striking out Rajai Davis for the final out of the game.
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We need an exorcism. I don't know what it is about that stupid arena, but the Jays are now 6-19 there against the Tampa Bay Rays.
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Does this sound familiar? A 30 year old outfielder, who made his ML debut back in 2004... reinventing himself in mid-career?

We're talking, of course, about the guy who ruined Jesse Litsch's day yesterday afternoon.
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No, really, we don't just publish threads for wins. But ... Mitch Moreland? Derek Holland? Cody Eppley? Really?

Rangers 7, Jays 6. (Discuss.)

P.S. Trivia time ... Texas has the second-best record in the AL right now. Without looking it up -- can you guess which team has the best?

And the Jays win their second straight in Arlington.
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22 games corresponds to about 13.6% of the season. That's as good a time as any to take stock, right? No? Well, whatever.

It was a good win for the Jays tonight. The offense came out of their weekend funk with a nine hit, five walk performance, and three of the hits (homers by Patterson, Bautista and Rivera) gave Drabek enough support to pick up his second win. Let's go through what each member of the line-up did tonight and see where they're at on the season.
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This could be a problem...
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Mariano Rivera falls victim to Toronto's mystique and aura, and the Jays notch their second walkoff of the season.
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We knew Boston would start to turn things around. Did it have to be against the Jays?
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The Jays wrap up the season's first road trip with a morning game against the Bostons, who you knew weren't going to persist in emulating the 1962 Mets...
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Today is Jackie Robinson Day throughout MLB, marking the 64th anniversary of the day baseball's color barrier was broken.

A tip of the Box's cap to Jackie R., not the greatest player in the game's history (though certainly a  great), but  almost inarguably the most important.

MLB is encouraging everyone to visit to watch video tributes from current players and legends as we honor Robinson's barrier-busting legacy.

You are invited to post your tributes to, and  for our  veterans, memories of the great man here,  as well.

In the NCAA basketball tournament, whenever an underdog gets down 8 points in a semi-away game and the crowd starts to stir, the commentators always say in ominous tones, "They're into the danger zone now." That's how I feel about today's matchup, with Toronto 5-6 and facing Boston and New York next. The Jays try to avoid an embarrassing sweep in the getaway game as Kyle Drabek takes on Jason Vargas.
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I stayed up until 2 AM for that?
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The Jays continue their trek through the Wild, Wild West. Tonight they get the reigning Cy Young winner.
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Just a strange, compelling game.
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