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These guys again.
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Road trip! It's the Toronto Blue Jays taking on the Cleveland Guardians! For the first time ever!
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Damn Yankees. Damn first-place Yankees. Evil, imperial, and winners of their last nine games. Be nice to mess with their vibe, or whatever.
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I can't imagine too much has changed with the Astros since we last saw them. It was just last week, after all.
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That was a fine road trip, but there's no rest for the wicked or the Blue Jays. A ten game homestand kicks off tonight.
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The road trip concludes, deep in the heart of Texas, where things seem to have been getting weird lately. Everything's bigger in Texas, even the crazy.
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The road trip continues, for real this time. The week begins with three games at damp, ancient Fenway Park.
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The road trip continues. Or not. I am deeply confused. Well, that would explain why it's a 7:00 PM start.
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The New York Yankees, still evil, still imperial. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
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Here we go.
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Four famous old franchises - Yankees-Red Sox and Dodgers-Cardinals - will be going in the Wild Card play-ins. Which means that by Thursday, half of these teams will be eliminated from further play.

The people who look at the game's TV rating probably feel like leaping out a high window at that but them's the breaks....
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Welcome to October. The Blue Jays have some important games to play this weekend.
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We know we have not been forsaken.
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We need you still, mighty Jobu. For we must venture into a dark and dreary place, a house that has been the setting of so much grief, so much misery.
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How are we to express our gratitude? We owe so much.
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