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Eric Gagne to the Brewers ... LaTroy Hawkins to the Yankees ... Milton Bradley to the Rangers ... Kosuke Fukudome to somewhere  in MLB ... Danny Haren to the D-Backs? ... What else are you hearing?
So what's going on?

Tim Kurkjian on ESPNews (the television station; nothing online yet) reports that the Yankees are back in the Santana sweepstakes -- surprise! Hank Steinbrenner was misleading everyone about the "deadline"! -- which may push the Red Sox to sweeten their offer, apparently since the Dodgers are also now in discussion with the Twinkies.

Speaking of the Dodgers, the Andruw Jones deal has apparently jacked up Aaron Rowand's asking price, even with LAD now out of the bidding ... and yes, Barry Bonds is talking to Oakland (another "surprise!", right?) but has some, um, hurdles to clear first.

What are you hearing?

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Andruw Jones makes his way to the Dodgers - 2 years, $36 million. I guess those CF signings didn't work out so well for the LA teams last year.
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Tigers get Cabrera and Willis for Maybin, Miller and several other minor leaguers.

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Jose Guillen is the latest to strike it big - 3 years and $36 million.
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Looks like the White Sox and D'Backs have made a tradeCarlos Quentin to the Sox for minor league prospect 1B Chris Carter.
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The Winter Meetings begin next week and sportswriters are already complaining about free accomodations. Anyway, the Jays shouldn't be expected to make any bold moves, but youneverknow.
"Our approach will be a little different in the sense that we're not going there sitting on a free agent or waiting on a free agent, but we are going there trying to be as aggressive as we can," Ricciardi said in an interview this week. "What this will allow us to do is really sit back and ask clubs point blank, 'What are you trying to do? Would you do this for this?' It gives us a chance to put as many plates in the air as possible."
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When Jason Kendall gets $4.25 million guaranteed from the Brewers you know there's not many catchers available this offseason.
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This article in the Sun again mentioned the Jays retaining Josh Towers.
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The Jays claimed St Louis minor league OF Cody Haerther yesterday and added him to the 40 man roster.

And Ricciardi claimed the Jays weren't going to make major moves this offseason!

Thanks to melondough for the tip.

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Jon Heyman at predicts the contracts of the top free agents this offseason.
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The GM meetings have started up and Ricciardi says that the Jays are open to listening to offers on AJ Burnett.

Update:  Ricciardi takes it back.
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The Jays picked up a couple players off of waivers from the Reds according to a press release on TSN. In a related move the Jays outright DeJong, Gronkiewicz, and Vermiliyea to Syracuse.

Thanks to Brian W for the heads up.

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The new hitting coach, Gary Denbo, comes from the Yankees minor leagues.  As with most hires they sound good when they happen.  We'll see if there's any noticable change next year.

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The latest on injuries, according to
  • Overbay out with a hand injury & will have another surgery
  • Downs out with a foot injury
  • Glaus had successful surgery
  • BJ Ryan has begun light throwing

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