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Buffalo lost by a run, Vancouver won big and Dunedin lost big. New Hampshire's game was rained out.
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Road trip! Beginning in quaint little Fenway Park.
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It is the end of April so I thought I would take a look at how the Jays affiliates and prospects were doing for the first month of the season. Because of time constraints I started the analysis on Sunday morning and the major theme was the lack of offense up and down the system. Then Buffalo go out and score 21 runs, Dunedin score 18 in their first game. They both won while Dunedin lost game two. Vancouver won via a walk off home run. New Hampshire were rained out.

So here is the report with a mix of Sunday morning and Sunday evening analysis.

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Vancouver were the only winners on Saturday. Dasan Brown and Devonte Brown combined for six hits for the C's. Dahian Santos pitched well. Buffalo hitters recorded 14 hits but lost. New Hampshire couldn't muster much offense wasting a fine start by Sem Robberse. Dunedin were rained out.
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Riley Tirotta had four hits as part of Vancouvers big win. A couple of Bisons hit their first home runs. Adam Kloffenstein pitched very well again but had no supporting offense. Buffalo and Vancouver were the winners.
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We all remember, with horror, what happened the last time Seattle came to town. We must even endure a rematch of the Game One starters from last year's brief and painful post-season. Let us not speak of it further.
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With one exception it was not a good night for pitchers on the farm with Adam Macko taking the worst beat down. The exception was Rafael Sanchez who fanned 11 for Dunedin. Hagen Danner made an appearance and Tucker Toman had a big night. Dunedin were your only winners.
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Buffalo lost by a run, New Hampshire split a doubleheader, Vancouver ended a five-game losing skid and Dunedin got a one-run victory.
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Buffalo won. That's it for wins on Tuesday.
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You can't really complain about a 3-3 road trip, especially when you were visiting the defneding WS champs, who won 106 games last season, and the defending division champs, who won 99 games themselves.
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There hasn't been a whole lot to get excited about, or write about, this week on the farm. So I am happy to report that Sunday did bring some news. Four players hit their first home runs of the season. And Orelvis hit his third. Overall it was two wins and two losses but some offenses woke up.
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Adam Kloffenstein had his best start of the season. It helped New Hampshire get the only win on the farm on Saturday. There was little else to get excited about on Saturday.
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Buffalo were the only winners on Friday, thanks to some good relief pitching. It has been a slow start to the season for most prospects. It is still a little early to draw conclusions, we need some more time to give us a bigger sample size.
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Why, it's those damn Yankees.

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Buffalo lost both ends of a doubleheader. They lost them both early as the starting pitching was not good again. To compound their misery they did not have a hit in game two until their last at bats. They did manage to score two runs in that last at-bat against former Jay Anthony Kay. New Hampshire won in ten inning. Vancouver lost while Dunedin won, again with a good start by Rafael Sanchez.
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