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Every year some minor shifting goes on for the Jays top 10 all-time best seasons in category xyz. Most of us heard about Bautista's setting the Jays strikeout record but what other things did the Jays players in 2017 do to get on the leaderboards?
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The Jays take to the road for the final time this season. First stop is Boston where the Sox are still looking for three more wins, or Yankee losses, to win the division. The Jays have been playing better recently but heading into Boston is always a tough trip.
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The series thread has taken a bit of a U-turn so I am setting up a fresh thread for tonight's game for those who want to discuss the action on the field.
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The last homestand of the season begins. The last homestand for Jose Bautista in a Blue Jay uniform too.
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It's been a tough year for Roberto Osuna. Ten Blown Saves and all...
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The dog days are here. The 64 win Blue Jays take on the 59 win Tigers in a battle for ....anything? It would normally be a series for the kids but the Jays really don't have many kids on the roster. There is Richard Urena, Teoscar Hernandez and a few arms in the pen, Carlos Ramirez, Chris Rowley and Luis Santos. Then there is Marcus Stroman taking his bruised elbow to the mound tonight, hoping for no line drives through the mound.

The most notable thing about the weekend is that Saturdays game is at 4pm. I don't recall why, it could be TV related or an experiment by the Jays but it is different. Is there anything else to pay attention to this weekend?

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The Jays played a decent series in Baltimore marred by a couple of extra innings losses. at this stage the Jays are playing out the string but the Red Sox are in the playoffs so the Jays trot out their usual lineup although many fans would like to see more of the kids. The Jays play Detroit at the weekend so that should be a kid friendly series.
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The Jays head into Baltimore for a four game set. The team is playing uninspired ball at the moment but playing the Orioles often brings out the best in the Jays. Can they win, or at least split, the series?
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The Red Sox are in town, but Nori Aoki isnít anymore. Meanwhile, Brett Anderson is roaming the outfield. Another lefty who is trying to work his way back to being the pitcher he was prior to his injury, TJ House, was jettisoned as soon as he appeared. The hint of expanded rosters is just around the corner. Itís the end of the dog days of August.
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The Jays try and find some good in the late stages of the season. The results, the play and the entertainment value have been poor recently. Can the Jays find something to make the run in interesting? Bartolo Colon comfortably handled the Jays Friday night. I was at the game and there was not much to get excited about other than Justin Smoak. Baseball fans could enjoy watching Byron Buxton but he plays for the wrong guys.
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Its your last minute, call to the bullpen, minor league update. Dunedin played a wild one last night. They started the ninth up 6-1. Florida scored six runs to take a 7-6 lead. Dunedin said we can top that, four straight singles in the bottom of the ninth gave them a walk off win. Buffalo had a nice start from Brett Anderson and a couple of long balls to win. New Hampshire also had a walk off win. Lansing continued to lose. What a contrast in Lansing. The first half had Bo and Vladdy and Brad Jones and Edward Olivares and decent pitching. Now the hitters are all in Dunedin and the pitchers were injured. From the penthouse to the outhouse in Lansing. Vancouver dominated thanks to two pitchers, Bluefield battered the opposition while the GCL Jays lost.
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Jose Bautista, who is only the greatest RH slugger in franchise history, is hitting .181/.287/.324 against left-handed pitchers this season.
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The Jays venture into one of their least favourite parks for three games. Can they end the slide? Can they play a good game of baseball? Will Joey Bats homer again? All this and more coming up.

Tonight it is the battle of the Chris's. This is a rematch of the August 12th game, won by the Jays 5-3. Neither of the Chris's won or lost. Justin Smoak homered off Tommy Hunter to win the game. Josh Donaldson and Jose Bautista will patrol the left side of the infield for game one. They should get more work with Rowley and his sinker as opposed to Marco Estrada. It could be an adventure.

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The Jays pay a rare visit to Wrigley. Apparently there are a lot of Blue Jay fans in Chicago. The Toronto FC MLS team also play in Chicago this weekend so some fans are doing a joint baseball/soccer trip.
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The good news: Teoscar Hernandez broke out yesterday with a grand slam and Nate Pearson was lights out in his limited innings in Vancouver. The bad news: Bo Bichette looks set for a spell in the bleachers and Conner Greene turned in another rough start.
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