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And now
the end is near...

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The Jays play their final road series of 2014 against the Evil Empire.

The Jays won't have to deal with Derek Jeter ever again after Sunday. Image from
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The Orioles can clinch the division by taking two of the three games from Toronto, so you can expect they'll be trying to do exactly that.
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Knock yourselves out.
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The Blue Jays take their five-game winning streak into Fenway Park. The home squad is coming off one of those soul-crushing defeats - taking a lead into the ninth inning, only to have your closer give up a pair of solo home runs. That's possibly good news for Toronto. Of course, the fact that it was the Yankees abusing the Bostonians definitely wasn't good news.
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Six days on the road, beginning tonight.
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The Derek Jeter farewell tour makes its last stop in Toronto. It is as yet unclear if Ken Huckaby has been invited.
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And we're not little children
And we know what we want
And the future is certain
Give us time to work it out

John Farrell and the last-place Red Sox are coming to town.
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The Jays need a run of six or seven in a row or nine of ten to get back into it. Will it start tonight?

Friday: Drew Smyly vs. Marcus Stroman

Saturday: Jeremy Hellickson vs. Mark Buehrle

Sunday: Chris Archer vs. Drew Hutchison

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The Jays are 4-11 since doing nothing at the Trade Deadline.
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The Jays are off to Seattle tonight for 3 with a very, very tired bullpen while fighting for their playoff lives.  Seattle is tied with the Jays 1 1/2 back of KC for the last wild card slot.
Drew Hutchison vs Felix Hernandez tonight, J.A. Happ vs Chris Young on Tuesday, and R.A. Dickey, vs Hisashi Iwakuma on Wednesday before the Jays get Thursday off.  All RHP vs the Jays.
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Sanchez, Scherzer and Price for the visitors, against Dickey, Stroman and Buehrle.
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Some guy named Brett Lawrie is back in town for this three-game series. That'll help, right?

Brett Lawrie - celebrating a home run with Anthony Gose against the New York Yankees September 30, 2012 - returns to the lineup after breaking his right index finger June 22.
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It's off to fabled Fenway Park, the "legendary home of the Red Sox. " Honest, that's according to Google Maps.  Gotta be true.
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A three game set at the Son of the House that Ruth Built. Second place is on the line.

I fear the Yankees.

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