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Vernon Wells is back, and will DH and bat 4th today. Kevin Mench has been optioned to Syracuse.
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Doc was in control again.  Jays win 6-1.

In other news Scott Rolen is going to be on a regular rest schedule to help his shoulder.
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Come on! The Blue Jays are undefeated when Buck Coats is in the starting lineup.

Well, youneverknow....
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So let's venture into an Alternative Universe!
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An eventful afternoon in Major League Baseball (although... not really?) as a sort of blockbuster trade gets done. I have to say, it really wasn't that exciting on the whole. Anyway, with the Jays needing a minor miracle at this point, let's turn our attention to those wheelings and dealings in major league baseball.
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Lot's going on, none of it Jay related.
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Jays win 3-1.

The trade deadline is a couple days away and there doesn't seem to be much cooking, not even a reliever's or excess middle reliever's name popping up.

Ricciardi:  "We're trying to keep this thing together, so we can have a good run here and be good the next few years, too."

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Well, I give up. It grieves me to say this, but I'm pretty sure the Tampa Bay Rays are not going to lose 90 games this season. I suppose a little respect would not be out of line.
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After Roy Halladay's thoroughly satisfying whitewash of the Yankees last week, I got to wondering where that game stood on the All-Time Pantheon of Doc's Masterpieces.

Pretty close to the top, you might well expect.
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My friends tell me to leave you, that you're bad news, bad news, bad news. That you're bad news, baby, you're bad news, and you're bad news, baby, you're bad news. And you're bad news. I don't care. I like you, and you're bad news. I don't care. I like you.
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The Jays won both games of an unusual double header - it was the first time the Jays had completed an postponed game since 1996. The two wins, combined with a Rays loss, brought the Jays 1.5 games closer to the playoff race, though they are still 8.5 out.
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Hey, double digit run production! Only the sixth time all year, and first since June 24.
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After another poor game the Jays see the return of Shaun Marcum tonight.
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They're something all baseball teams spend the off-season trying to accomplish. Who's been succeeding? Where, and how can we tell?
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So much for the first half. Less than overwhelming.
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