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Here's one. The Phillies are four games out.
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Is it just me or do the Jays lose every Thursday?

Anyway, let's look at the quotes coming from yesterday's draft:

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It was a little more than three weeks ago when the Jays hit rock bottom, losing their ninth game in a row as Roy Halladay was shelled for the second time in a week. The very next day Doc was having his appendix removed. Things looked... grim?
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Greetings from the Rogers Centre, where Vernon Wells and Troy Glaus are sitting this one out and Howie Clark is the leadoff hitter.
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They can really mess up your season, as everyone who lived through the Blue Jays 2005 campaign will tell you. Over and Over again.
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As it stands, the American League doesn't even look very interesting in 2007.
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It's not the pitching. Which you knew already, no doubt.
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Accardo and Janssen both have ERAs under 1 now.
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That would be me.
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Friday: Dustin McGowan vs. Jon Lieber

Saturday: Shaun Marcum vs. Jamie Moyer

Sunday: Jesse Litsch vs. Adam Eaton
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When I was at the park on Monday, looking over the Game Notes, my eye fell upon the item pointing out that the next home run Frank Thomas hits will be the 493rd of his career. He will move, temporarily into a three way tie for 21st on the All-Time list, along with a couple of other pretty good first basemen: Lou Gehrig and Fred McGriff.
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It's the final $2 Tuesday of the year! Will there be Bauxites in the house? Where will they be sitting?

Baseball for a toonie!

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People do dumb things - you, me, and major league managers.

I'm only including myself to be gracious, by the way.

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Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny.
--Bruce Springsteen

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Ten days into May and the best day of the month so far has been Monday's off day.
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