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Missouri loves company.
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And so it begins...

The Jays open the 2023 season with a ten game road trip, and the defending NL Central champs provide the initial opposition.
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Just win, baby
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Here we go.
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The Blue Jays are certainly going to the post-season. Who they play, and where, remains to be determined.
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Just win, baby.
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The Yankees are definitely going to the post-season, and the Blue Jays - barring the most tragic homestand in franchise history - will be there as well.
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We're getting down to it now..
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Next up is a six game road trip. Are we ready?
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Jobu, Jobu. Alas, mighty Jobu. Eighteen runs in the last six games? Have you lost your powers? Is it time to summon a new guiding spirit?

It's time. It's those Orioles again.
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Now more than ever, Jobu. We express our gratitude for an 8-2 road trip. All things are possible with your aid.

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In our time of trial, it is Jobu who comes to our aid.
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Four games in three days in Camden Yards against the pesky Orioles. Serious times. Serious measures are called for.

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The Jays will be making just their third visit to PNC Park in Pittsburgh. They lost two of three in 2014, when the Pirates were pretty good. They lost two of three in 2008, when the Pirates were pretty awful. I have my own reasons for worrying about the 2022 Pirates. But later for that.
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It's been a while since we've seen these guys.
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