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Jays 2, Angels 1 as "Catalanotto solves puzzle of Escobar".
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Six in a row for LA of A.
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The Jays win another close one with Cleveland
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The Jays blow a Halladay game for the 6th time this season.
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Jays edge Indians
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Rob isn't giving you a TDIB Sunday beause he's incommunicado or something. So let's hand out some hardware. They don't let me vote, but...
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The best start of Kyle Snyder's still-promising career runs the Jays' losing streak to five.
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So near, yet so far. Jays lose in the tenth.
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Gustavo looks a lot better than he did in his first start back from the DL, but C.C. looks like an ace and Gus has to leave with an injury.
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The Jays were again undone by poor starting pitching and the double play.
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Royals 2, Jays 0 as Roy Halladay comes out on the wrong end of a shutout for a change.
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Shaun Marcum rights himself and the Jays take the all-important first game of the series.
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That didn't quite go according to plan.
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The calm after the storm sees the Jays top the As in unremarkable fashion.
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When it rains, it pours.
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