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I don't like Mondays, I want to shoot the whole day down
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Some sightings and mentions of ex-Jays, Mark "Craig" Buehrle shuts down the current Jays, and some updates on things I've been following for my own personal amusement are all coming at you today in This Day...well, These [Past Few] Days In Baseball.

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You were third in the East last season. And frankly, you've grown really tired of seeing the same team finish on top every year. What to do...
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Can't complain about much of anything after the Blue Jays took two of three from the first place Red Sox. In Fenway, behind a pair of left-handed starters.
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The Jays win 8 to 4 in Boston and hand old "friend" Boomer Wells the loss.
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Doin' some damage in my own subtle way

The Sox enjoy their home opener, beating the Jays 5 - 3.
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Big sluggers get big money
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Everyone's on the board. Everyone's got a win, everyone's got a loss. So what lies ahead?
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Today around MLB:

Ted Lilly, Walking Man...undefeated and winless teams remain undefeated and winless...Kenny Rogers, Back Home Again...and it's "Don't Trust Anyone Under 30 Day" at AT&T Park.
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Some disconnected thoughts on this first Saturday of the season...
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After pride cometh the fall.
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Third time's the charm.
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