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The BBFL has four proposed rule changes. Returning BBFL team owners may now vote on these propositions. The fourth pro, which has three options, will be voted on via the Borda Count Method. In voting for such propositions, owners must rank their answers from most favored to least favored.

To vote, send an email to bbfl at scottlucas dot com. Please put your team name in the message so I can keep track of who has voted. Use this forum to discuss your vote, the upcoming season, or whatever.

Voting ends at 1159pm PST, Monday, February 27. I will immediately begin placing owners with teams depending on the voting results, and when that process ends, I'll open the trading window.

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Three divisions.
Twenty teams per division.
Twenty-Five players per team.
Twelve statistical categories.
Promotion and relegation.

Welcome to Year Four of the Batters Box Fantasy League.
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Your one-stop shop for roto standings, strength of opposition, "luckiest" and "unluckiest" teams, and weekly and seasonal records.
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Your 2005 Champions:

Alomar Division: Thunderbirds
Barfield Division: Schroedinger's Bat
Carter Division: Pohnpei Papayas
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Your Championship Finalists:

Alomar Division: Thunderbirds vs. Horse Field Hammers
Barfield Division: Jay's Ehs vs Schroedinger's Bat
Carter Division: Baseball North vs Pohnpei Papayas
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Leading on Saturday doesn't guarantee victory. Four of the six Championship Bracket teams trailing on the final day rallied to win their first-round matchups.
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Let the playoffs begin!
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Two weeks remain in the regular season. Get out your Maalox.
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The town of Barfield has a new Sheriff, and his name is Mighty Midget.
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The division leaders remain the same but the tension builds as the BBFL counts down the last five regular-season weeks.
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Walrus Usurps Throne.
Felix Still Wonderful, Not In Fix.
Papayas squash Gremlins, retake first.
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The Alomar Division race has two horses, and one horse is a walrus.
Pythagoras wags finger disapprovingly at Barfieldís Pistol Nine as Junior Felix smiles.
Dr. Zís Magic Papaya Baseball separates from Carter pack.
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Glyndwyr gets a showdown with the Senators, while the Barfield and Carter Divisions get new leaders.
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Your Division Leaders at the Halfway Point:
Alomar: Austin Senators (85-37-10, .682, up 9.5 games on Toronto Walrus)
Barfield: Pistol Nine (81-46-5, .633, up 3.0 games on Team Junior Felix)
Carter: Magic 9 (81-47-4, .629, up 1.5 games on Pohnpei Papayas)

While the history of the BBFL is perhaps slightly less rich and colorful than the National League, it does offer some insight into how well teams can expect to perform in the second half. In reviewing the inaugural, one-division league of 2003 and the two-division format of 2004, Iíve unearthed the following revelations:

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Glyndwyr loses ground against Baird Brain.
#1 and #2 fight to a draw in Barfield.
Team Balla joins Carter Division race.
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