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Late series thread.
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The second worst teams in the American League play four games at the RC. The A's and Jays are tied with 44-54 records, with only the White Sox behind them. Toronto are ten games out of first place, the A's are 21 as Houston are pulling away.

It is one week to the trade deadline so expect lots of trade chatter this week. The Jays tradeable options are not the most in demand players so expect the Jays to be quiet until the weekend.

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The second half is off and running with a nice 7-1 win. Aaron Sanchez was strong while the offense did its job.
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The rematch, not of the punch but of the playoffs. Some of the Rangers prime time players have hit the skids recently. Rougned Odor is hitting .207 while up-keeper of the unwritten rules, Sam Dyson, has an 11.93 ERA. Mike Bolsinger takes on AJ Griffin with his 5+ ERA on Friday. Saturday sees a good pitching matchup, Yu Darvish vs Marco Estrada. On Sunday its Andrew Cashner and Joe Biagini.
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The Edwing returns!

Edwin Encarnacion makes his first appearance in Toronto with Cleveland batting just .217/.349/.377 with five home runs and 11 runs batted in. (Image from Metro News)
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The Jays limp home looking for their first back to back wins of the season. I am sure they would settle for winning two of three in this series without winning back to back. The bats are a little better than they were but not firing on all cylinders. The pitching is hit and miss, now its the bullpen that's coughing up games. This is the last weekend of April, May arrives on Monday. Slow April's can be recovered from, but the team needs to get off to a good May start and they can get ready for that by playing well against the Rays.
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A weekend set against the Angels. A 7-10 team so hopefully the Jays keep them sub-500 this weekend by winning at least 1 of the 4 games.
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The new season is finally here. Several of the roster have registered their opinions on the 2017 season.
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It will be Marco Estrada facing off against Kevin Gausman today. And on Wednesday, JA Happ goes against Dylan Bundy.
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Phew, spring is almost over. It is sunny and the snow is almost all gone up here in Thunder Bay. The Jays have Pearce in LF and Smoak at 1B it seems.
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Getting to the final days of spring now - time for someone to step up.
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Figured it was time to start anew. Jays now 2nd or 3rd worst in the AL (depending how you count it) at 2-7. Yankees using up all their luck now at 10-3, while Boston & Baltimore are solidly mediocre at 5-6 and 6-5 respectively. Tampa a tiny bit better at 6-4.
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Uh oh, panic time. Jays are 0-3 in spring. Time to fire everyone! Oh, these games don't count? OK. ::steps off ledge::
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This is where we sweat the little things...
[More] (1,710 words) was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.
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