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The Tigers once more proved a resilient and irritating foe, prevailing in 13 innings. On a night when even the Royals might eke out a victory, the Jays managed exactly one hit after the fifth inning.
Well, they hit a couple of homers off Dave Bush. So Brandon League came in and they hit even more homers off him.

Nothing helped. We invoked rock stars and philosophers, and the spirit of everything that has ever troubled Detroit.

It was not to be.

Career high 10 wins for Towers, and the Jays go 6 games over .500 for the first time this season. What's not to like?
Frank Catalanotto with the winning RBI! And I called it in the RBI Pool!

Two great games in a row.

And I just heard that Wednesdays With JP is on tomorrow before the game, at 8:30 Eastern.
NFH is asleep now. This is Rob here. John Gibbons is a Slave To The Save and it cost this team the game. No argument, no "but that's second-guessing," no nothing.

It was a terrible move to bring Walker out. Just terrible.

Slave To The Save!
Ho hum, just another win.

Tuesday's Game Report will study the closers in the American League and how Batista stacks up. If you have some belief about Batista ("he sucks" or "he's good" or "he doesn't throw first pitch strikes") or about closers in general, post it in this thread so we can do one of two things on Tuesday:
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Dave Bush was outstanding, not that it did him any good. He pitched his second complete game of the season, and lost this one as well.

The Jays couldn't get many people on base. When they did, they kept hitting into double plays. Rios, Johnson, and Hillenbrand were the rally-killers today. It actually hasn't been a team-wide problem. Only four men in the majors have hit into more DPs than Hillenbrand, but the team itself is middle of the pack.

Or they were before today's game....

Jays win 2-1 on a first inning homer by Frank Catalanotto and an unexpectedly great pitching performance from Scott Downs.
Ho hum, just another win.
Dustin "The Wind" McGowan picked up his first major league victory (and pitched much better than his line indicates, but Pete Walker let both his inherited baserunners score.) Aaron Hill hit a big two-run homer to put the Jays ahead, and Alex Rios hit an enormous three run homer to give them enough to stay there.
F@&@&%$ Hinske!
Towers battled valiantly through 6 innings, but Al Leiter took a day off from being washed up to shut the Jays down for 5-2/3. Torre had to call on Mo for the final out, but the offence once again missed several earlier opportunities to get into it.
Randy Johnson is the Ugliest Man in Baseball. He was Born To Lose. And lose he did, as the top of the Jays lineup got on base again and again and again. The Big Unit was crumpled and folded, and it was wonderful to see.

Oh, and SHEA HILLENBRAND STOLE HOME!!! And I was there! And someday I'll tell my grand-kids....

Gregg Zaun and Russ Adams were great, but an 8th inning Iguchi homer off Speier was the difference. Dustin Hermansen blew away the Jays in the ninth for the save. Any thoughts to help ease the pain?
Four first inning runs hold up as the Jays take their second straight game over the White Sox.

Does this mean Chicago isn't the Jays toughest opponent this year anymore?
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