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The GM meetings start today. There are usually few deals announced at these meetings but the discussions set the scene for the winter meetings in three weeks. Right around now free agents start narrowing down their suitors and getting into their real options including dollars. Reportedly some free agents will show up at the meetings for some face to face meetings and to apply pressure on the GM's by taking a lot of meetings.
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I received a copy of the new Davidi/Lott book this week from the publisher for review.  I read it in three days, in part because it is not a very lengthy read, the book is 180 page of print plus 16 pages of photographs, and in part because it is an easy read.

When I first heard that this book was on its way I wondered what kind of book would it be?  There are those books that are essentially diaries of the season, a day by day or week by week summary of the season that was.  Then there are the books that are about the team, the players and staff, more than they are about the season.  These books rely on interesting characters to provide the backbone of the book.  Finally there are the insider exposes, a tell-all of sorts, as in here is what really happened behind the scenes.

I also wondered whether the authors were able to breach the secretive world of the Anthopoulos front office, would he open up for the sake of history?

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Today marked the end of the line for several Jays MILB Players including 2007 Draft Picks Kevin Ahrens, and John Tolisano.  As well Alan Farina, and Joel Carreno were let go, which might be somewhat suprising.

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By 5pm today we will know if the Blue Jays have extended a qualifying offer to Josh Johnson.  The qualifying offer does not guarantee that JJ will return but it seems inlikely that a team would sign Johnson and surrender a first round draft pick as well.
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Reading some of the "Who to Trade?" articles of the past few weeks got me thinking hypothetically, a very fun but dangerous method of thinking...
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Last week the Batters Box top 30 prospects for 2013 were revealed. Even though the Jays no longer have a top rated system there are a lot of players who could develop into prospects. For example last season Andy Burns was not on the top 30 list, he missed more than half of 2012 with an injury in the year after he was drafted. So here are some names to remember.
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The Toronto Blue Jays and New Hampshire Fisher Cats have agreed to extend its Player Development Contract through the 2016 season. That makes it three affiliates that have deals in place for 2016 after Buffalo and Vancouver signed two-year extensions.

The Fisher Cats have won two Eastern League titles since becoming a Blue Jays affiliate in 2004.
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The World Series could end as soon as tonight, and the WS is closely followed by the hot stove season.  The general managers of the teams who have been eliminated have been talking and ideas are being floated.

One of those ideas hit the internets today when it was reported the Jays were interested in Gordon Beckham of the White Sox.

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RA Dickey edged out Mark Buehrle and Doug Fister for the pitchers Gold Glove.  The first time a Jays pitcher has won one.
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Welcome to the creme de la creme, the number one through ten prospects.  In case you missed it number 11 through 20 are here, and number 21 to 30 are here.

We hope you enjoyed this top 30 and the hope it brings to the future of the Blue Jays organization. 

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Today we look at the prospects rated 20 though 11. For prospects 30-21, click here.
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Welcome to the Batters Box top 30 Blue Jay prospects for 2013. Five of your trusted minor league correspondents pooled their votes to come up with the list. The same trusty five shared the task of writing the prospect descriptions you see below.

The system has seen a lot of movement since 2012.  Travis d'Arnuad, Noah Syndergaard, Jake Marisnick, Adeiny Hechavarria, Justin Nicolino and Sam Dyson were traded.  Five of last years top six prospects were moved to get that extra win from the major league team.

In total, forty prospects received at least one vote.  Twenty three of the top thirty were named on all five ballots.  There was plenty of agreement over who the top twenty prospects were, in name at least.  After those top 20 there are a mixture of players at AAA who might or might not get more than a cup of coffee in the major leagues and on the other side there are a ton of kids in the lower levels who haven't shown much yet.  Do you value Deck McGuire or Ryan Goins higher than Jacob Brentz or LB Dantzler?  The former will probably play a limited role in the major leagues, the latter could develop into all-stars or they could flame out.  

As usual we have split the top 30 into three installments, running Monday through Wednesday. 

We hope you enjoy the list and the discussion.

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And on no account will I tolerate Boston-St.Louis. Enough is enough, I say.

Me, ten days ago. That worked out well.
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The annual Batters Box top 30 prospects will go live tomorrow with prospects 30 to 21 in the spotlight.  Who will be #1?  Will it be Aaron Sanchez or has his prospect status dimmed?  Will it be Marcus Stroman, the new kid on the block?  Roberto Osuna and Daniel Norris improved their ranking this season as did Sean Nolin.  Or could it be a surprise #1, maybe Franklin Barreto who has shown the ability to hit at a very young age?
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With all but two teams eliminated the chatter among general managers is picking up.  Most GM's say that after the season they take a few weeks to work through their needs and then identify possible trade matches with other teams.  The resulting discussions are being kicked off now to be continued at the general manager meetings to be held November 11-13 in Orlando.  And followed by the winter meetings, December 9-12.

Today Bob Elliott kicks off the rumour mill with catching news.

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