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And then the All-Star Break....
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The Blue Jays are setting out on their seventh road trip of 2021 and their last stretch of games before the All-Star Break. They've got three games in Baltimore followed by three in Tampa Bay. At which point Vladimir Guerrero, Marcus Semien, Teoscar Hernandez, and Bo Bichette are off to Denver for the All-Star Game. Everyone else gets to rest and recharge.
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The always irritating Tampa Bay Rays are coming to Buffalo.
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The Mariners are coming to Buffalo for this season's first clash between the expansion cousins of '77. (Let's get this up tonight - the Orioles thread is getting somewhat bloated, as often happens after four games.)
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Yes, we just saw these guys.
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Wrapping up a five game road trip with two games in Miami.

George Springer has been activated from the IL and will be in the lineup tonight, hitting fifth and playing centre field.
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The Orioles have been bad since Ubaldo Jimenez pitched to Edwin Encarnacion with the score tied in a winner-take-all game, while a man with 47 saves and an 803 ERA+ looked on from the bullpen.
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Four games with Boston have created such a huge thread that we'll get this one up Right Away.
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These guys again.
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Let us, however grudgingly, congratulate Tony LaRussa who has now managed his team to more wins than any man in major league history who didn't actually own the team he was managing.

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I'm going to sing that song again, folks. Be ready.
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Welcome to Buffalo.
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I'm so proud. I remembered that the place where the Cleveland Baseball Team plays its home games is currently called Progressive Field. Didn't even have to look it up (except afterwards, to be sure I had it right. Oh well.)
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Still imperial, still evil. Yeah, plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
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We're almost done with Dunedin.
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