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We have all said our piece about the Hinske trade, and they did play a ballgame last night in Tampa we could talk about. Facing Scott Kazmir, the Jays smartly decided to work counts and find their way into the yummy Tampa bullpen. It worked.
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After an off-day, the Jays continue the road trip with three games in Tampa Bay and three in Baltimore. Meanwhile, things are tightening up in the other league.
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Attempting to prick their Wild Card bubble
Making a Twin hit into a double
Words that, to Twins fans, are nothing but trouble
McDonald to Hill to Overbay
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The beat goes on.
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Jays win 5-0.
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Jays win the businessman's special.
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A bullpen implosion makes short work of a strong outing from a rookie starter.
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That's more like it
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I can't give it up
I dose my mind
I can't get enough
I'm in no shape
I gotta turn it off
Just let it play...
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I go
Where I please
I walk through walls
I float down the Liffey

The heart of the White Sox lineup is a patient, powerful animal.
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That must be what it feels like to be rooting for the opposition when Doc pitches.
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Even the awesomeness of Huston Street couldn't make that game any better. Good thing I missed most of it.
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John McDonald was a 12th round pick out of Providence in 1996, so making the big leagues was a long shot for him from the get-go. On the strength of his excellent defence, he beat the odds and got his first taste of the Show in 1999 with Cleveland. Since then hes been up and down between the minors and the majors, been a backup infielder, been non-tendered, been traded for himself. With over 5 years of Major League service time, hes earning relative chump change half a million dollars. And last night, he did something hes probably dreamed of since Little League: he hit a grand slam.
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Once again, here's Alex Obal to tell us about This Day In Baseball:

On paper, Ted Lilly against Chien-Ming Wang looked like the most intriguing pitching matchup of the weekend, and it didnt disappoint.
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Great win for the good guys - coming back from a 3-0 deficit and then winning in extra innings after a blown save 5-4.  Perhaps after the Hillenbrand incident and last night's game the Jays have some momentum and can get on an extended roll.

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