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That didn't quite go according to plan.
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The calm after the storm sees the Jays top the As in unremarkable fashion.
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When it rains, it pours.
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Kris Benson did it again, but alas, Scott Downs didn't. At the intersection of these two unfortunate events was an uninspiring, writer's block-inducing 7-2 loss that puts the Jays squarely between Daniel Cabrera and a hard place.
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We have all said our piece about the Hinske trade, and they did play a ballgame last night in Tampa we could talk about. Facing Scott Kazmir, the Jays smartly decided to work counts and find their way into the yummy Tampa bullpen. It worked.
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After an off-day, the Jays continue the road trip with three games in Tampa Bay and three in Baltimore. Meanwhile, things are tightening up in the other league.
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Attempting to prick their Wild Card bubble
Making a Twin hit into a double
Words that, to Twins fans, are nothing but trouble
McDonald to Hill to Overbay
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The beat goes on.
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Jays win 5-0.
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Jays win the businessman's special.
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A bullpen implosion makes short work of a strong outing from a rookie starter.
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That's more like it
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I can't give it up
I dose my mind
I can't get enough
I'm in no shape
I gotta turn it off
Just let it play...
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I go
Where I please
I walk through walls
I float down the Liffey

The heart of the White Sox lineup is a patient, powerful animal.
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