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The Jays have seven outfielders on their 40 man roster. They cannot keep all seven, who would you drop? This assumes that Randall Grichuk and Lourdes Gurriel will not be dropped because of their contracts. 71 09/13 11:08PM No
When will the Blue Jays promote Vlad Jr? 105 06/04 10:58AM No
When would YOU promote Vlad Jr to the big leagues? 104 06/04 10:57AM No
You are the GM. Assume Josh Donaldson will sign a new contract after 2018 at $30M per year. What is the longest contract would agree to sign? 141 10/03 10:07PM No
With New Orleans changing its name to the Baby Cakes, who really does have the worst nickname in the minors? 75 12/22 05:08PM No
What is the worst new nickname in Minor League Baseball? 51 11/15 07:39PM No
Who do you think will win the 2016 World Series and in how many games? 49 11/03 12:58PM No
Who would you pick to start the wild card game? 57 10/05 09:23AM No
Who would you pick to start the wild card game? 0 10/03 07:49PM No
JA Happ is back, what do you think? 101 12/01 08:15PM No
Marco Estrada gets a qualifying offer. What do you think of that decision? 62 11/09 04:13PM No
How would you grade AA as a GM? 95 11/06 02:20PM No
How would you grade AA as a GM? 0 11/01 02:16PM No
Tulowitzki for Reyes, what do you think? 91 07/30 12:45PM No
Josh Donaldson for Lawrie and Prospects, approve or not? 179 12/03 07:39PM No
Russell Martin Signs for 5/82, your opinion is.. 130 11/26 07:28PM No
Assume the Jays trade Dickey, Buehrle or Happ. Who is the new #5 starter on opening day 2015? 75 10/21 09:19PM No
Do You Believe the Jays will Re-Sign Melky Cabrera? 114 10/05 09:57AM No
Will Kevin Pillar draw a major league walk this season, if so how many? 103 09/28 04:17PM No
At the deadline, the Jays should be looking primarily to: 163 08/03 06:35PM No
Moving Brett Lawrie to second base: 111 07/18 07:07PM No
Better use of a roster spot: 44 07/03 01:54AM No
Of the four teams that aren't the Jays, who's most likely to win the AL East? 66 06/30 05:15PM No
Which team is the biggest obstacle to the Jays' quest for the AL East title? 113 03/24 06:47PM No
This year, you have higher expectations for: 86 03/16 12:24AM No
On paper, the WBC favourite is/was: 33 03/09 11:18PM No
Another over/under: Jays regular-season attendance. 2.75 million (33,950 per game)? 69 03/08 05:26AM No
Prop bet. The NL West will be won by: 24 03/03 01:04AM No
Will the Blue Jays advance to the ALDS this year? 64 02/28 12:03AM No
All else being equal, you are rooting for the... 34 02/22 10:20PM No
Red Sox: 79.5 wins? 71 02/20 04:30PM No
Jays acquire R.A. Dickey, Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas for Travis d'Arnaud, John Buck, Noah Syndergaard and Wuilmer Becerra: 441 01/16 04:16PM No
Jack Morris, Hall of Famer? 161 12/15 02:45PM No
Jays hire John Gibbons: 203 12/03 07:45PM No
Jays acquire Reyes, Johnson, Buehrle, Bonifacio and Buck for Escobar, Alvarez, Hechavarria, Marisnick, Nicolino, DeSclafani and Mathis. 250 11/20 09:10AM No
Jays sign Maicer Izturis for 3 years, $9 million total, plus a one-year club option worth $3 million. 129 11/14 04:33AM No
Given the choice, you would rather: 55 11/08 07:17PM No
You are Alex Anthopoulos. You are aggressively shopping: 108 11/03 10:19PM No
Mike Aviles for David Carpenter and John Farrell. Does this trade make the Jays better off? 177 10/31 06:05AM No
Extend John Farrell? 389 10/21 03:51PM No
Rumored trade: Boston sends Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto to Los Angeles for James Loney, Allen Webster, Rubby De La Rosa, Ivan De Jesus and Jerry Sands. Which team(s) make themselves better off with this trade? 122 09/03 03:39AM No
What is the most the Jays should be willing to pay to re-sign Carlos Villanueva? 204 08/25 01:55AM No
During the regular season, the eight-man bullpen, three-man bench (four in the NL) strategy: 113 08/16 05:35PM No
Jays acquire Brad Lincoln for Travis Snider: would you have made the trade? 213 08/06 07:08PM No
And Steve Delabar for Eric Thames. Same question. 174 08/06 07:08PM No
J.A. Happ should assume the rotation spot currently occupied by: 238 07/31 01:01AM No
J.A. Happ, Brandon Lyon and David Carpenter for Ben Francisco, Francisco Cordero, Asher Wojciechowski, Carlos Perez, Joe Musgrove and David Rollins: 141 07/23 12:54AM No
Call up Travis Snider? 66 07/20 05:07PM No
Potential Anthony Gose callup: 104 07/19 02:34PM No
Hypothetical trade offer: Justin Upton for Gose, Sanchez, Nicolino and Snider. Pull the trigger? 175 07/16 11:12PM No
Jays sign Dustin McGowan to a two-year extension worth a total of $3M with a $4M club option for 2014: 0 03/26 07:28PM No
Your tentative ideal Opening Day lineup against RH pitchers currently includes: 302 03/26 07:16PM No
The rumored 10-team playoff system, with two one-game playoffs involving wild card teams, is an improvement over the old 8-team system. 106 03/06 11:03PM No
Next item up for bids: Braves! 85.5 wins? 40 03/01 03:01PM No
Next subject: Yankees! 93.5 wins? 53 02/28 12:38AM No
Next up: Nationals! 81.5 wins? 38 02/25 02:26AM No
Next up: Rays! 87.5 wins? 39 02/23 11:24AM No
It's over/under poll season. First up: Royals! 78.5 wins? 37 02/22 12:22AM No
You are the GM of a new expansion team. You would rather play your home games in... 73 02/18 12:33AM No
Will the Baltimore Orioles make the playoffs before 2020? 71 02/15 01:00AM No
Who would you rather have on your team for the next five years? (Assume their salaries are identical, so money isn't an issue.) 69 02/11 02:47AM No
First, read this. Then tell us, who is the next pitcher to win 300 games? 110 02/08 04:57PM No
Reductionism week continues. After 2012, we'll all think of Francisco Cordero as: 92 01/30 05:23PM No
Brandon Morrow's destiny: 92 01/27 12:58AM No
HOF '12: Larkin's in. Who's the ONE eligible player on the ballot who most deserved to join hiim? 279 01/24 11:12PM No
So what do you think of the Blue Jays new logo? 136 09/30 10:22PM No
The AL and NL fought each other to a draw in the first series of interleague. Who will finish the season ahead, and by how many games? 78 06/24 05:28AM No
After day 1 of this year's draft, you are: 201 06/13 08:43PM No
Tyler Beede: 52 06/07 04:10AM No
In five days, Kyle Drabek's roster spot should be occupied by: 221 06/06 09:00PM No
Which of these players would you most want to have on your team for the rest of 2011? 117 05/10 06:24AM No
Prop bet. The AL Central champion (records shown as of Tuesday morning) is most likely to be one of: 60 05/06 06:52AM No
Should baseball expand the playoffs to include an extra wild card in each league in 2012? 129 05/03 06:12AM No
Tonight. World Series. Game 7. Bottom of the 9th. Runner on second. Two out. Down 3-2. You've lost the DH and Jon Rauch's spot is up, Yunel Escobar on deck, Brian Wilson pitching. You pinch-hit: 182 04/27 10:10AM No
Brandon Morrow will return to the Jays' rotation soon. For his first turn, he *should* replace: 206 04/23 12:25AM No
As of Thursday morning, the AL East has a won-lost differential of -8. At the end of the season, that differential will be: 90 04/18 06:55AM No
Regardless of who you picked, have the first two series of 2011 changed your prediction for who will win the AL East? 116 04/13 09:56PM No
Who will have a better 2011 with the bat? 131 04/08 04:58AM No
How many games will the Blue Jays win in 2011? 290 04/04 05:09PM No
How many games will the Blue Jays win in 2011? 0 03/28 06:26PM No
How many Blue Jays will make the AL all-star team this year? 150 03/28 06:16PM No
Should Brett Lawrie be on the Jays' Opening Day roster? 181 03/23 05:46AM No
Assuming he remains healthy and productive through 2011, the Jays should be willing to offer Albert Pujols at most: 191 03/19 06:50AM No
7 pm, April 5. Jays vs A's, Drabek vs Harden. At game time, it's 11° C in a light mist. The forecast calls for a chance of showers. You want the roof: 82 03/12 04:24PM No
Your NBA bandwagon is: 50 03/10 02:44AM No
Phillies: 97.5 wins? 74 03/08 01:58AM No
Orioles: 76.5 wins? 90 03/05 02:35AM No
Who is more likely to return to 2009 form this year? 93 03/02 01:30AM No
Which division will have the worst combined record in 2011? 46 02/27 09:42PM No
Which Jays starting pitcher will allow the fewest runs per 9 innings in 2011? (Must have 80 IP to qualify.) 119 02/26 02:13AM No
Assume Jose Bautista is the Jays' regular #3 hitter. Who should be #4? 133 02/24 01:05PM No
How many home runs will Jose Bautista hit in 2011? (Give us a specific number in the comments, if you want.) 203 02/22 08:40PM No
Suppose the Jays sign Jose Bautista to the rumoured $65M/5 year contract. Good move? 112 02/19 08:52PM No
Jose Bautista's arbitration hearing will be won by: 173 02/17 01:20PM No
Jays trade Mike Napoli to Texas for Frank Francisco and cash. 131 01/27 04:36PM No
Who would you have chosen/signed to be the Jays closer in 2011? 85 01/20 10:12PM No
The Marcum for Lawrie deal is complete. What do you think of it? 298 12/12 11:34PM No
If you were the GM of the Jays would you offer a 7 year contract to Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth? 141 12/06 11:12PM No
The Marlins: 100 11/21 10:13AM No
And your World Series prediction is? 152 11/01 07:40AM No
What is your opinion of the Wallace for Gose trade? 298 08/03 12:26PM No
It is time to render your opinion of the Escobar/Gonzalez trade (multiple answers are allowed) 200 07/18 05:52PM No
With Shawn Marcum coming off the DL the Jays have six starting pitchers. Who would you drop from the rotation? 159 07/13 09:40PM No
33% of you would be reluctant to trade Jose Bautista. If the Jays keep him how would you like to see him used? 140 07/08 04:26PM No
Most of you are on the sell now bandwagon. Which of the following would you be most reluctant to trade before the trade deadline? 166 07/05 08:18PM No
Picking up on the debate, what should the Jays do at the deadline? 124 07/02 09:16AM No
If the Jays have only one representative at the All-Star game, who should it be? 194 06/29 09:52PM No
The Jays are off to a great start. Now that one quarter of the season is in the bag, how many games will the Jays win in 2010? 212 05/24 09:42AM No
What do you think of the Blue Jays marketing campaign for 2010 featuring the half human, half Blue Jays? 173 05/17 09:01PM No
Fine, how about this? What career "counting stat" record would you most enjoy seeing pursued and broken? 193 02/06 08:35AM No
Eight active players 31 or younger have 200+ homers. Who ends up with the most, and how many? (Current total and age shown.) [**Voting for Pujols is NOT required.] 90 01/28 10:33PM No
Which active player ends up with the most career base hits? (Current total and age shown.) 77 01/26 10:56PM No
Forget who you're rooting for/against for a second. Who WILL win the 2009 World Series? 252 10/20 07:44PM No
Which age-29 through age-32 100+-game winner will end up with the most career wins? (Current age and win total shown.) 317 08/04 08:39PM No
Doc is on the block. What's your opinion? 344 07/16 11:11PM No
Interesting discussion ... will Scott Rolen be inducted into the Hall of Fame? 252 05/12 09:54AM No
We've started this discussion elsewhere, and it seems pretty split. So let's put it to a vote ... Curt Schilling, Hall of Famer? 213 04/02 11:49AM No
The WBC is down to the "elite eight". Who will win? 197 03/24 04:58PM No
The WBC starts this week. What do you think of the WBC? Vote for as many of these as you want to. 215 03/15 12:48PM No
What is the most egregious error in the 2009 Hall of Fame class? 257 01/22 10:11PM No
In six full seasons, Mark Teixeira has 676 career RBI. How many will he add to that total over his new eight-year contract with NYY? 266 01/13 12:42PM No
Christmas is almost here and cash seems to be in short supply. What should Jays fans ask for this Christmas? 185 12/24 10:51AM No
So AJ is gone, what is your reaction? 280 12/20 09:03AM No
Of this year's candidates, excluding Ricky, who most deserves Hall of Fame induction? Remember vote early and often. 224 12/13 08:21AM No
As we explore answers for all major league teams, who is "Mr. Blue Jay"? (And tell us why!) 323 12/04 08:20PM No
Free agent signing season starts today. Which free agent should be the Jays number one priority? Please consider likely contract length. 292 11/23 09:03AM No
Manny Ramirez is available, should the Jays try and sign him? 150 11/14 09:16AM No
Now that Burnett has opted out, and assuming he signs elsewhere, how will you look back at his time in Toronto? 177 11/12 08:29AM No
2008 World Series prediction time, Rays or Phillies? 257 10/29 11:03PM No
Outside the top 3, which of the Batter's Box Top 10 minor league prospects will have the best big league career? 359 10/19 11:55PM No
Derek Jeter just became the NYY all-time hits leader. Which of the four active players under 40 who have 2500+ hits is least likely to get to 3,000 career? 261 09/14 08:41PM No
Would you trade Roy Halladay to the Texas Rangers? 304 08/30 11:22PM No
Good idea, Geoff ... Longoria and Crawford to the DL -- will the Rays sign Bonds, Barry Bonds? 212 08/17 08:50PM No
Next manager fired will (not "should") be ... 152 08/12 08:13PM No
Which near-the-deadline acquisition will play the biggest role in the 2008 pennant race & post-season? 229 08/05 08:38PM No
More than half of you don't think TBR makes the playoffs. Who from the AL East does? 113 08/01 12:24AM No
Last week of July, TBR still in first place! Where do they end up? 189 07/30 01:21PM No
Jays all-time home run leader (336) Carlos Delgado just hit career dinger #450. Is he a Hall of Famer? 275 07/27 04:20PM No
This season aside, which team, after the Blue Jays, would you most like to see (finally) win a World Series ring? 242 07/23 08:45PM No
Which Jay pitching prospect (yes, yes, TINSTAAPP) will have the best major league career? 318 07/21 10:03AM No
Who wins tonight? (And give us your MVP In the comments area!) 58 07/15 11:45PM No
Least-deserving All-Star? 358 07/15 12:23PM No
Biggest '08 All-Star "snub" ... 147 07/10 02:11PM No
Boston sports: Sox, Celtics wins it all; Pats go 18-1, Bruins make playoffs. Boston is ... 132 07/08 03:15PM No
For U.S. Independence Day ... current MLB manager most likely to be the next "liberated" from his position? 62 07/05 10:00PM No
Interesting question in one of our threads ... greatest Blue Jay SP? 193 07/04 11:51AM No
Are you with Devo or agin' him? Robbie Alomar -- Hall of Famer? 173 07/02 04:11PM No
Today (Friday) marks the season's halfway point, so let's ask the question a little differently ... how many games WILL the Jays (currently 38-42) win this season? 233 06/30 03:41PM No
The Jays (37-42, Pythag. 42-37) reach the '08 halfway point this weekend. What do they have to do the rest of the way to make the post-season? 142 06/27 01:39PM No
Gaston as the new manager 310 06/24 10:49AM No
Gibbons and Ricciardi 288 06/20 05:27PM No
Larry "Chipper" Jones' batting average at the end of the year ... 191 06/18 03:22PM No
So, Milton Bradley is at it again? 179 06/16 12:37AM No
Least likely to still be leading the league in the category listed at season's end: 208 06/12 02:07PM No
DET loses Bonderman; Westbrook out for CLE. What SP loss would most alter the '08 AL race? 220 06/10 05:26PM No
Magpie suggests an interesting question. All at their respective peaks, all equally rested and healthy, who do you want starting Game 7 for your team? 150 06/06 11:08AM No
John Smoltz -- if he's done right now -- is he Cooperstown-bound? 124 06/05 12:41PM No
Who will lead MLB in home runs in 2008? (Current total shown.) 176 06/04 11:51AM No
Who will lead MLB in home runs in 2008? (Current total shown.) 5 06/02 03:59PM No
Who is most likely to win a Triple Crown in 2008? 123 06/02 03:44PM No
Who is currently MLB's best second baseman? 224 06/01 02:30PM No
ESPN's Jerry Crasnick lists 2008's Most Disappointing Teams candidates. (He says it's the M's.) Your take? 214 05/30 11:47AM No
What AL East outcome would you least like to see happen? 87 05/28 12:14PM No
Omar Vizquel just broke the MLB record for most games played at shortstop. Which of the new Top 6 do you most want on your team? (And why?) 168 05/27 09:56PM No
One-third of the season is done. Who will win the 2008 AL MVP? 206 05/26 11:31AM No
Okay, other end of the spectrum ... which of's Bottom 10 teams is actually baseball's *worst* team right now? 146 05/23 05:45PM No
Which of the top 10 in's current Power Rankings is actually baseball's best team right now? 130 05/22 12:34PM No
Chuck asks an interesting question ... who has the more impressive career resurrection? (And why?) 180 05/21 12:11PM No
Which of the six AL (+/- 2 games) .500 teams will end 2008 with the best overall W-L record? (And tell us why!) 166 05/18 04:44PM No
Golf's Annika Sorenstam and tennis' Justine Henin have suddenly announced their retirements. Which baseball retirement, if announced today, would surprise you the most? 211 05/16 11:36AM No
While we're building trees, answer this question: historically, MLB's most influential GM? 149 05/14 01:26PM No
Which of MLB's currently winless starting pitchers (with at least four decisions) will win the most games in 2008? 145 05/12 12:57PM No
Of MLB's undefeated starting pitchers, who's the "best" -- defined as "most likely to end up with a Cy Young Award"? 185 05/10 10:43PM No
When everyone's healthy, who should start at SS for the Blue Jays? 235 05/09 02:38PM No
Okay, the last poll was stupid. (Ichiro, duh!) But per rpriske's suggestion, let's try this: MLB's best Japan-born pitcher? 133 05/07 03:13PM No
40 big league ballplayers have been born in Japan. Who's the best? (Define your terms!) 136 05/06 03:51PM No
The Jays have had six different players combine to produce eight 40-homer seasons. Who did NOT reach that milestone? (Answer within.) 226 05/06 12:32AM No
Trivia Take 5: You know Carlos Delgado is the Jays' all-time leader in RBI, right? But who's second? (Answer within.) 265 05/04 01:28PM No
Dave Stieb is the TOR career leader in almost every counting stat category for SP, including all but one of the following, in which he's second. Which one? (And who's first?) Answer is within. 137 05/01 10:40AM No
We've tried a hitting question and a pitching question ... now, speed. Five Jays have cracked 50 SB in a season. Who is the only one to reach 60? (Answer within; select before peeking!) 196 04/30 11:39AM No
Let's see if you do better with a pitching question ... who is the Blue Jay career leader (min. 500 IP) in K/BB ratio? (Answer within; select yours before peeking!) 198 04/29 12:28AM No
Off-beat trivia question (answer is within -- select yours before peeking!) ... What player in Blue Jay team history has made the most outs? 242 04/27 11:45PM No
Free Adam Lind! 166 04/25 12:48PM No
Other than Doc, who is the best* starting pitcher in baseball? (Again, define your terms!) 145 04/24 12:03AM No
Who is the best position player in baseball? (Define your terms!) 163 04/22 03:56PM No
Frank Thomas released: 205 04/21 01:42PM No's Jerry Crasnick names 15 starters "on the brink" (The Jays have two.) Who will have the best career (top 9 listed alphabetically)? 231 04/20 01:56PM No
The Tigers are 2-10! (With a Pythagorean W-L of, uh, 2-10!) Where do they end up? 209 04/16 05:27PM No
Which current bottom-dweller is most likely to sport the '08 season's worst overall W-L record at season's end? 172 04/14 10:41AM No
Okay, after 85 years, Yankee Stadium will close its turnstiles at the end of the '08 season. Your thoughts? 166 04/12 08:24PM No
Biggest surprise team so far? 139 04/10 03:56PM No
Jeter's hurt, out 3-4 days, but not on the DL. What should NYY do? 89 04/09 12:55AM No
Bizarro Poll II: We did months -- how about other time units? Best of the calendar? 90 04/08 12:34AM No
Bizarro poll: very few professional ballplayers have shared their first or last name with a month. Who's the best? 72 04/05 01:05PM No
Jays Lose! Jays Lose! Doc Loses! Oh no! It's ... Armageddon? 135 04/03 10:41AM No
Who will be the Blue Jays' team MVP in 2008? 209 04/02 11:11AM No
Which signature MLB record is most likely to be broken this season? (And tell us by whom!) 209 03/31 08:38PM No
So Bauxite projections foresee a Fall Classic matchup of AL Wild Card TOR (what a shock!) and NL East champ NYM. Who gets the ring? 211 03/26 01:21PM No
So before we move on to pick a World Series champ, let's finish off the AL ... which of Da Box's choices wins the flag and goes to the World Series? 200 03/23 02:22PM No
So after three considerable blowouts in the division polls ... who grabs the AL Wild Card "title"? 152 03/19 03:50PM No
Finishing up the AL ... and remember, it's "who will win?" not "who are you rooting for?" ... AL East Champion in 2008? 166 03/18 12:39PM No
Well, it wasn't close in the West -- this might be a bit different. Who wins the AL Central in 2008? 149 03/17 10:21AM No
So let's start the process of choosing a World Series opponent for the Mets. AL West winner in '08? 154 03/15 02:29PM No
So before we move on to the hometown AL, let's finish off the NL ... which of Da Box's choices wins the flag and goes to the World Series? 127 03/13 02:26PM No
So we have ARI, CHC and NYM as NL division champs. Who grabs the NL Wild Card "title"? 150 03/11 05:09PM No
So far we have ARI from the West and CHC from the Central in the NL playoffs ... 2008 NL East Division champion? 135 03/10 10:54AM No
Wow, fewer votes than normal in the NL West poll. Maybe you care more about the NL Central ... 2008 Division champion? (And tell us why!) 167 03/08 01:27PM No
It's March, Spring Training is underway. Let's start with the far-away NL West. 2008 Division champion? (And tell us why!) 172 03/05 12:08PM No
Okay, a whole lot of you went "Other" on Snider, and probably rightly so. So what about that other (not-quite-as-)young OF? Adam Lind in 2008: 156 03/02 01:20PM No
As for the really New Kid ... Travis Snider in '08: 80 02/29 05:26PM No
And now The New Guy ... Scott Rolen in '08: 167 02/29 10:01AM No
Moving on to The Man ... Roy Halladay in 2008: 253 02/28 12:25PM No
Shannon Stewart in 2008: 183 02/26 10:07AM No
Dustin McGowan in 2008: 239 02/24 11:27PM No
Yes, yes. it's a bogus stat. But tell us anyway -- who leads MLB '08 in saves? 210 02/22 10:28AM No
Away from ERA, a rate stat, and on to the ultimate pitching counting stat, strikeouts. Who leads MLB'08 in Ks? 195 02/19 12:46PM No
On to the pitchers ... who will post the best league-qualifying ERA in MLB '08? 263 02/17 12:23AM No
So we "royally" like Prince for the dingers and Reyes on the basepaths ... who leads MLB'08 in batting avg.? 144 02/14 11:06AM No
So you like Fielder, Howard and A-Rod in the home run derby; who leads 2008 MLB in stolen bases? 184 02/12 04:29PM No
Who will lead the major leagues in home runs in 2008? And tell us how many he will hit ... 190 02/10 10:58AM No
Who will lead the major leagues in home runs in 2008? And tell us how many he will hit ... 2 02/07 11:49AM No
Which veteran "he's still on the free agent market" player would you most like to see the Jays sign? 259 02/07 11:46AM No
Which of Keith Law's Top 10 MLB Prospects will have the best major league career? [Listed alphabetically, not by rank.] 233 02/04 10:09AM No
Justin Jackson grabbed the #9 spot in Da Box Top Ten Prospects '08 ... Two others were nipping at Jackson's heels. So who's #10? 209 02/01 10:27AM No
After a close early vote, Robinzon Diaz coasts into the #8 slot. So who's the Blue Jays' "fine #9" top prospect? 223 01/28 01:45PM No
Curtis Thigpen (barely) nabs a hotly-contested #7 slot. So who's the Blue Jays' "great #8" top prospect? 217 01/25 10:16AM No
It's Ricky Romero solidly in the #6 slot. So who's the Blue Jays' "lucky #7" top prospect? 223 01/22 10:41AM No
So our top five Jay prospects are (in order) Snider, Cecil, Ahrens, Arencibia and Purcey. Who leads off the "next five"? 210 01/19 02:30PM No
Okay, consensus is clear -- Snider is #1, then Cecil is #2 ... so who is the Jays' #3 prospect? 203 01/17 04:42PM No
It's getting closer, but you say the top four Jay prospects are (in order) Snider, Cecil, Ahrens and Arencibia. So who rounds out the Top Five? 216 01/17 12:05PM No
So we (comfortably) have Snider #1, Cecil #2 and Ahrens #3 ... given that, who's the Jays' #4 prospect? 180 01/15 09:50AM No
Challenge Trade! I'd Rather Have 214 01/14 10:50AM No
Okay, katman, here's your revised question. After Travis "90+%" Snider, who do you think is the Jays' top prospect? 164 01/11 10:35AM No
With the Analyst and Sickels rankings now out, who do you think is the Jays' top prospect? 218 01/09 08:30PM No
Josh Towers has signed with Colorado. Your reaction? 244 01/08 01:25PM No
The latest Beane deal: 159 01/06 06:53PM No
Turning the previous question on its head -- of those returning to the HOF ballot this year, who least deserves a plaque in Cooperstown? 119 01/04 11:16AM No
Of those returning to the HOF ballot this year, who most deserves a plaque in Cooperstown? 175 01/03 10:39AM No
The final in a series of 15 polls: Who has the 2008 AL East's top home field advantage (park, fans, etc.)? 106 01/01 09:28PM No
Who has the 2008 AL East's top front office (GM shown)? 105 01/01 12:14AM No
Who has the 2008 AL East's top manager? 113 12/31 12:10PM No
Who has the 2008 AL East's top bench (three or four shown)? 111 12/30 02:37PM No
Who has the 2008 AL East's top bullpen (top three in each shown)? 115 12/29 02:28PM No
Who has the 2008 AL East's top rotation (front three shown)? 107 12/28 04:40PM No
So the Jays handily take a second outfield spot, RF. Who has the 2008 AL East's top DH situation? 121 12/28 12:50AM No
So the Jays finally win a position, CF. Glance over to Vernon's left now, and vote -- who has the 2008 AL East's top RF situation? 112 12/27 10:51AM No
The first real surprise of the balloting as Tampa Bay takes another position, LF. But who has the 2008 AL East's top CF situation? 106 12/26 04:49PM No
It's NYY in another runaway at 3B. Moving from IF to OF ... who has the 2008 AL East's top starting LF? 106 12/25 10:22PM No
It's NYY in a runaway at SS. Now, who has the 2008 AL East's top starting 3B? 104 12/25 12:26AM No
Well, TOR made a nice run at 2B. Probably won't happen here -- who has the 2008 AL East's top starting SS? 111 12/24 10:01AM No
So the Rays eke out an uninspired positional battle at 1B. Continuing around the IF, then -- who has the 2008 AL East's top starting 2B? 106 12/23 01:46PM No
So it's NYY by a mile behind the plate. Up the line 90 feet -- who has the 2008 AL East's top starting first baseman (-men)? 114 12/22 04:46PM No
Let's evaluate the 2008 AL East, starting with the catchers. Best backstop(s)? 107 12/21 05:12PM No
Of MLB's highest-paid players (2007 salaries), who deserves to be THE highest-paid? 96 12/21 01:08AM No
Most plausible steroids/HGH story/explanation so far? 154 12/20 03:02PM No
Given the Mitchell Report, gotta ask -- Roger Clemens, Hall of Famer? 227 12/18 10:27PM No
Quick, before Santana or Bedard go anywhere -- best '08 "Big Three" in a current MLB pitching rotation? 146 12/16 12:32PM No
Christmas is coming and Santa has agreed to bring you one baseball skill. You ask for ... 247 12/14 12:35AM No
Generic poll #417: most controversial player of the last 40 years? (Defend your choice!) 210 12/12 03:46PM No
Which of these young pitchers will have the most success in 2008? 211 12/10 11:08AM No
Regardless of who he's pitching for, Tim Lincecum will ... 196 12/08 10:34PM No
Rios For Lincecum: 238 12/07 01:17PM No
Given the choice, who would you rather see in a Jays uniform next year? 269 12/06 09:07AM No
Andy Pettitte is coming back to the Bronx. Maybe it's too early to ask, but with 201 wins and 14 more in the post-season ... Andy Pettitte, Hall of Famer? 0 12/03 11:20AM No
Whose uniform will Johan Santana be wearing in 2008? 153 12/03 10:04AM No
An actual trade! Young (plus two) for Garza and Bartlett (plus one). In 2012, looking back, this deal will favor ... 125 11/30 11:13AM No
Which 2008 ballot first-timer most deserves HOF enshrinement? 217 11/29 11:48AM No
Is this a good poll question? 44 11/26 07:33PM No
Dick Williams: Hall of Famer? 95 11/26 10:18AM No
Jimmy Rollins is your 2007 NL MVP. Who should have won the award? 144 11/23 11:22AM No
China fan has a poll question: If you were J.P. Ricciardi and had $4 million available to spend after the Scutaro acquisition, where would you spend that money? 153 11/20 09:36PM No
Bonds indicted! Your first reaction? 180 11/19 09:57AM No
C.C. Sabathia wins the AL Cy Young Award. Who should have won? 139 11/16 12:55AM No
So Da Box likes Rios as the '08 Jay home run leader. Who leads the 2008 Jays in RBI? (2007 total shown) 145 11/14 10:02AM No
The Jays and Yankees are tied at the end of the '08 season and heading to a one-game playoff for the AL East title. Halladay and Burnett are not available. Who gets the ball? 178 11/10 03:30PM No
The use of instant replay is under discussion by MLB. Should it be adopted? 142 11/08 04:02PM No
Interesting debate. So bottom-line it ... given the cost and personality issues balanced against the HOF numbers, would you want Alex Rodriguez on the Blue Jays? 233 11/05 10:49AM No
Magpie wants a poll. Okay, sure ... so, then, whither A-Rod? 136 11/01 04:47PM No
So the 2007 MLB season has come to an end. Best describing your feelings ... 150 10/30 10:38PM No
Who are you rooting for to win the World Series? 188 10/24 08:29PM No
Who will win the 2007 World Series? 164 10/24 08:28PM No
With Torre gone and LaRussa likely to follow, who is the "best" manager in the big leagues right now? 125 10/22 12:14AM No
Did you see what Manny Ramirez said? There's always next year? Whatchathink? 123 10/19 01:23PM No
Who will manage the Yankees in 2008? 137 10/18 11:06AM No
We'll revisit this in a week or so, but as long as we're clearly picking Colorado and Cleveland, who wins the Series? 81 10/12 12:34PM No
Who wins the NLCS? 139 10/11 11:25AM No
Who wins the ALCS? 146 10/11 11:24AM No
So King George and NYY might bid sayanora, Senor Torre, hm? What do you think of that? 152 10/09 02:10PM No
Which of the Batter's Box Top 10 Prospects will have the greatest impact as a Blue Jay? 201 10/06 06:19PM No
Though every team has received multiple votes of support, it appears COL and CLE are Da Box favorites. So who are you most rooting against? 107 10/04 11:46AM No
Not a prediction -- a preference. Who are you rooting for? 187 10/03 01:00PM No
Who would you prefer win tonight to fill out the NL bracket? 99 10/02 12:25AM No
Which team will *miss* the '07 NL Playoffs? 64 09/30 04:50PM No
Major League Baseball's greatest father/son duo? 168 09/29 02:50PM No
Okay, after 38 polls, no real surprises -- it's Willie from NYG-SFG/NLW/NL and Babe from NYY/ALE/AL. So, Bauxites -- greatest player ever? 208 09/27 12:07AM No
So we've done the NL (Say Hey!) Now, then -- greatest AL player? 156 09/21 01:00PM No
So it's Rickey in the West and Ty from the Central ... greatest player in the history of the current AL East teams? 151 09/18 10:17AM No
So it's Rickey from the AL West squads. Now then -- greatest player in the history of the current AL Central teams? 150 09/16 01:58PM No
Over to the AL and back to the divisions ... greatest player in the history of the current AL West teams? 146 09/13 10:07PM No
Before we get to the AL divisions, let's finish the Senior Circuit polling. Greatest NL Player? 138 09/11 11:30AM No
So it's Hank, Honus and ... in the NL West? Greatest player from current NL West teams? 147 09/08 09:29AM No
No surprise -- it's Aaron out of the NL East. Now, greatest player in the history of the current NL Central teams? 121 09/05 01:20PM No
Okay, we've done every team. Now, starting with the NL East, let's go division-by-division. Greatest player in the history of the current NL East teams? 123 09/04 10:01AM No
Morgan Freeman plays Aaron, so who will be F. Robby? 65 09/03 04:43PM No
We've done every other franchise now ... so, on to the home team. Greatest Jay? 204 09/02 01:11AM No
Snipes over Rhames at the wire for the role of Barry Bonds, now who plays Hammerin' Hank? 98 08/30 10:24PM No
We've done every other franchise now ... so, on to the home team. Greatest Jay? 1 08/30 09:29PM No
Following the Leyland Trail in reverse, from Florida we go to Pittsburgh -- greatest Pirate? 127 08/30 09:14PM No
From Orioles to Marlins ... greatest player in Florida franchise history? 128 08/29 02:27PM No
Gooding for Sosa, so who plays Bonds? 74 08/28 01:37PM No
Just four more to go ... so, staying in the general Philly area -- greatest Baltimore Oriole? 114 08/28 01:37PM No
Hoffman as Fehr, Wahlberg as McGwire, who plays Sosa? 50 08/27 04:55PM No
So we've done the A's, who started in Philly ... so how about greatest Phillie? 140 08/27 09:42AM No
So Phillip Seymour Hoffman for Fehr it is, who should play Mark McGwire? 34 08/26 02:49PM No
The casting director needs help for our movie on baseball after 1994. First, who plays Don Fehr? 32 08/25 11:12PM No
Three cities, one franchise ... greatest PHA/KCA/OAK Athletic? 116 08/24 10:19AM No
Finishing up the NL West, then ... greatest Arizona Diamondback? 137 08/23 08:30AM No
Staying in the NL West ... greatest Colorado Rockie? 136 08/21 08:23PM No
Moving down the Pacific Coast ... greatest San Diego Padre? 142 08/20 08:44PM No
We've picked the greatest Brewer -- and remember, they started as the Seattle Pilots. So ... greatest Seattle Mariner? 134 08/19 09:54PM No
As long as we've done the Braves, let's head back to their old digs, Milwaukee ... greatest Brewer? 122 08/18 02:30PM No
We've covered the Indians and Chief Wahoo -- now, over to the Braves and Chief Noc-A-Homa. Greatest BOS/MIL/ATL Brave? 118 08/17 01:07PM No
Back to the Buckeye State, let's choose the greatest Clevland Indian/Nap/Broncho ... 112 08/16 03:28PM No
Well, as long as we're looking at teams that bolted New York for California ... who's the greatest Giant? 117 08/15 08:59AM No
We follow the biggest blowout (KCR) in our polls with the closest vote (CIN). Greatest Dodger? 119 08/14 02:03PM No
Staying in the midwest, but up further north and crossing over to the NL -- greatest Cincinnati Red? 147 08/13 12:37PM No
As long as we're focused on the midwest ... how about KC? Greatest Royal? 123 08/11 12:57PM No
Now, staying the midwest -- greatest Cardinal? 114 08/10 09:22AM No
Staying in the Windy City ... greatest Cub? 107 08/09 09:29AM No
So Ted's Red. Who's the other greatest (White) Sox player? 122 08/08 08:41AM No
Staying on the East Coast, then ... Greatest Red Sox player? 115 08/07 08:49AM No
So we picked the greatest Yankee (Babe Ruth, what a shock.) Now across the City from the Bronx to Queens ... Greatest Met? 155 08/06 09:30AM No
So we nanaged to choose a Greatest Devil Ray. At the other end of baseball's historical spectrum ... Greatest Yankee? 133 08/04 02:28PM No
Jordan says, 'Looking forward to the Greatest Devil Ray survey.' Well, okay then -- here it is: 112 08/03 12:48AM No
So we have Pudge as the greatest Ranger. Of course, now he's in Detroit -- so, who's the greatest Tiger? 128 08/02 08:49AM No
While we're in the practice of ignoring the Washington Senators -- greatest Texas Ranger? 170 08/01 10:06AM No
Looks like we have Kirby Puckett as the greatest Twin. Of course, we didn't consider the Washington Senators. What about the new Washington (and once Montreal) team's greatest player? 159 07/31 09:16AM No
Holy cow, we have Ryan as the greatest Astro and Carew as the greatest Angel ... well, then, who's the greatest Twin? 120 07/29 07:02PM No
So Biggio retires and Da Box picks the All-Time Greatest Astro -- Nolan Ryan? Well, for heaven's sake, then, who's the All-Time Greatest Angel? 122 07/28 01:50AM No
So Craig Biggio is retiring. All-time greatest Astro player? 153 07/26 09:40PM No
If Bud Selig is not at the game when Barry Bonds sets the home run record ... 122 07/25 10:08AM No
Who is the greatest "double initial" player in MLB history? 164 07/24 09:10AM No
Who has been the top starting pitcher (overall) of the 21st century? (Explain your choice!) 130 07/22 07:06PM No
We did this same poll last year (slightly different options) at this time ... so let's see if anything has changed. Who's the best of the regular baseball columnists? 164 07/20 10:24PM No
Discussion in this thread is centering on a proposed Alex Rios trade. That idea ... 64 07/17 02:39PM No
Most surprising major statistical league leader so far? 151 07/17 10:11AM No
The Mets have released 48-year-old Julio Franco. Your reaction is ... 142 07/14 10:24PM No
Best estimate of how the Jays (43-44) will do in the second half of the season? 139 07/13 11:28AM No
Albert Pujols -- only NL positional All-Star not to play last night. Your thoughts? 160 07/12 12:32PM No
Who wins the 2007 MLB All-Star Game? 135 07/10 09:24PM No
Just for the record ... most egregious (healthy non-pitcher) *NL* All-Star "snub"? 97 07/08 11:59PM No
Most egregious (healthy non-pitcher) AL All-Star "snub"? 181 07/07 05:04PM No
What pitcher should start the 2007 All-Star Game for the AL? (* indicates not yet on roster) 168 07/05 09:19AM No
Who should start in the OF for the AL in the 2007 All-Star Game? (Vote for one; top three will make up the OF) 125 07/03 08:50PM No
Well, this one shouldn't be hard. A-Rod is starting for the AL at 3B in the 2007 All-Star Game. Who should be? 105 07/03 12:31AM No
Okay, the homer vote puts Hill at 2B -- now, which AL shortstop should (not "will") start in the 2007 All-Star Game? 70 07/02 09:14AM No
Posada, Morneau ... now, which AL 2B should (not "will") start in the 2007 All-Star Game? 95 07/01 02:36PM No
So we have Posada catching. Which AL 1B should (not "will") start in the 2007 All-Star Game? 126 06/30 01:04PM No
Let's start behind the plate. Which AL catcher should (not "will") start in the 2007 All-Star Game? 147 06/29 09:22AM No
Who will ultimately lead MLB in wins in 2007? (current total shown) 147 06/28 09:06AM No
Who is most deserving of a roster spot in the 2007 All-Star Game? 143 06/27 09:48AM No
RIP, Rod Beck. How will you most remember Beck? 125 06/26 09:34AM No
Not "who is most likely to," but who WILL throw the next Jay no-hitter? 194 06/24 08:22PM No
When the home fans booed Casey Janssen Thursday night, the target was: 123 06/23 10:20PM No
Seven out of eight ESPN baseball writers say Sammy Sosa belongs in the Hall of Fame. Do you agree? 132 06/22 04:13PM No
First-place team most likely to NOT make the playoffs in 2007? 174 06/21 10:59AM No
OK, Perlozzo's gone. Which team is most likely to change managers next, then? 83 06/19 10:12AM No
Which last-place team is most likely to change managers first? 40 06/18 01:05PM No
In honor of Father's Day, what is the greatest father/son player combo in MLB history? 121 06/18 09:18AM No
Sammy Sosa just hit his 599th homer. Your reaction is .... 126 06/17 03:23PM No
Well, that didn't take long -- NYY is over .500. So let's ask this question again: where do they finish? 132 06/16 01:20AM No ranks these (in order) as the Top 5 players in baseball right now. Who's the best? 172 06/12 07:45PM No
Favorite Blue Jay Day 1 Draft Pick 300 06/11 01:47PM No
Which team currently in third place or worse is most likely to win its division? 182 06/07 10:35PM No
As John Northey put it, "there are many second basemen and shortstops who were fantastic but rarely are two greats playing together." So who's the #1 combo? 150 06/07 09:36AM No
Who will be the last full-time (5+ starts so far) SP to post a loss in 2007 (or finish undefeated)? 124 06/05 08:37PM No
Who will end up the starting 1B for the 2007 Yankees? 146 06/04 07:55PM No
Doc won #100 yesterday. Top Blue Jay SP in franchise history? 174 06/02 04:23PM No
Biggest surprise so far: 236 06/01 09:26AM No
[Thanks to AWeb for the idea.] The worst thing *ever* to watch on TV: 193 05/30 09:31AM No
The 2007 season will reach its one-third point (54 games) this week. How have the Jays done, as a whole, so far? (Explain your grade!) 119 05/28 03:26PM No
Not who -- but *what* should the Jays focus their 2007 draft on filling? 159 05/27 09:01PM No
As of 5/22, NYY was 20-23. Where do they finish? 203 05/25 01:27PM No
John Smoltz turns 40 Tuesday. Which 40-something active SP would you most want taking the ball for your club in a Game 7? 488 05/21 12:52AM No
Several MLB clubs are banning alcohol from their clubhouses. This is ... 159 05/10 02:01PM No
Roger Clemens will once again be a New York Yankee. The Yankees ... 127 05/08 05:52PM No
The Jays Lied About Ryan's Injury. Your reaction: 213 05/07 01:36PM No
Who will be MLB's next 40/40 player? ('07 HR/SB shown) 107 05/05 05:26PM No
Uber-Met Jose Reyes is "on pace for" 118 RBI and 106 SB, which would be MLB's first 100/100 season since 1887. Your thoughts? 145 05/04 01:59PM No
Okay, take off those blue-tinted sunglasses and tell us ... who's the best starting pitcher in Major League Baseball right now? 264 05/03 12:49PM No
How long will Joe Torre remain manager of the Yankees? 127 05/01 12:59AM No
We'll revisit this in a few months to check accuracy; by Sept. 1, Royce Clayton will be ... 166 04/29 08:56PM No
Jerry Crasnick on says these are (in order) the best leadoff hitters in MLB right now. In your opinion, who's the best? 178 04/27 03:08PM No
"Round" milestone of the year for 2007? 179 04/26 11:07AM No
Thanks, Mark Buehrle. Now, your NEXT MLB no-hitter comes from ... 221 04/21 03:35PM No
Who leads the '07 Jays in saves? 178 04/19 11:36AM No
Who leads the '07 Jays in saves? 0 04/18 11:47AM No
This exact poll is running on the Blue Jays team page: Who will finish the season with the most wins? 246 04/18 11:43AM No
Bigger DL deal? 60 04/16 05:25PM No
A-Rod "on pace" to hit 122 homers in 2007. How many will he actually end up with? 207 04/14 11:56PM No
Heck of a game at Fenway Wednesday. So, who has the better season in 2007? 166 04/13 12:35PM No
A propos of nothing, what is the "best" team name in the current BBFL? 143 04/12 09:54AM No
So according to Box polls, the '07 Series will feature Carlos Delgado and the Blue Jays. Who wins? 163 04/10 01:32PM No
So Box polls have the following AL playoff teams; who wins and advances to the World Series? 139 04/08 03:02PM No
So if it's the Angels, Indians and Yankees winning the AL divisional crowns, who's your AL Wild Card team? 118 04/06 10:32AM No
Okay, finally -- and remember, this isn't "who are you rooting for?" but rather -- who will win the AL East in 2007? 163 04/05 10:40AM No
Your 2007 AL Central winner will be ... 122 04/04 10:27AM No
So who wins the AL West in 2007? 101 04/03 10:02AM No
So Box polls have the following NL playoff teams; who wins and advances to the World Series? 101 04/02 01:37PM No
So if it's the Dodgers, Cardinals and Mets winning the NL divisional crowns, who's your NL Wild Card team? 119 04/01 01:59AM No
Okay, so far it's STL edging MIL in the NL Central. Now who wins the NL East? 104 03/30 11:14AM No
So you have LAD edging SDP in the NL West. How about the Nl Central? 136 03/29 03:01PM No
Let's start in the other league and on the other coast. Who wins the NL West in 2007? 111 03/28 10:05AM No
Just nine ballots into Magpie's Snakes and Ladders voting, no less than 23 teams have at least one vote -- and at least one (SFG) has multiple votes in BOTH categories. So, what's more likely? 117 03/27 09:56AM No
Dice-K ... he's got the ESPN nickname and is pitching well in Spring Training. How will he do in "the real thing"? 266 03/24 05:17PM No
Nearly 80 percent of you say you'll "take the over" on THT's projection of Toronto finishing 81-81. Okay -- how MUCH over? 220 03/21 05:55PM No
THT has the 2007 Jays at 81-81, one game behind Baltimore. Your reaction? 197 03/20 10:59AM No
Least likely 2006 AL pitching category leader to repeat as '07 leader ... 200 03/18 11:03PM No
Least likely 2006 AL offensive category leader to repeat as '07 leader ... 184 03/16 03:15PM No
Least likely 2006 NL pitching category leader to repeat as '07 leader ... 143 03/14 07:51PM No
Least likely 2006 NL offensive category leader to repeat as '07 leader ... 167 03/13 06:21PM No
Which NL preview prediction(so far) will be most wildly inaccurate? (* indicates division title also predicted) ... 200 03/12 07:55PM No
Leigh's Mad-Lib Dodger Preview is [adjective or adjectival phrase] ... 65 03/10 03:05PM No
You have the first overall pick in the [4x4] All-World Rotisserie Baseball tournament open draft. Who do you pick? 183 03/07 04:59PM No
Tom Glavine (290) should get to 300 wins this year. Randy Johnson (280) isn't far off. Who's next after that? (2007 seasonal age shown.) 228 03/06 04:01PM No
Who Should Hit Second? 325 03/01 02:44PM No
Now that we have a full lineup and some guys to pitch, who manages our All-Time Team? 142 02/25 01:18AM No
Okay, not much question -- Rivera from the right side. So who's the lefty? 141 02/22 11:26PM No
Not that Clemens, Koufax and the Johnsons would need much relief, but starting from the right side, who's that down in the bullpen? 123 02/21 09:48AM No
So Roger Clemens and Walter Johnson are neck-and-neck for the top RHSP role. But what about from the left side? 140 02/20 11:10AM No
Okay, we've finished the lineup. Now on the mound, first a RHSP. Who is it? 143 02/19 09:36AM No
What, you didn't think our all-time team would have a DH? Who should it be? 155 02/17 02:09PM No
So it's the Splinter in LF, Say Hey in CF, and over in RF, well, remember, this is greatest RF, not greatest player. So your vote is for ... 144 02/16 10:05AM No
The recent LF poll quickly turned into a CF discussion, so let's go ahead and settle that one -- your all-time greatest CF is ... 132 02/14 11:30PM No
Arguably the two greatest players ever primarily played CF and RF -- so let's start by naming an all-time LF. Your choices are ... 157 02/13 09:32PM No
Okay, now we need someone behind the plate (or else there would be a lot of passed balls). Your all-time catcher is ... 117 02/12 10:24PM No
Okay, now we need someone behind the plate (or else there would be a lot of passed balls). Your all-time catcher is ... 2 02/12 10:36AM No
Let's fill out the all-time infield ... from left to right, it's Schmidt, Wagner, and Hornsby, and the first baseman is ... 127 02/12 10:33AM No
Hornsby at 2B, Wagner edges A-Rod at SS ... who's at the hot corner? 119 02/10 10:49PM No
Okay, so Hornsby at 2B. Who's his all-time keystone partner? 127 02/09 11:08AM No
The debate goes on in mulitple threads right now ... greatest 2B to ever play the game? 112 02/08 10:48AM No
There are nine eligible 300+ career-save relievers not currently in the Hall of Fame. Who most deserves a plaque? 183 02/05 10:21AM No
Mike Green's Evaluating Closers - Part 2 examines four Hall of Fame pitchers known at least primarily for their relieving. Of the four, who least deserves the HOF plaque? 132 02/02 01:41PM No
Ashby for Sawkiw: 220 01/28 02:42PM No
Tomo Ohka Signing: 238 01/25 04:30PM No
A continuing Hall of Names series needs your early input for its themes. What is the best science fiction television series/franchise? Make your argument or give other alternatives. (Number of series, if more than one, is shown parenthetically.) 142 01/23 06:46PM No
Sammy Sosa back to the Rangers .... 259 01/21 01:16AM No
Overbay Signing 264 01/17 12:04PM No
What former MLB player on this year's ballot most deserves HOF selection by the Veteran's Committee? 169 01/15 11:23AM No
Looking ahead to '08: which iconic '80s OF most deserves Hall of Fame induction? 194 01/12 12:17PM No
Every other baseball site on the Web is asking, so let's see what Bauxites think: Mark McGwire -- Hall of Famer? 135 01/09 02:41PM No
The poll nobody wants to win: Least favorite Ex-Jay? (Tell us why!) 367 01/08 05:10PM No
Roy Halladay, he of the career 95-48 mark, is actually five months younger than A.J. Burnett. How many wins will Doc end up with in his career? 156 01/05 10:30AM No
A.J. Burnett, he of the career 59-58 mark, is 30 this week (1/3). How many wins will he end up with in his career? 145 01/04 01:54PM No
When will Randy Johnson, who has 280, win his 300th career game? 126 01/03 12:49PM No
Boy, y'all love B.J. Ryan. So, pick one Jay (in his prime) to close out a 3-2 game to start the ninth (and tell us why). 219 01/01 11:41PM No
Happy birthday (12/28) B.J. Ryan. What active closer (other than Mo Rivera) would you rather have in the back of the Blue Jay bullpen? 198 12/29 02:59PM No
Who will be seen as the "best" AL off-season trade acquisition? 192 12/28 10:39AM No
If you could have ONE of these 2007 results for Christmas, which would it be? 307 12/25 11:27PM No
Great, thoughtful, well-reasoned conversation in the latest Hall Watch story and thread. So, let's settle the question Mike Green asks: Johnny Damon, Hall of Famer? 177 12/22 05:49PM No
Jeff Bagwell just retired. More than 40 percent of 85,000+ ESPN SportsNation poll respondents say he is not a Hall of Famer. So, straight up or down -- is he? 291 12/19 11:04PM No
Interesting poll question from Bauxite Ron: "If you were a player about to be drafted or about to become a MLB free agent, would you want Scott Boras to represent you?" Explain your answer in "Comments"! 193 12/15 11:22PM No
How many games will Halladay and Burnett combine to win in 2007? (Explain your answer.) 218 12/14 10:29AM No
This poll question is from Bauxite Daniel Rosenberg: Who should the 2007 Blue Jays sign to be their #3 starter? 257 12/12 10:07PM No
Baseball in December ... 171 12/11 04:52PM No
In 2007, Matt Stairs will ... 250 12/09 11:06AM No
Which (as of this writing) unsigned free agent SP will win the most games in 2007 -- and for what team? 167 12/07 08:25PM No
Who will lead the 2007 Blue Jays in OPS? 288 12/06 04:19PM No
Which recent free-agent signing will be seen as the worst of '06? (If "other," specify with a comment.) 263 12/04 02:00PM No
Read Mike Green's latest Hall Watch. Who is most likely to get "Santo'd" and not make the Hall of Fame? 171 12/03 12:54PM No
Royce Clayton ... 237 12/01 11:08AM No
You're JP Ricciardi and 4 players want to sign your 4 year $40M contract... who's your guy? 207 11/30 09:47AM No
Mariano Rivera is 37 today. Whose Age-37 save total is he most likely to match in 2007? 100 11/29 05:29PM No
New Jays hat: 141 11/29 10:52AM No
Yikes. So, take your best guess -- who leads the '07 Jays in games caught? 96 11/28 12:01PM No
Barajas Signing 191 11/28 12:14AM No
In fairness, let's look at the Senior Circuit ... least defensible NL MVP selection of the past two decades? 134 11/27 09:36AM No
Least defensible AL MVP selection of the last two decades? 145 11/25 08:34PM No
Keith Law says it was "an awful pick," but Justin Morneau is your 2006 AL MVP. Who should have won? 286 11/24 01:05AM No
Ryan Howard is your 2006 NL MVP. Who should have won? 168 11/21 04:11PM No
We asked a version of this once before ... Who will end up with the most career homers of these five (current total shown)? 100 11/20 05:16PM No
Which SS is least likely to end up in the Hall of Fame? 232 11/19 03:41PM No
Jays Sign Frank Thomas 249 11/17 10:31AM No
So the Red Sox bid $51.1M just for the rights to negotiate with Daisuke Matsuzaka. In 10 years, looking back, this will be seen as ... 128 11/16 09:18AM No
Most impressive imminent milestone? (Current total shown) 177 11/15 10:09AM No
Which Blue Jay is likeliest to take an '06-Alex-Rios-level performance stride in 2007? 257 11/13 10:13AM No
Which injury-plagued pitcher would be the best free agent signee? 116 11/09 04:49PM No
Which 2007 team is likeliest to continue the current seven-year streak of different World Series winners? 98 11/08 01:50PM No
What should the next poll question be? 57 11/07 12:32PM No
We asked in June Who will lead TOR in RBI in 2006? and y'all were WRONG. So, looking ahead to 2007, who will it be? And how many? 159 11/06 12:16PM No
Who should be the Jays primary C in 2007? 165 11/03 05:03PM No
Which current free agent will have the biggest 2007 impact? 167 11/01 05:04PM No
RIP, Joe Niekro. What knuckleball pitcher would you most want taking the ball for your team in Game 7? 120 10/30 06:00PM No
Callum Hughson asks: Greatest Canadian-born 1B? 43 10/26 11:19AM No
Interesting question from Anders ... after Smoltz (193) and Pettitte (186), who will be the next MLB pitcher to reach 200 wins? 144 10/25 01:17PM No
Forget predictions and projections. Who are you *rooting* for? 183 10/22 12:21PM No
Jim Leyland: Hall of Famer? 107 10/18 04:26PM No
So Batter's Box picks Oakland in the ALCS. Who wins the NLCS? 146 10/13 10:22AM No
It's like 1972 all over again. Who wins the ALCS? 173 10/10 12:18PM No
This exact question is also on right now: "What will be the outcome of the ALDS between the Yankees and the Tigers?" 115 10/07 08:56PM No
What would you rather? 150 10/05 01:48PM No
Which AL team would you most like to see in the World Series? 136 10/04 08:21AM No
Which NL team would you like to see in the World Series? 126 10/03 08:42AM No
Second place. 238 10/03 08:42AM No
Three games left. Most pleasantly surprising Jay stat in 2006? 178 09/30 10:40PM No
The Jays will finish with between 84 and 88 wins. This is ... 196 09/29 05:42PM No
NFH's latest post brings this on: do you watch Gilmore Girls? 158 09/28 02:36PM No
In 1964, PHI collapsed and STL won the NL flag. In 2006 ... 84 09/27 12:59PM No
Who will finish with the best record? (W-L as of 9/25) 83 09/26 08:30AM No
All else being equal (health, salary, etc.), for whom would you be most willing to trade Roy Halladay, even up? 334 09/24 07:28PM No
Which free agent starter will give his new team the most bang for the buck? 157 09/21 01:36PM No
Given their free agents, which area will be most difficult for the Jays to address for 2007? 123 09/20 09:32AM No
If the Jays re-sign all their free agents and make no changes for 2007, how will they do? 216 09/19 11:38AM No
All-Time Blue Jays manager? 219 09/17 03:43PM No
Toronto is an AL city, so we have to ask -- All-Time Blue Jays DH? 200 09/15 11:53AM No
So that's Bell in LF and Wells in CF ... so who the "ell" is the Blue Jays All-Time RF? 204 09/14 10:12AM No
Okay, LF was a no-brainer. But how about your All-Time Blue Jays CF? 214 09/12 09:53PM No
All-time Blue Jays LF? 205 09/11 01:30PM No
And at the hot corner for your All-Time Jays? 288 09/09 12:11PM No
And at the hot corner for your All-Time Jays? 0 09/06 09:02PM No
Again, you can make an argument there should only be two, maybe three, candidates in the Jays All-Time SS poll. Who wins? 202 09/06 08:57PM No
Okay, maybe there should only be two candidates in this poll. Regardless -- who joins Delgado on the 1B/2B side of the All-Time Jays infield? 202 09/05 05:43PM No
So, Borders and Whitt share the catching duties ... who's that down at 1B? 200 09/04 05:10PM No
So Clemens '97 starts, Henke '87 closes ... who's catching? 123 09/02 04:03PM No
Okay, so you want Henke to close it out. But who throws those first eight innings for the All-Time Jays? 136 09/01 01:41PM No
You turn and tap your arm at the all-time Jay bullpen. Who are you calling on for that last three outs? 203 08/31 04:18PM No
The KC Royals, eliminated in the AL Central last week, were eliminated from the post-season entirely this week. How many games will KCR win in 2007? (And why?) 92 08/29 08:42PM No
Who will end up with the most career saves (current total shown)? 157 08/28 04:33PM No
Rollie Fingers is 60 on 8/25. Who is the "greatest" relief pitcher in MLB history? (Define your terms.) 106 08/25 11:13AM No
Two outs, bottom of the ninth. Tie game, runner on third. Which of the 8/22 HOF birthday boys do you want at the plate? 140 08/24 09:58AM No
No, seriously -- who wins the NL pennant? 98 08/22 12:07PM No
The back will say "Wells." What will the front of Vernon's 2007 jersey read? 160 08/21 10:40AM No
Yankees take Game 1 of the 5-Game NYY/BOS clash. You are hoping for: 88 08/19 11:30PM No
Hinske to the Red Sox! React: 247 08/18 04:46PM No
Which Evans belongs in the Hall of Fame? 88 08/17 11:57AM No
If not Johnson, maybe "Robinson" is baseball's greatest surname. Who's the best of the best? 107 08/15 11:32AM No
"Johnson" may be baseball's best surname. Who's the best of the best? 114 08/13 03:00PM No
Pepper asked for it, so here it is -- baseball's greatest Gwosdz? 54 08/12 12:48PM No
So, it's Keith Hernandez and Ozzie Smith. But which Jones is baseball's best? 105 08/11 11:07AM No
Okay, we've done the Hernandezes, so let's start at the top. Who is the greatest Smith in baseball history? 94 08/10 09:38AM No
With Livan in the news today, traded to the D-backs, the obvious question is -- who is the greatest Hernandez in MLB history? 96 08/08 05:12PM No
Which team deserves the #1 position in a current MLB Power Ranking? 147 08/07 02:23PM No
Six innings, no hits. 72 pitches, 45 minute rain delay. Greg Maddux exits his LA debut. This was ... 132 08/05 04:36PM No
How many playoff teams should baseball have in each league? (Check comments for details) 141 08/03 08:54PM No
Which deadline acquisition will have the greatest effect on the 2006 pennant race? 118 08/02 09:27AM No
If you could have one player's single trait which of the following would you adopt? Tell us why! 171 07/31 10:13PM No
Toughest Hall of Fame pitch to hit in major league history? 161 07/29 08:50PM No
July 26 would have been Hoyt Wilhelm's 84th birthday. Who is the greatest knuckleball pitcher in MLB history? 121 07/27 03:01PM No
Just for the record, then, which team will represent the NL in the World Series? 140 07/26 12:27PM No
Which team will represent the AL in the World Series? (See note in comments) 187 07/25 10:10AM No
First, read Mike Green's latest Hall Watch feature. Then, give your take on "Vladimir Guerrero ... Hall of Famer?" 166 07/23 04:22PM No
Which active 200-game winner, all currently short of 300, will end up with the most career wins (age, current total shown)? Tell us why and how many! 128 07/21 10:10AM No
Andruw Jones, who is 29, hit his 325th career home run this week. How many will he end up with? 121 07/20 01:26PM No
Who will win the All-Star Game on Tuesday? 250 07/11 09:22PM No
No Hall of Famers born on July 6 ... who's the best player born on 7/6? 62 07/07 10:44AM No
Billy Wagner just notched his 300th career save. Which of these under-35 active pitchers will retire with the most saves? (Current age and career save total through 7/4 shown.) Will any catch Trevor Hoffman (456)? 169 07/06 02:39PM No
Most *surprising* All-Star roster omission? 206 07/04 05:03PM No
At 145-146 into Saturday, John Gibbons is already sixth on the Blue Jays' all-time managerial wins list. Where does he end up? (Current position holder shown.) 144 07/03 10:53AM No
Yeah, yeah, Glaus has 240 and Wells has 129. But which of these "other" Jays will end up with the most career homers? (Total through 6/29/06 shown.) 130 07/01 04:24PM No
Read Magpie's latest Big Numbers story. Then come back here and tell us, which of these five will end up with the most career RBI? (Age and RBI total through 6/27 shown.) 162 06/30 04:33PM No
Which of these will end up with the most career strikeouts? (Age and K total through 2005 shown.) 127 06/28 01:30PM No
Who will end up with the most career hits among these three? (Age and hit total through 6/24 shown.) 109 06/26 12:36PM No
Now for the pitchers ... who will end up with the most career wins among these three? (Age and current win total shown.) 98 06/25 04:00PM No
Who will end up with the most career homers of these three (current total shown)? 151 06/24 12:21PM No
The Rocket's red glare is back against the Twins tonight. How will he fare? 70 06/22 08:57PM No
You need to tap your left arm to summon someone from the Jays' all-time bullpen. In your vision, which 20th-century lefty comes trotting to the mound? 147 06/22 01:45PM No
You need that One Big Hit. Who do you call from the Blue Jays' all-time bench? 146 06/21 02:16PM No
It's Schilling versus Smoltz in Turner Field this weekend. Down the line, who gets the Hall of Fame call? 168 06/19 11:51PM No
Believe it or not, Kerry Wood turns 29 this weekend. What's his ultimate career label? 188 06/18 10:54AM No
Great article by Magpie ... now, which current backstop will make the best MLB manager? 170 06/16 10:57AM No
Who will finish second to BJ Ryan in saves for the 2006 Blue Jays? (Current total shown) 135 06/14 05:32PM No
Obscure stat pick of the week -- who will lead the 2006 Jays in triples? (Current total shown) 162 06/13 08:02PM No
Who will lead TOR in RBI in 2006? (Current total shown) 152 06/12 02:00PM No
These are not your runnin' Jays. Who will lead TOR in SB in 2006? (Current total shown) 150 06/10 11:29PM No
What batting title qualifier will lead the Blue Jays in BA in 2006? (Current average shown.) 237 06/09 10:47AM No
Keith Law is leaving the Jays. His time here deserves the grade of ... (And explain!) 82 06/02 11:47AM No
Sure, it's early, but seriously -- what Kansas City Royal should represent the club at the All-Star Game? 112 06/01 05:35PM No
Let's play ... Nickname the New Guy! From hereon in, Edgardo Alfonzo shall be known as ... 185 05/31 04:26PM No
Come October, the Jays' acquisition of Edgardo Alfonzo will be ... 167 05/30 10:44AM No
How many more innings will Josh Towers pitch in his Major League career? 178 05/27 10:50PM No
How many more innings will Josh Towers pitch in his Major League career? 1 05/26 10:59AM No
By 2008, Russ Adams will be ... 170 05/26 10:56AM No
Today is HOFer Zack Wheat's 118th birthday. Who is the greatest MLB player with an All-Food last name? 135 05/24 11:54PM No
Given the choice, would you get rid of: 247 05/20 06:06PM No
Is Barry Bonds done? How many career homers will he end up with? 212 05/18 12:17PM No
Where will Rios' OPS be at the end of the season? 211 05/16 10:50AM No
What's the *best* trade in Blue Jay history? 249 05/14 11:49AM No
Who should start for the Jays on May 14 against Tampa Bay? 289 05/12 08:58AM No
Your all-time Jays trail 11-2 and you need one guy to give six good middle relief innings. Who gets the ball? Tell us why. (Yes, these are your only options!) 104 05/10 11:44AM No
Okay, we've responded to bottom-of-the-ninth questions about pitching and hitting ... now, who would you want actually making those calls? 231 05/09 03:01PM No
Bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, two outs, UP one ... what reliever do you most want on the mound? Tell us why, or if it's someone else. 314 05/08 10:39AM No
Bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, two outs, down one ... who do you most want at the plate? Tell us why! 338 05/05 11:57PM No
Biggest 2006 leaderboard shocker so far? Specify other candidates in a comment. 157 05/03 04:48PM No
Most surprising 2006 team so far? (Tell us why!) 237 05/02 04:22PM No
How long should Delmon Young be suspended? 175 04/29 02:52PM No
Your Intial Reaction to Shea PHing For Overbay 211 04/27 09:53AM No
Who should start in AJ Burnett's spot Thursday against the Orioles? 259 04/24 10:42PM No
Which of the following active pitchers (each currently with less than 100 career wins) is most likely to reach 300 career? 145 04/23 01:37PM No
Which of the following will end 2006 with the most career homers? 260 04/22 07:32PM No
He's currently at 5 no-hit innings. How many will the SS Loogy total before giving up a hit? 69 04/19 06:23PM No
So Pedro Martinez won his 200th game. Who is the greatest Dominican pitcher in MLB history? 137 04/19 08:36AM No
Home runs are actually up this year. What total will the 2006 major-league leader hit? (And who will it be?) 135 04/18 10:48AM No
Good question from Gitz: who starts your win-or-die game? And tell us why! 174 04/17 08:35AM No
Okay, once and for all, "The Wave" ... 331 04/14 04:43PM No
Which surprisingly fast starter is most likely to earn a top-10 MVP or Cy Young vote this year? 173 04/11 01:12PM No
Which perfect record will last longest? 113 04/09 12:50PM No
Game 3 MVP 153 04/07 07:27PM No
Who was the Blue Jay Game 2 Star of the Game? 96 04/06 10:36PM No
Game One Star of the Game 250 04/06 12:51PM No
In 2016, which of today's starters is most likely to get a "HE made an Opening Day start?" response? 237 04/04 10:35PM No
Kirk or Picard? 87 04/02 09:24AM No
Which is the best 1 - 2 bullpen punch in the NL? 101 04/01 12:34AM No
Which is the best 1 - 2 bullpen punch in the AL? 189 03/31 08:46AM No
Which pair of NL starters is most likely to provide 400 top-drawer innings in 2006? 153 03/30 08:28AM No
Which pair of AL starters is most likely to provide 400 top-drawer innings in 2006? 147 03/29 08:52AM No
Who is the least accomplished pitcher to have started a World Series game in the last 20 years? 142 03/28 02:52PM No
Check out the "Over/Under" column. Which of these Batter's Box consensus picks do you LEAST agree with? 255 03/26 11:29AM No
Which team will you be rooting for? 152 03/21 10:28AM No
How interested are you in the WBC final tonight? 140 03/21 10:27AM No
Signing Roy Halladay to a contract extension - a good idea? 314 03/19 11:36PM No
In light of Gerry's preview, do the Braves make the playoffs YET AGAIN in 2006? 126 03/16 12:00PM No
What's the most fitting image for Rockies fans in Scott Lucas's Colorado preview? 90 03/13 11:09AM No
Look who's atop Pool B. Will Canada knock off Mexico to go 3-0? 129 03/09 11:06PM No
Today at the WBC: Canada (Loewen) vs. USA (Willis). What's going to happen? 77 03/08 07:15PM No
It feels wrong to you, personally, if you leave a ballgame without enjoying .... 205 03/08 10:41AM No
At what "away" ballpark would you most like to attend a game? 227 03/05 09:15PM No
Bret Boone retired today, with four Gold Gloves and 252 homers. So it's not as silly a question as one might think. Bret Boone, Hall of Famer? 186 03/02 03:10PM No
Who will lead the 2006 Blue Jays in RBI? (And tell us how many in "Comments.") 160 03/01 03:25PM No
Read Pistol's MVP. Then come back here and choose. 188 02/28 03:25PM No
How many innings will Pete Walker work in 2006? 77 02/16 03:15PM No
ERA for Pete Walker, 2006: 73 02/16 08:19AM No
How many at-bats will Alexis Rios accumulate in 2006? 95 02/15 08:20AM No
What OBP will Alex post in 2006? 93 02/15 08:20AM No
SLG for Rios in 2006: 90 02/15 08:19AM No
How many at-bats for Eric Hinske in 2006? 116 02/14 08:37AM No
2006 will see an OBP from Hinske of: 110 02/14 08:37AM No
The Dude and his SLG in 2006: 110 02/14 08:37AM No
How many at-bats will Shea Hillenbrand total in 2006? 113 02/12 09:57PM No
OBP for Shea Hillenbrand in 2006: 110 02/11 11:24PM No
2006 season SLG for Shea: 102 02/11 11:24PM No
What will Gregg Zaun's on-base percentage be in 2006? 112 02/10 08:11AM No
G.O.Z, slugging percentage, 2006: 91 02/10 08:11AM No
What will Bengie Molina's on-base percentage be in 2006? 114 02/09 08:07AM No
What slugging percentage will Bengie Molina post in 2006? 102 02/09 08:07AM No
How do you expect the Jays to divvy up playing time between Molina & Zaun? 212 02/08 08:10AM No
If the Jays ink Bengie Molina today, my reaction is... 190 02/07 08:15AM No
How many innings will Scott Downs pitch in 2006? 107 02/05 12:38AM No
How many earned runs per nine innings for Scott Downs in 2006? 94 02/05 12:38AM No
In which of these venerable ballparks would you most like to catch an afternoon ballgame? 138 02/03 09:15AM No
Forced to choose, I would prefer... 235 02/01 04:53PM No
How many innings will Scott Schoeneweis pitch in 2006? 88 01/28 10:15AM No
ERA for the SS Loogy in 2006: 82 01/28 10:15AM No
A tough one: How many at-bats will Reed Johson collect in 2006? 112 01/27 08:31AM No
What will Reed Johnson's OBP be in 2006? 101 01/27 08:31AM No
Sparky's SLG in 2006: 98 01/27 08:31AM No
Forget payroll for a second. Who would you want as your GM based on talent alone, and why? 312 01/25 11:55AM No
SLG for the Minister of Defence in 2006: 89 01/21 02:02PM No
Johnny Mac's OBP in 2006: 93 01/21 02:01PM No
How many at-bats for John McDonald in 2006? 111 01/21 02:01PM No
How many at-bats for Frank Catalanotto in 2006? 100 01/20 09:03AM No
How frequently will the Cat be on base in 2006? 98 01/20 09:02AM No
SLG for Frank in 2006: 99 01/20 09:02AM No
We know Ted Lilly will be paid $4M in 2006, but how many innings will he pitch? 128 01/19 09:24AM No
Theodore Roosevelt's 2006 ERA: 109 01/19 09:23AM No
How many innings will Vinnie Chulk chuck in 2006? 105 01/18 08:41AM No
The Incredible Chulk and his ERA in 2006: 106 01/18 08:41AM No
How many innings will Gustavo Chacin log in 2006? 120 01/17 08:11AM No
ERA for Gustavo Chacin, 2006: 120 01/17 08:11AM No
How many at-bats for Aaron Hill in 2006? 153 01/16 09:01AM No
What will Aaron Hill's on-base percentage be in 2006? 150 01/16 09:00AM No
What will Aaron Hill's slugging percentage be in 2006? 150 01/16 09:00AM No
How many innings will A.J. Burnett log in 2006? 136 01/14 11:04AM No
What will Burnett's ERA be in 2006? 135 01/14 11:04AM No
How many innings will Jason Frasor fling in 2006? 117 01/13 09:23AM No
Earned Run Average, J. Frasor, 2006: 122 01/13 09:23AM No
How many at-bats for Lyle Overbay in 2006? 147 01/12 08:05AM No
OBP for Lyle Overbay, 2006: 139 01/12 08:05AM No
What will L'Overbay's SLG be in 2006? 136 01/12 08:05AM No
How many innings will Justin Speier pitch in '06? 110 01/11 09:05AM No
What will Justin Speier's ERA be in 2006? 123 01/11 09:05AM No
How many at-bats for Russ Adams in 2006? (Read this!) 144 01/10 09:25AM No
At what rate will Russ Adams get on base in 2006? 143 01/10 09:24AM No
What slugging percentage will Russ Adams post in 2006? 137 01/10 09:24AM No
How many at-bats will Troy Glaus total in 2006? (Read this!) 166 01/09 08:27AM No
What will Troy Glaus' OBP be in 2006? 148 01/09 08:27AM No
What will Troy Glaus SLG as a Blue Jay in 2006? 147 01/09 08:27AM No
What ERA can we expect from Josh Towers in 2006? 142 01/07 12:00PM No
How many innings will B.J. Ryan pitch in 2006? 164 01/06 09:09AM No
What will B.J. Ryan's ERA be in 2006? 170 01/06 09:09AM No
How many at-bats will Vernon Wells rack up in 2006? (Read this!) 170 01/05 08:11AM No
What will Vernon Wells' OBP be in 2006? 167 01/05 08:11AM No
What will Vernon Wells' SLG be in 2006? 162 01/05 08:11AM No
How many innings will Roy Halladay pitch in 2006? (Read this!) 239 01/04 08:22AM No
What will Roy Halladay's ERA be in 2006? 234 01/04 08:22AM No
With O-Dog gone south, Aaron wants to know, who should appear on the new banner? 48 01/02 01:09PM No
Assume they'll all be in TO and all will play. Who should start at 3B? (And tell us why in "Comments," please!) 242 01/02 11:34AM No
Yes, it's OFFICIAL. Troy Glaus is a Blue Jay. Your immediate gut reaction is ... 303 12/30 10:23AM No
Best Blue Jay Offseason Move 260 12/28 11:45AM No
It's Christmas Day! What is the ONE individual player accomplishment you ***most*** want to find a 2006 guarantee for under the tree? 193 12/26 09:19AM No
Assuming this whole Glaus acquisition is confirmed, how many homers will he hit for Toronto in 2006? 180 12/25 01:05AM No
Troy Glaus is mentioned to Toronto in trade talks. What do you think? 226 12/24 12:50AM No
A straight swap of former All-Stars -- Steve Finley from ANA to SFG for Edgardo Alfonzo. Who won? 137 12/23 08:23AM No
That's right, Johnny Damon is the Yankees' new CF. When it's all said and done, which former Yankee CF will Damon most approximate? 119 12/22 12:09AM No
Looks similar, but a different question ... Who is MOST likely to still be a Blue Jay come Opening Day? 148 12/20 08:49AM No
Who is LEAST likely to still be a Blue Jay come Opening Day? 283 12/19 10:24AM No
Which Jay hitter is most likely to be an All-Star in 2006? 181 12/16 02:59PM No
Which Jay hurler is most likely to be an All-Star in 2006? 216 12/16 02:59PM No
You need to hire a new GM for your mid-market team. Who's your man? 165 12/15 08:53AM No
As a Jays fan, which team would you prefer Clemens sign with? 119 12/14 09:13AM No
Roger Clemens back to the Red Sox? It's possible, if still unlikely. What do you think? (And be sure to add a comment!) 128 12/13 08:12AM No
Edgar Renteria and cash for Ande Marte. Who's the winner? 191 12/12 10:50AM No
Lyle Overbay for Dave Bush, Gabe Gross and Zach Jackson. What d'ya think? 458 12/08 10:15PM No
Who will lead the 2006 Blue Jays in starts as the cleanup hitter? 74 12/08 12:49AM No
Who is most likely to be a Jay in 2006? 181 12/07 07:59PM No
Who is most likely to be a Jay in 2006? 196 12/07 07:58PM No
Scale of 1-5 (5 being great, 1 being awful) how do you rate the Burnett signing? 333 12/07 09:03AM No
Who is the most "untouchable" Jay when it comes to trades -- and why?? 213 12/06 08:49AM No
SHOULD Orlando Hudson be traded this off-season? 185 12/04 11:59PM No
WILL Orlando Hudson be traded this off-season? 176 12/04 11:59PM No
Who would you rather have in the 2006 rotation? 154 12/02 10:42AM No
Who would you rather have in the 2006 rotation? 173 12/02 10:41AM No
JP Ricciardi is likely to get an extension through 2010 shortly. Do you agree with this move? 191 11/30 10:47PM No
Of the 14 first-time candidates, who MOST deserves to be enshrined in Cooperstown? 184 11/29 07:31PM No
Part 2 of The BJ Ryan Poll Experience: How many saves will he have in 2006? 161 11/28 02:07PM No
Now that Magpie has everyone all worked up again, how many games will the Blue Jays win in 2006? (Add a comment so we can check back on the best guesses next year at this time!) 122 11/26 12:53AM No
Okay, the C, G and R teams have grabbed the first three spots in our semi-finals. Who fills out the quartet? 90 11/24 02:05PM No
If you were the Jays GM would you be willing to give AJ Burnett a 5 year contract? 184 11/21 10:22AM No
So in one half of the bracket, "C" will play "G" ... who advances from the following into the first spot in the other half of the bracket? 83 11/17 11:20PM No
Back before the playoffs started, the "C" squad won the first round of the all-alphabet playoffs rather handily. Who wins this next round? 110 11/14 02:10PM No
I get Walter Johnson and the 1938 AL All-Star team. You are betting your LIFE on the 1987 AL All-Stars and what historical Blue Jay pitcher? And why? 156 11/09 01:43PM No
You have the first pick in the all-time baseball player draft; who do you take? 173 11/07 09:04AM No
New combo ... which of the following 10 players, who each made it to the big league level in both baseball (MLB) and hoops (NBA) turned out to be the best at both? 50 11/03 03:29PM No
69 MLB players have also played in the NFL. Who is/was the best *combo* player in the lot? 148 11/02 01:21PM No
Which early-declaring free agent would you most like to see the Blue Jays pursue (and, using "Comments," how much would you pay)? 103 10/31 07:21PM No
What's going to happen in 2006? 90 10/30 12:47PM No
Who was the Game 4 player of the game (this is not Series MVP)? 72 10/28 06:11PM No
This may be a no-brainer, but who was Game 3's player of the game? 50 10/27 12:04AM No
No baseball Monday as the World Series shifted to DeepinTheHearta.How did you spend your time? 69 10/26 12:22AM No
OK, Bauxites went with Joe Crede in Game 1. Who was Game *2* player of the game 77 10/24 09:28PM No
Who was Game 1 player of the game, and early frontrunner for WS MVP? 50 10/23 11:13PM No
A slight majority of you think HOU will win the Series. Different question: Who are you ROOTING for? 127 10/23 12:58AM No
Who do YOU want pitching a Game 7 for all the marbles? 40 10/20 07:42PM No
Okay, it's set. Who wins? 53 10/20 02:10PM No
Will Albert Pujols' ninth-inning homer last night crush the life out of the Astros as the series return to St. Loo? 121 10/20 12:56AM No
Will the Astros finish off the Cardinals tonight? 57 10/18 10:07AM No
What is the worst possible World Series matchup, the one you are least likely to care about or watch? (Use "Comments" to explain why.) 101 10/17 01:22PM No
Should there be instant reply in baseball? 112 10/16 12:57AM No
So, what's your take on The Pierzynski Affair? 115 10/14 10:50AM No
The NL half of the semifinals is set .. who wins? 166 10/13 11:57AM No
And now the AL half of the semifinals is set ... who wins? 151 10/13 11:56AM No
Which team does yesterday's rainout help more? 17 10/09 10:07PM No
Cristian points out that the Boston Globe is reporting the Jays might be a suitor for Manny Ramirez in the offseason. Do you want him, and if you vote yes, using the "Comments" area, what would you give up? 135 10/09 03:36PM No
Do the Red Sox have another miracle in them? 77 10/07 01:31PM No
A 3-part poll: How many at-bats will Corey Koskie record in 2006 (assuming he's still a Blue Jay)? 99 10/05 11:19AM No
Part 2 of 3: What will Corey Koskie's on-base percentage be in 2006? 82 10/05 11:19AM No
Part 3 of 3: What will Corey Koskie's slugging percentage be in 2006? 89 10/05 11:19AM No
Which two teams will advance to the NLCS? 98 10/04 12:37PM No
Which two teams will advance to the ALCS? 95 10/04 12:37PM No
Three teams, two spots. Which of these AL clubs will NOT make the playoffs? 108 10/02 08:15PM No
Final AL playoff spot on the line, final day of the season. Choose the starting pitcher YOU want going to the hill to get your team into The Dance. (Feel free to post a different NYY, BOS or CLE hurler in "Comments" after selecting "Other") 117 09/30 08:18PM No
First round of the Alphabet Playoffs: Who wins a round-robin 162-game equivalent season? 103 09/29 01:19PM No
A double poll question: which AL contender would you like to *miss* the playoffs? 170 09/26 05:22PM No
A double poll question: which AL playoff contender are you rooting for? 187 09/26 05:22PM No
Which 35-or-under active pitcher will end up with the most career wins? (Current total and 2005 age are listed.) 124 09/23 01:12PM No
Who will end up with the most career home runs? (Shown with total as of 09/20/05) 107 09/22 11:02AM No
Who will (not "should") win the NL Manager of the Year award? 102 09/21 01:52PM No
Who will (not "should") win the AL Manager of the Year award? 135 09/20 02:41PM No
Okay, Junior Griffey picked up nearly three-quarters of the votes forecasting the 2005 NL Viagra Comeback Player of the Year -- two more JGs are among the six official candidates in the AL. Who will (again, not "should") win? 119 09/18 06:22PM No
It's time to predict who will (not should) win the Viagra comeback player of the year (yes, it's really called that, no Rafael Palmeiro jokes, please). The official list of candidates is already out; here's the NL crew: 106 09/16 02:56PM No
So Pujols nudged Jones in the Boxcast for the NL MVP; now who will (again, not "should") win the AL MVP? 133 09/15 04:24PM No
Okay, next ... who WILL (not should) win National League Most Valuable Player? 135 09/14 11:19AM No
It was a very close race for AL Rookie of the Year. Now, vote on who you think will win the NL version of the award. (Remember, who will win, not who should win.) 122 09/12 03:35PM No
You've voted on the Cy Young winners (Carpenter and Colon); now, who do you think will win the AL Rookie of the Year? (Again, not who should win, who WILL win?) 133 09/10 12:13PM No
Bartolo Colon for the AL Cy, huh? Well, how about his NL counterpart? Again -- not who SHOULD win, but who WILL win? 115 09/09 08:51AM No
It's September, so let's get into the post-season awards prediction business. First up, who will -- not who should, who WILL -- win the AL Cy Young Award? 100 09/07 08:14PM No
We took nominations in the "Shocking!" thread on Sunday; now you vote -- what's the most surprising thing about the 2005 season so far? 113 09/06 09:57PM No
Which ex-Jay hurler would you LEAST like to see win a 2005 World Series ring? 129 09/05 09:30PM No
It's The Finals! Who has the best "name" in Blue Jay franchise history? Feel free to "campaign" for your favorite in "Comments." 123 09/04 05:33PM No
Okay, so Mookie Wilson is joining Candy Maldonado and Huck Flener in the "best Blue Jay name" runoff. Wouldn't you know, we got more nominees; so before we go to the finals, let's pick one more: 68 09/02 10:46AM No
Which of these end-of-the-alphabet guys joins Candy Maldonado and Huck Flener in the runoff for "Best Blue Jay Name" (non-nickname variety)? 71 09/01 10:30AM No
Candy Maldonado swept to victory in Round 1; who deserves to go head-to-head with the Candyman for best Blue Jay (non-nick)name? (Part 2 of 3) 106 08/31 11:08AM No
Who has the best "name" in Blue Jay history? 119 08/30 11:40AM No
Who will lead the 2006 Blue Jays pitching staff in wins? 116 08/29 10:16AM No
Doc's out for the year. Now what? 102 08/27 10:22PM No
In the recent shortstop poll, a number of people commented on the relative weakness of Toronto's hot corner history. So ... in 2015, who will be seen as the greatest 3B in team history? 189 08/26 07:58PM No
In 2015, who will be seen as the greatest shortstop in Blue Jay history? 115 08/24 10:45PM No
Okay, Bauxites, lay it on the line ... what chance do the Jays have to make the playoffs THIS year? 167 08/24 11:44AM No
Read the "Trade Winds" feature. What big-name player who has cleared waivers would you most like to see the Blue Jays target? 102 08/22 01:01PM No
Should a sub-.500 division winner be allowed in the playoffs? 82 08/20 10:39PM No
First, go read Jordan's excellent "Two Birds" feature. Then come back here for a straight yes-or-no vote on Mark McGwire -- Hall of Famer? 113 08/19 05:09PM No
As long as we're talking Orioles and the Hall of Fame, what about that headline-grabbing 1B? Raffy Palmeiro -- Cooperstown-bound? 79 08/17 11:50AM No
As of this writing, he has 222 career wins and has 14 straight double-digit win years. But he's never won 20, hasn't had a seasonal ERA under 3.00 since he was 23 and among his BBRef most-similars are Gooden, Cone and Key. Mike Mussina, HOF? 115 08/16 04:53PM No
Almost a third of you don't think Tom Glavine is going to the HOF. Greg Maddux will; that's not a question. But what about a guy with a 24-win season AND a 55-save season, John Smoltz? 73 08/14 06:33PM No
Tom Glavine: Hall of Famer? 116 08/13 05:04PM No
Turning to the mound, which career pitching record is LEAST likely to ever be broken? 85 08/12 01:37PM No
Let's agree that it's NOT Hank Aaron's 755 homers. So which of baseball's career offensive records is least likely to be broken in your lifetime? 162 08/11 08:59PM No
20 years from today, who will have the most career home runs? Feel free to list other candidates in the "Comments" section. 105 08/10 01:08AM No
Who is the greatest *pitcher* in Montreal Expos franchise history? 193 08/08 01:12PM No
Who was the greatest player in Montreal Expos history? (Please vote for "Other," players not mentioned, by using the Comments section) 136 08/04 01:23PM No
The finals! Who had the best nickname among current Hall of Famers? (Listed in order of vote percentage in preliminary rounds.) 253 08/02 10:09PM No
Finishing up the preliminary rounds, which of these Hall of Famers had the best nickname? Part 7, listed alphabetically by last name: 102 07/26 09:42PM No
Continuing through the alphabet, which of these Hall of Famers had the best nickname? Part 6, listed alphabetically by last name: 102 07/24 03:39PM No
Continuing through the alphabet, which of these Hall of Famers had the best nickname? Part 5, listed alphabetically by last name: 103 07/22 09:48AM No
Continuing through the alphabet, which of these Hall of Famers had the best nickname? Part 4, listed alphabetically by last name: 101 07/20 08:44AM No
Continuing through the alphabet, which of these Hall of Famers had the best nickname? Part 3, listed alphabetically by last name: 106 07/18 01:34PM No
Continuing through the alphabet, which of these Hall of Famers had the best nickname? Question 2 of at least 3, listed alphabetically by last name: 100 07/15 11:16PM No
What Hall of Famer (A through F) had the best nickname? Question 1 of 3, listed alphabetically by last name: 101 07/14 04:59PM No
Who do you root for other than the Blue Jays? 89 07/13 10:50AM No
A different kind of All-Star ballot: who's the best of the regular baseball columnists? 151 07/12 03:04PM No
Who is the most indispensible player among current NL pennant contenders? 63 07/10 11:18PM No
Who is the *most* indispensible player among current AL pennant contenders? 107 07/10 01:44PM No
Of current duos, who do you most want protecting a one-run lead in the eighth and ninth? 144 07/09 04:46PM No
Thanks to Brian W. for this poll question idea. How long will Sweet Lou Piniella stick with his Earnshaw Cook idea of starting a reliever and relieving with starters? 94 07/08 12:13PM No
Which 2005 All-Star selection will look silliest 5 years from now? 171 07/07 01:22PM No
What is the most memorable single All-Star Game moment? 110 07/06 12:35PM No
It's the final of 18 poll questions ... Who SHOULD start in RF for the NL in the All-Star Game? 70 07/05 11:52AM No
Who should start at shortstop for the NL All-Star team? 67 07/04 10:06PM No
Yes, the lineups have been announced, but the question is ... Who SHOULD start in RF for the AL in the All-Star Game? 77 07/04 08:23PM No
Yes, the lineups have been announced, but the question is ... Who SHOULD start in CF for the AL in the All-Star Game? 63 07/04 12:26PM No
Who should start in CF for the NL in the All-Star Game? 64 07/03 11:06PM No
Who should start in LF for the AL in the All-Star Game? 62 07/03 01:33PM No
Who should start in LF for the NL in the All-Star Game? 66 07/02 08:24PM No
Who should start at 3B for the NL in the All-Star Game? 65 07/02 10:42AM No
Who should start at 3B for the AL in the All-Star Game? 62 07/01 03:23PM No
Who should start at shortstop for the AL All-Star team? 62 07/01 12:46AM No
Who should start for the NL at 2B in the All-Star Game? 62 06/30 10:14AM No
Who should start for the AL at 2B in the All-Star Game? 77 06/29 07:44PM No
Who should start at 1B for the AL in the All-Star Game? 68 06/29 03:00PM No
Who should start at 1B for the NL in the All-Star Game? 88 06/29 10:04AM No
Who should start at catcher for the National League in the All-Star Game? 65 06/29 12:32AM No
Who should start at catcher for the American League in the All-Star Game? 91 06/28 01:14AM No
Who should start the All-Star game for the American League? (Gee, I wonder who will win THIS poll?) 120 06/27 02:48PM No
Who should start the All-Star game for the National League? 91 06/26 11:34PM No
From the Department of Wildly Unfounded Idle Speculation: at least some of you seem to think it'd be okay to trade V-Dub; which package would you like best? 100 06/26 12:05PM No
Thanks to Jobu for the following new poll question: Which player is LEAST likely to be a Blue Jay after the July 31 trade deadline? 106 06/24 10:44PM No
For an upcoming "Hall of Names" feature, I need to gauge Box opinion on this topic: what do you think of Terry Cashman's baseball music? 101 06/24 11:34AM No
Following a comment from Thomas in the Dave Miley thread: Which MLB team is the worst managed (front office and field combined) in the big leagues? (Feel free to explain your vote in "Comments.") 100 06/23 01:20AM No
OK, you all apparently like movies, so -- now for something completely different! What is ... your favourite colour? (Comments welcome and invited.) 61 06/22 12:37AM No
What is the best non-fiction, non-statistical treatise, baseball book ever written? (Feel free to add suggestions in "Comments") 103 06/21 12:54PM No
What is the WORST baseball movie made since 1980? 149 06/19 05:29PM No
What is the best baseball movie made since 1980? 208 06/17 02:14PM No
Magpie asks, if not Chad Gaudin again in five days, then who? 213 06/16 12:17PM No
Shea Hillenbrand currently has an OBP of .372 and frankly, NFH seems pretty confident that he'll win the NFH Challenge vs. Robert Dudek. What will Shea's OBP be at the All-Star Break? 105 06/15 12:24AM No
20 years from now, which "Beane Bag" team will be judged to have had the best 2005 amateur draft? 137 06/14 12:48PM No
Which of these two finalists should be The Official Batter's Box nickname for the Blue Jay bullpen? (Please see the "Let's Try This Again" thread for details.) 200 06/05 02:13PM No